Monday, January 4, 2016

(Probably endless) list of things I love about Mad Max: Fury Road, part 2.

By s. Monday, January 4, 2016 ,

(part 1 here)

60. Hardy selling the shit out of this moment and that quick montage of truly horrific images showing us just how hellish Max's dreams are

61. That thing Hardy does with his eyes. He does it in a lot of his roles, actually.

62. Theron so beautifully showing the hopefulness Furiosa feels in this moment.

63. I cannot remember the last time the idea of sisterhood got such a cinematic love letter. Furiosa is raised by women. Trained by women. Shaped by women. She is not like all those action heroines trained to fight by their dads.

64. Furiosa smiling as she remembers her tribe's customs.Theron infuses her with such childlike innocence here, it just breaks my heart

65. The frantic, sad violins mixed with the distant voices of women as Furiosa realizes that all hope is lost.

66. Miller and the cinematographer don't do what everyone else would - close up. It works so well giving us such an iconic image

67. The interactions between The Dag and one of the old women.

68. Hardy acting like this was The Office and looking straight at the camera.

69. They both go Kaboom

70. The camera slightly spinning around Max and Furiosa in this beautiful moment

71. Blink and you miss it, but right before the scene cuts, Max gives Furiosa the slightest smile.

 72. Dag praying to whoever will listen.

 73. Spitting gasoline.

74. The quietness with which this woman is dying and Dag rushing to her side.

75. That shot. I do not know how the hell they even did that.

76. Furiosa's desperation as Toast is taken...
77. ...and Immortan counting the wives.

78. The way Max looks at Furiosa here. It's like for the first time he realizes they may die and really takes in what it would mean.
79. Furiosa's blind fury as she sees Toast in the car.

80. The shot of Furiosa's hand trembling with pain.

81. Nux's genuine concern as he notices that Furiosa is wounded.
82. I can't even find the words to describe how I feel.

83. Another impossible shot.

84. Max keeping his eyes locked at Furiosa and fighting whomever he has to get to her because he knows she will fight until she is dead. This movie is absolutely a love story. But it's not boy meets girl story. It's soul meets soul story. As the final fight progresses Max only goal is to get to her, before she loses her life trying to get to Joe.

85. That guitarist just keeps on going. 

86. The subtle slow-mo of Cheedo standing there with her hand outstretched.

87. Max getting to Furiosa just in time and pulling her in.

88. Toast spitting on Immortan's corpse

89. The film has such subtle moments of grace and kindness - among them Dag taking the woman's plants and saying goodbye to her just with her gesture and Capable witnessing Nux's death and slowly reaching her hand to him.

90.  "Hi, hi", "I'm so sorry" - my heart breaks at the gentle way Max speaks to Furiosa.

91. If there was any justice Charlize Theron would win every single possible award for her performance here. There has been no moment more beautiful or more flawlessly acted in any movie in 2015 than Furiosa begging Max to take them home. Home, something she lost and is so desperate to find again.

92. The tenderness with which Max touches Furiosa. He treats her as if she was some sort of miracle.

93. The things Hardy does here...that nod he makes. It's like Max reassures himself that yes, he is a person and yes, his name is Max. Something he hasn't told a person in such a long time. But Furiosa is someone he wants to tell those things. 

94. Max helping up Furiosa, the crowd chanting to let them up and Tom Holkenborg's gorgeous accompanying track.

95. That shot. The triumph among the ruins.

96.  That beautiful image of Furiosa - also a call back to the way Max looked in Road Warrior.

97. I have wept tears at those nods. Miller originally wanted Max to stay with them in the Citadel but Hardy told him Max is not ready to stay just yet. So we got this ending - the finest I've seen in a long time, with Max and Furiosa understanding and respecting each other so completely.

98. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie end with a quote and this one was perfect.


  1. This is just awesome. I'm glad it's going to be on HBO this month so I can see it again.

  2. The cinematography in this movie was breathtaking. Great post, I love all of these as well.

  3. Amazing post! This is one of the best films this year, it's hard not to love everything about it.

    1. Thanks! So glad that the film is getting so much praise, it deserves all of it and more

  4. Fantastic post, yet again! This movie is so good. I just wish I could have seen it in cinemas.

    1. Thank you! It was so awesome in the cinema. But I kinda think this is gonna get many re-releases like most iconic films

  5. Ooooh, what an epic post once again. You highlighted so many things I LOVE about Fury Road. LOVE #66 and I cried every time I saw it. "61. That thing Hardy does with his eyes. He does it in a lot of his roles, actually." YES indeed, masterful. That's why he's perfect in films like LOCKE where he could only use his facial expression (and that wonderful voice) to convey emotions. Masterful actors in a masterpiece, that's why it's my #1 film of 2015!

    1. Oh yeah his eyes are just so expressive, he conveyed so much just with them in Legend. It's absolutely horrifying when he expresses anger with them, because he has such sweet eyes yet he can have the most menacing stare

  6. I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful post. What a fantastic tribute.

    I think #70 is pure f--king magic. I mean, they all are, but I could stare at that for the rest of my life.

    I have to see it again. Hell, I have to buy it. One more time will not be enough. Hardy and Theron were flawless.

    1. I'm so psyched that you loved it this much. Is it your favorite movie from 2015?

  7. I had to hold tears back.. just seeing some of these moments as stills or as little gifs just brings up all the emotions I have from this movie. I like that you included a Nux moment, I think he deserves some credit as well.. though used as a comedic character at some moments, he definitely became much more by the end.
    Also, praying to whoever will listen - amazing!

  8. Great job! Ugh, this movie is in a class of its own. Action blockbusters are rarely as great as this film.

  9. Oh Gosh! This is like a Temple Amazing to refresh yourself and thank the full crew and cast of the MadMAX FuryRoad for giving us the mortals a true Joy of cinematic experience. A master piece the Legend of which will Just grow over time. mark my words the cult has just started.