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10 best trailers in 2015

By s. Monday, December 7, 2015 ,
While my awards in this season will be later than usual - thank you for releasing The Revenant as late as January 29th :/ - I can start already because I'm assuming other than some mind blowing promos for the Oscar films that are gonna drop soon there won't be any new, potentially amazing, trailers. Some of the trailers released this year like "Krampus" and "The Nice Guys" informed me of existence of those movies and made me wanna see them, some like "Hail Cesar" used amazing music and some like "The Hateful Eight" trailers just didn't click for me. I'm also making that list because recently Playlist published theirs and The Revenant was FOURTH. I almost puked in my mouth when I saw that.

So here are the best trailers of 2015:

10. The Witch
The intense, creepy trailer immediately peaks your interest and reveals just enough without spoiling anything, even if we do see the titular character in the end of the trailer.

Best moment: Peek a boo scene

9. Sicario "Hitman" trailer
I'm not into this kind of I music but this song is terrific and goes so well with the footage, focusing on the biggest asset of the movie which is Benicio Del Toro's performance.

Best moment: Ending the trailer with the movie's most memorable shot

8. Macbeth

The trailer, in second part set to wonderful track "Lunacy" by Swans is terrific - it mixes the fast motion and slow motion shots from the film very effectively, it actually shows more consistent image of Lady Macbeth than what is in the film and overall really creates a promise of the movie far more energetic than what the film actually is.

Best moment: Wisely, the trailer uses the best shot of the film - a single tear falling from Macbeth's eye

7. The Martian

I may actually like that trailer more than the movie. Set to seriously awesome remix of Hendrix's All Along the Watchtower the trailer is exciting, emotional and epic while the movie sometimes flat lines.

Best moment: The mix of music's most epic moments with Mark's lines and all those shots of people waiting for him to be saved

6. Mad Max: Fury Road

Starting the trailer with Furiosa walking in the canyon and then proceeding to show more of the film, with those flares exploding in the sky perfectly set to the music and then switching to Tom Holkenborg's masterpiece of original score - the trailer is very inventive and gives you the taste of so far, the best movie of the year.

Best moment: 'What a lovely day' line cut with those quick shots from the film.

5. The Revenant "My Son" promo

I heard some criticism for that one, that this makes the movie look sentimental which it isn't but I do love that promo. Apparently it uses the original score from the film, which sounds gorgeous. I love how this entire promo is put together, especially the synchronization of Leo's fight scenes to the music.

Best moment: I saw that promo cut as International trailer a week back and it didn't have that Hardy line. I was watching this expecting it to be the same and then he appeared and his delivery floored me. Apparently this is from the best scene in the film, according to some reviewers.

4. Legend

Set to the impossibly catchy song "I'm so Sorry" by Imagine Dragons this is also known as that trailer which almost made me faint. LOVE FIGHT LIVE RULE montage is so dope, the music stopping to highlight Hardy's hilarious shootout line is a great moment and of course there's that moment when the music is slow and he says "I can't do that, he's my brother" when I thought the sheer power of Hardy's glare is gonna melt off the screen

Best moment: The final quick montage ending with Reggie holding the bouquet.

3. Suicide Squad Comic Con trailer
This is one brilliant trailer. Very slow, but fantastic build up to our first glimpses at the Squad and that chilling reveal of the Joker in the end. All set to "I Started a joke" song which is just such an inspired choice. And you gotta love how much of Harley we get to see here.

Best moment: Harley mimicking shooting a gun while holding a baseball bat

2. The Revenant teaser
Best moment - that the trailer actually starts using the breathing sound when we see DiCaprio's breath appear in the air and then it keeps on going, building up and building  up - and you've gotta love that long take in the end

1. The Revenant trailer
This is the best damn trailer I've seen in my life. Every time I go to the cinema nowadays and that trailer doesn't play it bums me out (again wasn't there today before Krampus). That amazing breathing track is used in here too and I just hope it's on the score. Not only do they feature just enough of the bear attack scene but the shots chosen here are amazing - Gleeson with that rifle, the shot of Hardy slowly turning his face which is catching the light from the fire, Leo crawling out of the grave as Hardy says "he was buried right", that shot of Hardy when Leo says "he's afraid" and that insane, thunderous combination of quick shots of footage and THAT amazing track which just keeps going and going and going until you feel your heart is gonna explode.


  1. I like these picks. The Witch had an amazing trailer that immediately sold me and The Revnant nailed all of it's marketing. For me personally, I like both the Civil War and Force Awakens trailers, and The Room's teaser with Brie Larson singing Big Rock Candy Mountain was perfect too.

    1. Oh yeah that Room teaser was good! The trailer was wonderful as well, definitely made me wanna see the movie

  2. I can't tell at all that you're excited about The Revenant! Haha
    Great list! I pretty much agree with this entirely, especially the inclusion of Suicide Squad :) I think that release had me most pumped this year.

    1. I sure am! It's still almost 2 months away :/

  3. Great picks Margaret!! The only one I'm not interested in is The Witch. Fury Road's trailer is so bad ass but the movie was even better!! As for Macbeth, well having seen it last night, I think the trailer is better than the film. Fassy was good though.

    1. Thank you! Yeah that trailer was sure more energetic, the film had its moments but overall it could have been so much better

  4. Very good picks! The Revenant's one of the best, really, that soundtrack at the end is perfect.

    I'd put Civil War's trailer as first. It introduces you to the premise, a few good shots, and that awesome soundtrack that I am still trying to find out in its original form. Although it's just another movie with big explosions It makes me want to see it in the cinema so much!

    1. I'm definitely seeing CW but not sure about a cinema trip, I'm a bit tired with Marvel even though Ant-Man was great

  5. That Revenant trailer gets my heart racing every time I see it. The editing, the camera, the piercing score. It works to absolute perfection!

    1. It is amazing. I'm dying to finally see this trailer on the big screen

  6. A lot of love for "The Revenant"... and I'm here for it.

    1. This film really has the best trailers, hopefully people go and see it in cinemas

  7. Awesome post! Love your top 3, and I'm glad The Witch, which I might have higher, made it. I really liked the trailers for Black Sea, Lost River, Star Wars, and Spectre.

    1. Star Wars trailer was very good but I was just so tired seeing it before every single movie, same with Spectre