Monday, January 26, 2015

The 21th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

By s. Monday, January 26, 2015 ,
  • First of all - WHAT THE HELL? EDDIE REDMAYNE?!
  • This is yet another ceremony Mark did not attend. Are you really telling me he couldn't take a day off from shooting Now You See Me 2? I said it before, I'll say it again - it is quite disrespectful to the people nominating you, let alone awarding you and in this case fellow actors. This is not Broadway show like with Cooper where he has to literally be there for it to go on. And you know he will have a day off for Oscars because it's a bigger deal. But it's not cool making one award feel lesser than the other by not attending.  Not cool at all.
  • I mean Robert Duvall was there. He is a hundred years old, he is not winning and yet he showed up. Respect.
  • I really don't like those 'I'm an actor' intros but Aniston's was funny!
  • The ladies of Game of Thrones
  • Cranston gave the award to Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black.
  • Claire Danes presented male actor for Comedy Series to William H. Macy for Shameless. Macy is amazing on the show but really, last season had little to do with comedy. Macy's speech was really hilarious though.
  •  The announcer said 'please welcome Michael Keaton'. But there is Emma Stone and Norton presenting Birdman too. So...really?
  • Lenny Kravtiz presents the best comedy ensemble to Orange is the new Black. I cannot believe it whenever anything wins with Veep.
  • Colin Farrell shows up, still with pornstache, to present the award for supporting actress to Patricia Arquette for Boyhood. I still don't understand why this keeps happening. Worse yet her speeches are really terrible.
  • Adrian Brody, Jeff Goldblum and that kid present the cast of The Grand Budapest Hotel.
  • Reese Witherspoon shows up to present supporting actor to J.K. Simmons. They used gin scene for Norton's clip! Anyways just before JK won the applause track started playing. Oh wow that was so embarrassing, Witherspoon was great 'what was that noise? it wasn't me!".
  • Lupita Nyong'o and Jared Leto appear on stage to present male actor in TV movie which goes to Ruffalo who was not there.
  • Keira Knightley
  • The president  of SAG showed up and asked for a round of applause for Mark. Wait, what? They showed a montage showing diversity which ended with Selma footage. I nearly puked.
  • Keira Knightley and those TIG dudes appear to present the movie. Keira looked luminous even in the curtain she was wearing.
  • J.K. Simmons and Viola Davis present female actor for mini series or TV movie to Frances McDormand
  • Jones and Redmayne show up to present Theory of Everything which had no business being nominated for ensemble anyways
  • Carrie Fisher, who is apparently, still alive, showed up. She hilariously presented the lifetime achievement award to Debbie Reynolds, her mother
  • Emmy Rossum and....someone I don't know appeared to present male actor or if you believe this dude who misspoke 'male actress' to Kevin Spacey who was not there. Dinklage and Harrelson also didn't show up but at least they used the loan scene for Harrelson clip.
  • Cast of Boyhood presented the movie. Why was it even nominated for Ensemble?! It had four actors and some extras who just wandered around aimlessly.
  • Laverne Cox and another guy I do not know show up to present female actor in the drama series to Viola Davis.
  • Liev Shreiber announces In Memoriam footage.
  • Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones present ensemble in drama series to Downton Abbey. I wish it went to Thrones. At least something happens on that show.
  • Julia Roberts shows up and also praises Ruffalo. What the hell? Did he send them muffins or something? Roberts presented the award to the Batman villain known as OSCAR BEGGAR.
  • I can barely stand looking at Eddie Redmayne. He is like male equivalent of Mia Farrow - I feel anemic just by looking at him. Why, why would you award him this? He was literally the weakest among the nominees and you just made him the frontrunner in the race.
  • But never fear. Word is that Jupiter Ascending, which features him and opens when Oscar voting starts is so bad, it makes Mortdecai look like Citizen Kane.
  •  Redmayne's tongue is so far up so many people's asses in this speech. He started to talk about the disease too just in case. Then he started to talk about the 'will to love'. I swear my ears almost bled.
  •  I think Redmayne winning over Keaton is more sickening than Moore over Pike. At least she has that lame overdue thing going on.
  • People are now comparing this whole thing to Penn/Murray and Penn/Rourke. This is karma for me preferring Penn over Rourke isn't it? 
  •  McConaughey and his hobo beard show up to present Best female actor. Barely anyone clapped for Rosamund Pike. Look at Sofia Vergara in that gif. You really cannot stop fondling your new boyfriend for a moment? 
  • This is just sad. I think it's possible Ros will not get any awesome parts thanks to Gone Girl. The industry seems to be hating it. Is the theme of faking and pretense hitting too close to home for them?
  • Birdman thankfully won for best ensemble. Naomi Watts almost fell on stage to Emma Stone's horror. Norton went "As Dorothy Parker once said "Age before beauty....ladies and gentlemen Michael Keaton!". That was the funniest bit of the show.
  • Now some people see it as a boost over Boyhood to win Oscar for Best Picture. As happy as I would be had it been true, it really isn't. Yes, SAG nominated Boyhood for ensemble but I don't think even the people who just awarded the biggest baitiest performance of 2014 - twice because I really can't decide which was cheaper Moore's or Redmayne's - would be insane enough to actually award motionless and barely alive Coltrane, the most annoying girl in the history, Hawke wandering around and Arquette who does nothing.
  • Watching Birdman cast in the press room made me so happy, what a bunch of lovely, grateful people.Hey, remember when American Hustle won and Lawrence and Pena dragged the interview into a gutter?
  • Here's a quote from Tom O'Neil from Gold Derby you guys should really read by the way - " BTW, honest to gawd, Eddie Redmayne called me soon after the SAG Awards to thank me for sticking by him. I damned near dropped the phone in shock. "I was starting to lose confidence that I could do this when I saw the other experts ditching me", he said. "Thanks for your extraordinary support. I look forward to seeing you next week at the Oscars nomination lunch."



    1. First, gross that you prefer Penn to Rourke.


      Second, don't give up hope yet...Keaton could very much still happen. And LOL at Redmaybe's desperation! That O'Neil quote is fucking gold!

      1. I didn't give up hope, I, don't think even the Academy can do something this disgusting this year.

    2. Okay, I did not see Theory of Everything, but reading that Tom O'Neill quote...Keaton better win the Oscar. If Keaton does win and we hear he was mugged afterwards, we all know Eddie Redmayne did it. I think Eddie is campaigning way harder than Anne Hathaway did.

      1. He is beating even Hathaway, her Oscar imho was really undeserved and watching her parade in Oscar season was just embarrassing

    3. The look on Emma Stone's face was Naomi tripped was hysterical. They didn't even attempt to try to help her.

      I think Redmayne was good. Sure, it was baity but I loved that movie and his performance. I still don't think he's got this locked yet though, Keaton could still win it.

      omg Sofia in that gif. I didn't even notice that. Not enough clapping for Rosamund just pisses me off. I just want her to win all the awards, damn it!

      I love OITNB (that other guy with Laverne Cox is on it too) but it's definitely not funnier than Veep. It's not even a comedy, but I'm happy for them anyways. I just wish Veep would win something for once.

      1. I think anyone could do what Redmayne did. That film is such a bait no matter who played the part would get nominated.

        Vergara is turning into a diva bitch. That was so disrespectful of her.

        I really don't understand how can anyone award something other than Veep, it's the funniest thing on TV.

    4. I'm baffled as to why there was not much clapping for Ros. If I were there, I would be clapping and cheering extremely loudly.

      I like Redmayne, and I don't really mind his win, but I thought Keaton, Gyllenhaal and Carell were all better. That O'Neil quote is priceless. Even though Keaton lost SAG, if Inarritu wins DGA, then I think he still has a chance. I'm sticking with Keaton for the Oscar.

      1. I really hope Keaton wins but people are already comparing this race to Murray and Rourke losing...

    5. That little moment of Emma accidentally tripping Naomi Watts was funny. Emma Stone is so adorable. How can you stay mad at her? I bet Watts forgave her. Besides, they're cool and seem to be humbled that they were honored by their peers. Unlike J-Law, that trashy ho.

      1. I don't think she tripped her, I think she just got caught in her own dress :)

    6. I was telling Drew earlier that I’ve gotten award fatigue so I’m not following any more award until Oscar. That said, clearly I can’t help reading about ‘em, ahah.

      Bummer that Keaton didn’t win!! Glad Birdman won Best Ensemble though, well deserved! Oh, you’re actually berating Mark for not showing up? But yeah I think actors should do their best to attend awards if they’re nominated, well unless it’s the Razzies, ahah, but even Sandra Bullock actually accepted her ‘award’ there and be a good sport about it!

      "He is like male equivalent of Mia Farrow” Y’know what Redmayne kinda does look like her, esp in the awful trailers of Jupiter Ascending :P Ew that is sickening to see actors campaigning so desperately like that, ugh.

      Btw, in the gif w/ Rosamund, I noticed Sofia Vergara couldn’t even stop holding her boy toy boyfriend’s hands just to clap, ahah.

      1. I don't like everything Mark is doing. This being one example.

        The fact that Redmayne actually takes pictures with co-stars from Les Mis and brags about the 'support' and cares about the race so bad to check predictions is just laughable.

        Yes, I did point that out in the recap

    7. Sounds like a bit of a shambles really ;)

    8. Boyhood can have Best Picture, if it must, but PLEASE let Keaton win! That's the only thing I care about anymore. If Redmayne, whose campaigning is getting embarrassing, actually wins an Oscar, it'll be worse than Streep winning for The Iron Lady. Like, Keaton is SO much better!

      1. Oh yeah it would be worse. Streep at least had many roles that actually deserved Oscars, whereas Redmayne....I'm sure they'll give him something next year, looks like he stars in baits only.