Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The 72nd Annual Golden Globes Awards

By s. Tuesday, January 13, 2015 ,

  • Yeah, in case there was doubt, Kevin Spacey is the best.
  • But before we get to that, and the horrible things HFPA has done last night such as:
  • let's start at the beginning. (click the pictures to enlarge)
  • I unfortunately didn't see red carpet at all and only saw the ceremony hours after it aired but I did manage to live tweet stuff based on the pictures I saw.
  • Here's few hours before the ceremony:
  • And here's what's been happening later:
  • Why did you do this, Mark?
  • Anyhow since I was assured he is attending, my mind went to where it usually goes during Award season:
  •  Thankfully Lawrence was not there. Who was there? The Goddess. The Icon. The One:
  • Rosamund Pike showed 2 hours early, much like Amy would. She had her iconic Amy hairstyle and she looked like THAT merely a month after giving birth to her second child. And these godless motherfuckers snubbed her, But more on that later.
  • Let's take a look here:
  • I hear some negative talk about Lana's dress? She looked great! Then we have Kit Harington being Game of Thrones on duty cast member - though Pedro Pascal was there too - and then we have Clooney and his wife wearing.... whatever the fuck that was. And then we have Claire Danes wearing a carpet and the best, most hilarious thing of the night - McConaughey's I-just-crawled-out-of-the-dumpster beard.
  • This is this year's grumpy Tommy Lee Jones:
  • It even had a bit of a narrative going on:

  • Has he been walking the Earth lately? Away from....you know, everything? 
  •  Here we have one of the most adorable couples in the world - Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, posing with RDJ and his wife. Come on, now. Mark was there. Paul Rudd was there. Why did no one snap a picture of all of them together?!
  • And here is the half of another adorable couple, Emily Blunt and next to that Jennifer Lopez who looked absolutely incredible:
  • And finally, Mark with his gorgeous wife (she could...not wear the heels for once, come on!), Emma Stone looking awesome and Keira Knigthley. I loved her dress! She looked very pretty.
  • All right, let's move on to ceremony!
  • The opening was great! is that really the last time Tina and Amy are presenting?!
  • The jokes were all good but I thought last year it was a bit better, also there was more of them last year, at least it seemed this way. Yesterday Gervais stole the show from them with 2 minutes of just being his usual self.
  •  Tina and Amy played a would you rather? game and Mark was mentioned! Would you rather do it with Norton or Ruffalo (both played the Hulk) and Amy went with Mark!
  •  Jessica Chastain was again scandalized by Tina and Amy's comments. I love her reactions. That was the moment of the Cosby joke. I thought this was probably too far, but at least it wasn't as annoying as all the Korea mentions.
  • J.K. Simmons won! I loved his speech!
  • Oh God they let 50 shades people in! It looks like the night of the creepy beards, Mark why did you break the pattern!?
  • Joanne Froggatt won for Downton Abbey, I haven't seen the show in a long time but she is seriously lovely.
  • Fargo won for best mini series or TV movie and it was presented by Lopez and Jeremy Renner, Lopez looked incredible and Renner kept starting at her breasts
  • Billy Bob Thornton won for Fargo in the strongest category of the ceremony. His speech was awesome, he just walked in said he knows these days you can get in trouble for saying stuff so he just wants to say thank you and he left.
  • They did this bit with Korean woman forcing Meryl to take a selfie and Cumberbatch did the photobomb thing again:
  • The president of HFPA showed up and talked about the freedom of speech, mentioned Paris and everyone stood up and clapped. Because America, fuck yeah.
  • Colin Firth came by to present The Imitation Game and fangirled over Cumberbatch. Everyone fangirled over Cumberbatch, really
  • Bryan Cranston was there! He presented with Kerry Washington the award to actress in comedy series. What the fuck is Jane the Virgin? The chick who won was a mess
  • For best comedy series something called Transparent won. At least Girls didn't.
  • The fuck happened here? Did Meryl start to fly?
  • Melissa McCarthy showed up to present St. Vincent. Murray was there looking like he was suffering through every moment of ceremony:
  • Sienna Miller and Vince Vaughn showed up on stage to present original score which went to Theory of Everything, honestly all those scores would be worthy winners.
  • Prince showed up on stage and everyone went batshit. He presented best original song to Glory from Selma. It's horrible anything went to Selma, but let's not forget the ultimate shame which is that Lost Stars wasn't even nominated. Oprah looked like she is about to collapse when it won.
  • That whole speech by whoever this dude was, was just cringe worthy. At one point they showed Prince just standing there and I laughed so hard,
  • Katie Holmes and Seth Meyers presented best supporting actor in mini series and Matt Bomer won for his beautiful performance in The Normal Heart. He had a wonderful speech too:
  • Clive Owen appeared to present Theory of Everything. Seeing Owen on stage was more thrilling than watching that movie.
  • I love him even more because that Wallis girl with the name that was impossible to pronounce was nominated and he mentioned he practiced saying it to avoid John Travolta moment. He said that he watches it every day on YouTube. That John Travolta moment made me laugh for an hour straight last Oscar season
  • He presented the award to Amy Adams who has now has 2 undeserved Globes in the row. What the actual fuck. She didn't even kiss Ricky, too.
  • Keira is seated next to Harvey Weinstein. I'm scared for her.
  • Hayek and Kevin Hart showed up to present the best animated movie to How to Train your dragon 2
  • Kate Hudson appears, who is totally irrelevant but had and amazing dress. She presented Into the Woods.
  • Jared Leto had to say 'Je Suis Charlie' obviously. Every single time it happened it was seriously classless. 
  • He presented supporting actress to someone who deserved it even less than Adams - Patricia Arquette for Boyhood.
  • Watts during Arquette's speech:
  • Tina and Amy returned with Korean chick to make some moderately funny jokes.
  • Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader appeared! I loved them both so much in The Skeleton Twins. They presented best screenplay - thank the Lord- to Birdman. I had no idea it had 4 writers!
  • Birdman cast was seriously on whole other levels of awareness during this ceremony:
  • Jack Black showed up to present Boyhood
  • Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin appeared on the stage. they presented best actor in comedy series and actually said Don Cheadle, House of Cards. Maybe they were high then too. Jeffrey Tambor won for Transparent.
  •  Colin Farrell and Lupito Nyong'o showed up. Farrell has pornstache now. Good God:
  • Ida lost to a RUSSIAN movie so the media in my country has been bitching about it relentlessly since 5 AM today.
  • Kate Beckinsale and Adrien Brody present the award for actress in mini series or TV movie to Maggie Gyllenhaal. Who would have though she will be the Gyllenhaal with the award that night.
  • Paul Rudd (!!!!) shows up with Adam Levine (why?) and they give the award for best drama series to The Affair.
  • Catherine Zeta Jones appears to present Pride
  • Katherine Heigl (why?) and David Duchovny present actor in series - drama award to Kevin Spacey who wins his FIRST WIN in 8 nominations which is absolutely insane.
  • Here's Mark laughing at his 'can't believe I fucking won' moment:
  • Julianna Margulies and Don Cheadle present life achievement award to George Clooney. He had a great montage played for him, with Gravity score and the highlights of his acting career - the penultimate Michael Clayton scene - there but it was quite underwhelming. It was ridiculous to give him that award, given how young he is, relatively speaking. The ovation for him lasted maybe 15 seconds.
  • This is Hawke when everyone else is standing up for Clooney, does Clooney owe him money or something?
  • Clooney's speech was actually pretty good, his words to his wife were really sweet!
  • Owen Wilson appears to present The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Harrison Ford presents the director award to Richard Linklater for Boyhood. Yawn.
  • The lovely couple Anna Faris and Chris Pratt appear. They present the award to my favorite, beautiful and hugely talented Ruth Wilson for best actress in drama series, The Affair
  • Amy Adams shows and gives the best win of the night to Michael Keaton for Birdman who gives a wonderful speech. I actually teared up. This is the kind of speech that makes him the one to beat for Oscars. Not only did he give such a great performance in a film that closely mirrors his career, but the Academy voters love the promise of big emotional speeches for the Oscars
  • Oprah shows up to present Selma
  • Channing Tatum appears to present Foxcatcher
  • RDJ shows up to give the comedy award to the fucking hipsters of The Grand Budapest Hotel instead to Birdman
  • McConaughey just walked in and kept it short. Oh Good God. Is the beard like a demon that is taking over him? What is happening?!
  • The Globe goes to Moore for her forgettable performance instead of to Pike for complex, intricate, tremendous work. Fuck you so much.
  •  Oh, good. It's Paltrow to present. They really could have done something great given how it's best actor - drama and Keaton wasn't in this category. And what do they do? They give it to freaking Redmayne.
  • And then as a final blow Boyhood fucking wins. And it's poor Streep who has to award the Globe to them.
  • Overall this year's awards has kinda been a nightmare. If Moore picks up SAG and BAFTA the dream is dead. It's not even about giving it to people who deserve it but shaking things up a bit. And no, not by giving something to Budapest Hotel over Birdman. That's just mad.


    1. Mark looked great. Rosamund is my best dressed pick. Jared Leto needs to shave that beard. He ruins everything. Katherine Heigl, she should fuck off and die. Kate Hudson and J-Lo need to go because they don't have anything to offer anymore other than to try and look hot to salvage their mediocre careers. I'm happy that Maggie won but I'm sad Rosamund didn't win :(

      1. Well, at least Hudson and Lopez did have amazing dresses :)

    2. Love all this coverage! Your breakdown is hilarious. And yes, Keaton has already won the Oscar. Those speeches are the ones that make you nearly impossible to beat!

      1. They really care so much about that, but I kinda like it. I love the emotional speeches. Keaton was so damn moved, it was beautiful.

    3. Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) is actually pretty amazing, even though her show is not. TOTALLY think the grand budapest love is out of control. keira knightley and emma stone looked awful. i too was happy for j.k. simmons, even though i don't think he should have won. The song Glory (along with David Oyelowo's performance is the best part of Selma, was glad Common and John Legend one (yay Prince!!!). While i always love looking at Matt Bomer, I was kinda surprised he won for that...Margaret is actually one of the most prominent Asian American comedians, been around for a while (but her Korean sketch was uncomfortable). Carrell's pornstache was ca-razy. i was shocked that was kevin spacey's first win too. Lastly, I kinda loved this award show this year. They finally had some balls.

      1. I liked Emma and Keira's looks. They always look so natural and lovely.

        I'd award Norton myself but Simmons is a worthy win.

        I'm not sure were the balls were, though. Had they awarded Pike and Gyllenhaal that would be a different thing....

    4. Rosamund was robbed! Seriously robbed! I just can't watch these things anymore. I'm always so disappointed. I was miserable when 'Gravity' lost best picture the year before. And oh the beards...and pornstaches. Why? On a positive note, Ruth Wilson's win was a nice surprise. Love her. Michael Keaton seriously owned it. I haven't seen Birdman, but just his speech makes me want to see it. I keep hearing wonderful things about it. I've always loved Michael Keaton. I may get tarred and feathered for this, but he was my favorite Batman. I always enjoy your colorful recaps! Jane the Virgin is this new show on the CW, same station as 'Supernatural.' I'm not sure if you get the CW where you are, but those shows typically hit Netflix pretty quick, so I'm sure you'll be able to see 'Jane the Virgin' pretty soon. I've heard really good things about it and the commercials for it are really cute.

      1. She really was! Birdman is such an amazing movie, I hope you'll get to see it soon!

        It's on CW? Oh then it's worse than I thought :)

    5. I'm disappointed that Rosamund Pike didn't win the award, she was fantastic in the role and deserves (all) the recognition! Not surprised that Moore ended up taking it though, but was hoping she'll take the award for Maps instead.

      1. Yeah she would be far more worthy for the Maps!

    6. Overall, I enjoyed the Globes this year. Boyhood and Grand Budapest are my numbers one and three (number two is Gone Girl), so I'm happy they won. Birdman got deserving recognition, and Keaton's speech was really very nice. I can't see him losing the Oscar with that speech plus his obviously amazing performance, unless SAG goes another way with one of the British geniuses (which, for the record, I liked Theory more than Imitation, so I'd rather see a Redmayne Oscar win than a Cumberbatch win). Julianne has Actress locked up, which I'm fine with, but I'm still rooting for Rosamund to take BAFTA.

      I actually started watching Jane the Virgin after the Globes, and it's incredibly charming! It's really funny and sweet, Gina Rodriguez is great in it as well. Transparent is also phenomenal, I'd recommend both.

      I think best dressed of the night was by far Jessica Chastain, followed very closely by Rosamund and Emma Stone. Apparently a lot of people hated Knightley's dress, which I find absurd because I too thought it was very lovely.

      Great breakdown!!

      1. I liked Redmayne's physical work in the movie but Benedict did so much emotionally, neither was as good as Carell or Gyllenhaal, though and Keaton wins with all of them for me.

        I really hope they won't award Moore. It's a mediocre performance given her resume and Pike was so much better.

        Keira looked great! I don't know why people hate the dress, it was really original and pretty

    7. Thanks for the coverage.Agree Gervais was fun, and Billy Bob Thornton's speech was awesome :)
      Joke about all the things Clooney's wife does, and that they are giving lifetime achievement award to her husband, was the biggest laugh for me of the show

      McConaughey's I-just-crawled-out-of-the-dumpster beard, haha. Probably because of a movie he's filming ;)

      1. It was a very funny joke but it was so obvious :) Tina and Amy did get a bit lazy this year.

        I really hope so, he looks...homeless :)

    8. Kevin Spacey win is such a pleasure, he deserved it so so much and much more actually! I can't wait for the third season. Have you seen the trailer for it? I think the usage of the song is just amazing!

      I don't think I would watch the ceremony at all but I watched the clip with Gervais and he of course was brilliant!

      PS: I think Gina for Jane the Virgin was actually adorable.. she was overly emotional because her win was literally a shock for me as well. Sure, I love the show, but she winning didn't even cross my mind. But at least Lena didn't win... thank god!

      1. I haven't seen the trailer yet or even second season but I'm hoping to catch up soon

        Gervais was the best part, he is so funny!

        It's just that whole 'thank God for making me an artist' stuff :/

      2. Yea.. well.. I ignore those comments and look passed them. :D

      3. I really can't get passed this saccharine stuff :)

    9. Lovely recap!

      You're right, Kate Hudson is completely irrelevant, but she had a nice dress.

      I didn't think Arquette deserved to win at all. Not over Stone or Knightley. It just bothers me even more because Boyhood is going to win Best Picture when Birdman deserves it.

      I'm not too bent out of shape about Amy winning because I love her. I wanted Pike to win over Moore though.

      And wtf did McConaughey do to his face?

      1. Birdman, Stone and Knightley are so far and above Boyhood and Arquette that it's not even funny :/

        McConaughey his embracing his inner hobo, I think :)

    10. You are hilarious! I haven't seen Birdman, but I think both Boyhood and The Grand Budapest Hotel are seriously overrated (I'm more of a Moonrise Kingdom kind of guy myself). And yes, I kept wishing Rosamund would start to fly possessed like Carrie and start framing everyone for her murder - as an awards contender of course jajajjaja Actually I saw this:
      which I thought would make you laugh.
      I've been reading your last entries (the ones with the favourite tracks and shots of 2014) and they are wonderful!
      See you soon! And let's cross finguers for tomorrow's nominations :)

      1. Thanks :) I really hate MK, it such a pretentious movie and the dog kill in it is as disgusting as Anderson is in general. I hate that guy.

        That is a brilliant tweet :)

    11. Awesome recap! Thrilled about the Birdman wins, and I love that Spacey finally won - for a show I actually watch. :)

      1. I really need to catch up on House of Cards :)