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Get ready for the biggest season yet with Game of Thrones season 4 foreshadowing special!

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If HBO's goal was to make everyone out there wish it was April 6th already with the brand new special for Game of Thrones that just aired - they succeeded. Not only did we get plenty of awesome stuff including very fun answers to fan questions, but also so many new shots from the upcoming season. The ending shot of featurette is probably the most epic shot of the show so far - look at the size of Drogon! I'm actually terrified.

As Maisie Williams said - the good guys are coming back - and the season starts on April 6th!

The Purple Wedding:
Various images of Daenerys:
Jaime and Brienne:
Oberyn Martell:
Jaime and Tyrion during Tyrion's trial:
Sansa at the Eyrie:
Jaime practicing with Bronn:
Brienne and Margaery:
Oberyn and Elaria:
Jaime walking away from Tywin:
Sansa running away:
Cersei and Jaime:
The battle of Castle Black:
Tyrion comforting Sansa:
Joffrey bragging about Blackwater to Jaime:
Cersei yelling at Jaime for caring about Tyrion:
Ramsay about to torture Theon:
They are dragons...they can't be tamed
Oberyn vs Mountain:
Tyrion's swagger:
Jaime and Tyrion in pivotal scene:
The Pyramids!



    1. That goat in front of him...oh it's gone :P

  2. Oh my God, Why isn't it April?! I have so many emotions right now! I love that it looks like Jaime is giving Brienne new armor. Him sparring with Bronn will be interesting. I figured they'd take Bronn down a different path, but I thought if anyone he'd replace Hyle Hunt and tag along with Brienne. But I suppose they can't use the man that played Illyn Payne since he's sick. I hope as the season progresses Theon starts to look more Reek like.

    1. Yeah plus Jaime's banter with Bronn is going to be entertaining, while his confessions to mute guy, as great as they are character-wise, wouldn't exactly make for thrilling TV.

  3. Thanks Sati. Great screen caps. Looking fwd to this. My birthday is the same day as the premiere. Thanks for the birthday present 'Game of Thrones!' Now if only I could be 10 years younger!

  4. I'm a fool for watching any of that video! I've got some serious catching up to do... trying to finish season 3 and A Storm of Swords before season 4 starts!!!

    1. This season is actually the second part of ASOS, but I wonder how much of next book will be in it too.

  5. Sooo is there any small chance that you will be watching this season? ;)

  6. I think I'm about to faint!!! HBO, please don't mess this up! It looks very promising.

    Drogon is amazing and is HUGE, he's almost as huge as I imagined him in Dance with Dragons.
    Sansa looks hauntingly beautiful. And Oberyn, I think I might not miss Robb Stark as much as I thought I would, for a while at least. :D

    Let it be April already! Looking forward to you're recaps, Sati!

    1. I'm guessing there will be a wave of Oberyn fangirls being born after premiere alone :)

      I'm doing those recaps even if I'm going to be exhausted :P

  7. Oh my gaaaahhhdd. I'm so excited! The pyramids!! So many amazing things this season.

  8. 'I feel like Jack the actor has an abundance of redeeming qualities. I feel like Joffrey the so.' Oh Emilia, that awkward pause :D you can almost see it in her eyes, her searching for the right words because she has seen him just a few times and doesn't want to mess the things up. Which leads me to believe that Joffrey will be around a couple of more seasons because he is a lot of fun. But damn, I can't imagine anyone dying! I'm so excited and I barely know anything (the sweet and syper coveted shock of a non-book reader will hit me hard).
    Why did HBO tease us with so much material this early? How am supposed to wait? :(

    1. Emilia is such a cutie, I really like how she responds in both respectful and fun way. You've gotta stick around on my blog for my weekly recaps of episodes, I have a feeling this season will be the most surprising for those who didn't read the series :)

    2. I will! A few times last season I wasn't sure why certain events took place and you cleared the picture to me, for which I am vert thankful.

    3. Awesome! I'm definitely going to mention how some things happened in books this season too, I'm even reading the chapters that will happen in s4 again :)