Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tom Hiddleston Appreciation

By s. Sunday, February 9, 2014
Thomas William Hiddleston
February 9, 1981, Westminster, London, England, UK

Never stop. Never stop fighting. Never stop dreaming. And don’t be afraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve – in declaring the films that you love, the films that you want to make, the life that you’ve had, and the lives you can help reflect in cinema. For myself, for a long time… maybe I felt inauthentic or something, I felt like my voice wasn’t worth hearing, and I think everyone’s voice is worth hearing. So if you’ve got something to say, say it from the rooftops.

Today we celebrate 33th birthday of the lovely, charming and talented Tom Hiddleston. The hashtag #HappyBirthdayTomHiddleston is already trending worldwide on twitter - he is one of the most beloved actors today, even though he is really only well known for playing one character - Loki. But oh, what a character and performance it is. Hiddleston created such amazing work in both Thor films and Avengers - complex, charismatic and very entertaining villain you can't help but adore. He was also wonderful in Midnight in Paris - Woody Allen invited him to join the movie in a hand written letter - and in mini series The Hollow Crown. He appeared in Steven Spielberg's War Horse, in brief but memorable role and alongside Rachel Weisz in Deep Blue Sea. He can currently be seen as a vampire Adam in Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive and his next project is Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak.

Even though he has only been in a handful of movies over these past few years his fans are so passionate about him. And it's not just his good looks and talent - Hiddleston is a rare kind of celebrity who takes time to appreciate his fans, whether it's kissing his fangirls' hands or signing their birthday cards. He is extremely likable and despite appearing to be a proper, refined British gentlemen he is up for all kinds of stuff - from appearing as Loki during Comic Con to dancing during talk shows. In the world where so many actors seem to be arrogant and selfish it's so lovely to see someone who is genuinely down to earth and appreciates the love his fans have for him.

 5 favorite films:
  • Midnight in Paris
  • Thor
  • Avengers
  • Thor - The Dark World
  •  The Hollow Crown
5 favorite performances:
  •  Thor - The Dark World
  • Thor
  • The Deep Blue Sea
  • The Hollow Crown
  • Midnight in Paris
10 fun facts:
  • He grew up in Oxfordshire, England.
  • Tom's parents divorced when he was 13.
  • His favorite film is Heat.
  • He screen-tested for the role of Thor for the film Thor (2011). He went on a strict diet and gained 20 pounds in muscle. However, Kenneth Branagh decided he was more suitable for the role of Loki.
  • He has two sisters, Sarah (older) and Emma (younger).
  • His favorite superhero is Superman.
  • His father is Scottish. His mother is English, and has English, Welsh, and German ancestry. One of Tom's maternal great-great-grandfathers was of German origin.
  • Speaks French.
  • Was ranked at #2 on Empire's The 100 Sexiest Movie Stars list (2013).
  • Graduated with Double First in Classics at Cambridge University.
Here are some things to love about Tom:

How accurate this tag is
That time he went to Africa
That time he was concerned about the interviewer
That time he gave the reporter his jacket
That time he juggled in Germany
The things he says that he needs to be aware can kill
That time he said those words and I almost died:
His trouble with math
How happy he is.
And that time he told dirty joke:
ah, the kinky times:
 and making hammer innuendos
The cute moments in which he acts like a 5 year old kid
How incredibly sweet and generous he is to his fans
How excited he gets
That time he whispered an apology for Loki's actions.
How humble he is
That time he run on The Great Wall
His insight into Loki
That even his sneeze is adorable
His epic battles with microphones:
That time he wished us happy Christmas
The snake hips. That is not OK, man.
No one is more adorable when distracted
That time he awkwardly checked out reporter's...stuff
How he can pull off menacing on command
When he couldn't stop laughing:

That time he told us this lovely story and the way he told it
His appreciation for fan art
 And occasional fear of it
The leg situation:
That time he asked the group of women who they think is a sexy actor. Smart move.
The fact he got lost in the woods
When he kept talking of Loki in the first person
That time he shushed Chris Hemsworth:
That time he made RDJ laugh
How much joy he takes in playing Loki
When he sang Happy Birthday for a fan
That time he told us to kneel
His messages for fans....while being a fan of Loki himself
When he showed up on Comic Con as Loki:
...and kept breaking the character
The fact he saw Chris Hemsworth naked
That time he was scared of snipers
When he did Loki like Samuel L. Jackson would do it
His beautiful tears
When he went to the award show...on a train.
This fucking story.


  1. Tom Hiddleston is just....I can't. I think he might be perfect.

  2. The man is a gentleman. He knows how to treat a woman. He can dance, he can sing, he can act, he can recite sonnets. He is the ultimate man. And honey, you gonna have to wait in line because I want a piece of his fine ass!

  3. My internet broke opening up all the links at once, I just couldn't wait. Great GREAT post Margaret!

    1. I really don't recommend that technique :)

  4. This is a great post Sati! Love Tom Hiddleston, another actor who makes me proud to be British hahah

    1. Thanks! Hope he is having cool birthday over there ;)

  5. I swear, this man is a rare breed. Great appreciation post!

  6. This is the sweetest thing!! He sounds like a genuinely good person, that makes me happy.

  7. A top actor - I've really enjoyed his performances as Loki. He seems like a decent bloke too which is always a bonus!

    1. He is so awesome as Loki, I hope they will make Thor 3 soon!

    2. only problem with Loki is Thor... When I say that I mean the movies...they're just not good enough. At least he got his moment in The Avengers which was a bit more fun.

      ...but I'm looking forward to seeing what else he does in the next few years.

  8. An awesome B'day tribute to an awesome actor! LOVE that Hiddles' birthday is two days away from me ;) "His favorite film is Heat." Well, I'd love him to work w/ Michael Mann one day, as you already read on my blog post :D

    Thanks for this always-entertaining tribute, Sati!

    1. Oh it's your birthday soon? That's awesome! Mine is close to Idris Elba's :D

    2. Yep, it was yesterday :) Oooh that's cool that we both have birthday close to our crushes' :D

    3. Oh, hope you had a very good birthday!

    4. Yes it was quite nice, thanks Sati. My b'day is always bittersweet as I lost my mother on my 16th b'day. Anyway, hope to see you around FC soon ;-)

  9. I'm so jealous my best friend shares a birthday with him and she probably doesn't even have a glue who he is! Damn!!

  10. Officially a Hiddleston fangirl now. Thanks Sati!

  11. Ah this post is just sooooo wonderful. Thank you.

  12. Great post. He is definitely awesome!

  13. I would like to have Hiddle as a bro. That would be pretty great

    1. I'm sure he would be the world's most magnetic wingman :)

  14. My internet has been so terrible lately that I still haven't been able to truly enjoy everything in this post. Still, bookmarking it for later more desperate times.

    Happy Birthday to that one man who ruined all other men for me.

    And lovely post as always, Margaret :)

  15. He's such a hottie. He better be the lead in romance movie, and girls will be drooling over him

    1. He kinda will be with Crimson Peak, but it's a twisted romance :)

  16. He should play every villain. He has that devilish charm and charisma which is just right for those parts. Speaking of RDJ, I'd love to see Hiddleston in the third Sherlock Holmes movie if it happens. Why has no one thought of that?

    1. That's a brilliant idea! I disliked the sequel but this would give 3rd part a fighting chance for sure :)