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Promote, promote your way to that nomination...

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Hardy in The Revenant
It was such a beautiful time. When you used to get excited about Awards season, while lying to yourself that people who really deserve the recognition are gonna win, or at the very least get nominated. It is no more for me this year.

Tom Hardy, arguably biggest break out star in 2015, who appeared in 5 different films and one popular TV series did not get a single SAG or Golden Globe nomination this year. That is unpleasant. But the behind the scenes stuff and the fact that HFPA nominated both Mad Max and The Revenant for Best Drama, while ignoring Hardy, whose work is integral to those movies' success, is just ugly.

What happened when it comes to SAG? Well, this is actually pathetic. There are members of SAG saying that at the time they were voting they did not even see The Revenant, Joy or Hateful Eight. There were screenings for those, sure, but the screeeners have not arrived. You may say that this must be false because DiCaprio was nominated. Well according to one member....he is nominated based on the trailer and hype alone.

These are the people who are supposed to honor fellow actors. Instead of pushing the deadline for every single movie's screener to arrive, they vote based on hype and trailers. Again - pathetic.
SAG acting nominees:
Male Actor In A Leading Role – Motion Picture
Bryan Cranston – “Trumbo”  /. Leonardo DiCaprio – “The Revenant” /Johnny Depp – “Black Mass” / Michael Fassbender – “Steve Jobs” / Eddie Redmayne – “The Danish Girl”

Female Actor In A Leading Role – Motion Picture
Cate Blanchett – “Carol”  / Brie Larson – “Room”  / Helen Mirren – "Woman In Gold"  / Saoirse Ronan – “Brooklyn” / Sarah Silverman – "I Smile Back"

Male Actor In A Supporting Role – Motion Picture
Christian Bale – "The Big Short" / Idris Elba – “Beasts Of No Nation”  / Mark Rylance – “Bridge Of Spies” / Michael Shannon – "99 Homes"/ Jacob Tremblay – “Room”

Female Actor In A Supporting Role – Motion Picture
Rooney Mara – “Carol” / Helen Mirren – "Trumbo"  / Rachel McAdams – “Spotlight” /.Alicia Vikander – “The Danish Girl” / Kate Winslet – “Steve Jobs” 

Woody and BIFA award
And Globes? You recall that one time they nominated The Tourist just to get Jolie and Depp there? They love to make sure the star is there in all their attention whoring glory. Posing, smiling, pretending they actually deserve to be nominated.

A story time. Last Sunday - two events in London. British Independent Spirit Awards, where Hardy is nominated for Legend. And The Revenant screening.

Hardy chooses to hang out with his friend Leo Dicaprio, and while he is wearing jeans and a T-shirt he wears all the time he attends the screening. Meanwhile over at BIFA, he wins for Legend. Domhall Gleeson reads a sweet and appreciative e-mail from Tom while accepting the award on his behalf and yesterday Tom posts a picture of the award being sniffed by his adorable dog Woody.

Here are Globes acting nominees:
Best Actor - Drama
Bryan Cranston - Trumbo / Leonardo DiCaprio - The Revenant / Michael Fassbender - Steve Jobs / Eddie Redmayne - The Danish Girl / Will Smith - Concussion

Best Actress - Drama
Cate Blanchett - Carol / Brie Larson - Room / Rooney Mara - Carol / Saoirse Ronan - Brooklyn / Alicia Vikander - The Danish Girl

Best Actor - Comedy/Musical
Christian Bale - The Big Short / Steve Carell - The Big Short / Matt Damon - The Martian /Al Pacino - Danny Collins / Mark Ruffalo - Infinitely Polar Bear

Best Actress - Comedy/Musical
Jennifer Lawrence - Joy / Melissa McCarthy - Spy / Amy Schumer - Trainwreck / Maggie Smith - The Lady In The Van / Lily Tomlin - Grandma

Best Supporting Actor
Paul Dano - Love & Mercy / Idris Elba - Beasts Of No Nation / Mark Rylance - Bridge Of Spies / Michael Shannon - 99 Homes / Sylvester Stallone - Creed

Best Supporting Actress
Jane Fonda - Youth / Jennifer Jason Leigh - The Hateful Eight / Helen Mirren - Trumbo / Alicia Vikander - Ex Machina / Kate Winslet - Steve Jobs

Hardy in Legend
Look at this bunch. Previous nominees. New to the awards people who were relentlessly promoting, not even their movies or performances, but themselves the whole year. And Jane freaking Fonda.

Fonda is in Youth in 2 scenes. First one lasts several minutes, the other? Maybe 30 seconds. But she is famous. And she spent the last few months appearing in roundtables and giving interviews. And surprise, surprise. Here she is, nominated.

Let me tell you why I'm not even waiting for Oscar nominations to post this. Because I am 99% sure Hardy is not getting nominated. Not because he was omitted by SAG and Globes. No. It's because he doesn't do roundtables. He doesn't appear in American talk shows talking about how difficult it was tho shoot the films, how hard, how miserable. He simply acts. And that is apparently too little to get nominated for acting.

I'm not saying that people who got in gave bad performances. But I am saying that most of the people who got nominated didn't get there just on the merit of how good the performance is. Hardy got raves for Legend. Legend that was screened in...4 theaters in entire US.

And then there is this -

A while back Hardy gave the interview where he essentially said him at the Oscars would be like putting a tutu on an alligator or a hat on a dog. A cute metaphor to illustrate that he is an actor and he doesn't really care about glamorous stuff. But the Academy members? There are actual quotes floating around that because of this comment they will not vote for him. Because they feel offended. 

There is still a tiny chance. There is BAFTA - and I hope they are less petty than Oscar voters, because when Hardy won for Rising Star he did not attend, instead choosing to spend that evening with his family - and remember Hill with Wolf? He got in, almost out of the blue, and scored that Oscar nomination.

Look I am happy about some of these -  Carell being nominated and Stallone getting in for his lovely work in Creed - but Redmayne? Vikander? Helen Mirren? What? 

And let me conclude with this - even when they get something right, they spoil it. To nominate Mad Max and yet not acknowledge its heart, in the form of Charlize Theron's beautiful performance? 

That's just mad.

All that is left is to watch Globes and enjoy Ricky Gervais hosting it. And hope for DiCaprio to finally win. Because I'm fairly certain if he doesn't for this movie, it can be considered sadism.


  1. Legend is barely getting any hype in the U.S so it doesn't shock me that he's not nominated for it. The Revenant's late release date is hurting it too, just like it hurt Django Unchained at the SAGs. If more people got screeners, I have no doubt they would've gotten a cast nom at the very least.

    I like Hardy, and I hope he's as good as everyone that has seen the Revenant has been saying, so maybe, just maybe he gets in on the Oscar race. The Supporting categories are all over the place this year, there really isn't any locks. Maybe Michael Shannon has a lock, Paul Dano has buzz, but it's anyone else's ball game. I think the BAFTAs will be good to Tom.

    And clearly since Joaquin Phoenix gets Oscar noms, they don't give AF about the actors dissing them. How much shit did he talk during The Master's release? lol

    1. It was out in 4 theaters, someone should go Bane on distributor's ass. This is such a mess that a movie can be hurt by the deadline for screeners. It's not fair at all.

      Hill got for Wolf without SAG, GG and even BAFTA and let's hope the British remember who is the most valuable actor they have atm.

      I think they just assume Phoenix is mad, Tom is relatively normal :P

  2. Yeah the Globes were never exactly the best indicator for best quality as history has proven and especially this year.

    But the TV side had Eva Green nominated for Penny Dreadful and Jamie Lee Curtis for Scream Queens so I'm somewhat happy. And best thing, no GoT noms AT ALL!!! (Except for Best Drama but that's just to get more attention to the GGs itself)

    1. Eva and Jaime being nominated and NO LENA DUNHAM is really lovely indeed. GoT deserves fuck all for this season :)

  3. The Hardy exclusion doesn't surprise me with the Globes; the globes are kind of a joke at this point in the game (The Tourist example exemplifies that). You're absolutely right though with everything you've said--it's outrageous! If Leo doesn't win, the Internet will literally break.

    Also, not a single mention of Sicario from either SAG or Globes. Ugh. Sicario, as a film, is way better than Room. Just my thought.

    1. I was hoping they would nominate him at least to give Gervais the opportunity to mock Gibson, who previously played Max and ask Hardy about Revenant shooting which would be hilarious :)

      I think Sicario was a victim of being released too early in the year

  4. I've never been much for keeping the tabs on the awards because my favorites are never the ones to come out victorious. And besides, it sounds and looks so political, it is actually getting a bit tiring. Like Streep getting nominated with every performance she does..

    Hopefully Leo wins though, I hope for his sake, he does.. and he will thank Hardy, I hope, because it seems to me that Hardy deserves some hardcore love from the US' awards because I'm sure he will get the love from UK.

    1. I think he will thank Hardy - they've been mates since Inception :)

  5. Everything you say about Hardy not doing the typical celebrity merry-go-round BS is so spot on. Its sad but so damned true

    1. I just wish one of these years they would surprise me :/ Mark Ruffalo posted how much he appreciates his nomination for the film no one saw but they probably just nominated him there so that he would show up and it was luck for them he had something else than Spotlight. so even if it looks they go for something other than the people who promote themselves, they are not being different - just cynical in their attempts to get who they want on that carpet

  6. I could see Hardy not getting an Oscar nom, even IF he gets a BAFTA nomination. :( If Jonah Hill can gets 2 noms, surely Hardy can get in at some point. Though, Fassbender hasn't campaigned for Steve Jobs, and he's pretty much a lock.

    1. Yeah but Fassbender is not walking around talking about himself being on Oscars as something as odd as an alligator in a tutu :) And he is a previous nominee so that always helps