Monday, January 11, 2016

The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards

By s. Monday, January 11, 2016 ,
  • The magical journey of Golden Globes night started for me way before the ceremony actually started.
  • For most of the afternoon I was like 'meh, I'm just watching for Gervais hosting and to see Dicaprio's speech". "Tom Hardy is not gonna be there, Harrison is not gonna be there, I don't care".
  • But then, 3 hours before the ceremony, as I was watching interviews with Harrison Ford on youtube the Bear from The Revenant twitter account (yep it exists and yep I follow it) tweeted this:
  • I took the news like that:
  • So clearly I've lost my shit. And clearly it didn't happen and that last category was kinda a disaster due to AWFUL PLANNING OF THE CEREMONY but we get to that
  • Fassbender is getting interviewed just as Muppet Schumer arrives
  • Benioff also arrived, it's like the festival of awful
  • Harrison is being interviewed!:
  • Matt Lauer: Is this an event you look forward to? Harrison Ford: Oh yeah. Can’t wait. I’ve been camping out in the parking lot for the last four days. 
  • Gervais is on fire during his monologue, he goes after Polanski, Lawrence and says not even Sean Penn finds him when he goes into hiding
  • Jonah as the bear from the Revenant and Channing Tatum are on stage. That was hard to watch.
  • Winslet for best supporting actress!! She seems very surprised
  • J.Lo and The Rock present supporting actress in drama goes to Maura Tierney for the Affair
  • Samberg presents best actress in comedy series which goes to Rachel Bloom
  • Best comedy series goes to Mozart in the jungle
  • Viola Davis presents Carol
  • Matt Damon presents the Martian after Ricky introducing him and laughing at the fact this was qualified as Comedy
  • Orlando bloom and Bryce Dallas Howard present best mini series to wolf hall
  • amber heard and Jaime Alexander present best actor in mini series to Oscar Isaac, as he is on stage the camera shows Harrison being all proud. So cute!
  • Statham, McCarthy and Fig present Spy and Statham is hilarious on stage doing "I did everything" Rick Ford impression
  • Tom Ford and Lady Gaga present best actor in supporting mini series to Christian Slater and he says hi to Harrison. I'm of course loving the shit outta this.
  • Jaime foxx presents best score to Ennio Morricone, Tarantino accepts and goes insane on stage as usual. He also did some horrendous shit like forgetting Morricone actually won before and calling movie music composing "ghetto".
  • When Jaime Foxx disapproves....that's bad.
  • Foxx introduces his daughter who is miss Globe or whatever they are calling it, Ricky comes on stage and gives them hilarious forced polite smile
  • Ricky announces Longoria and Ferrera and says Trump would deport them if elected
  • They present best actor in drama series which goes to Jon Hamm
  • Gervais announces the two disasters who present Joy and Trainwreck. Muppet says her celebrity couple name should be AmyTomHardy or something and I nearly vomit. As they are on stage they actually show Redmayne and I want to dive in my own vomit. If these two ever host I'm not watching. That is just torture, it is straight from my nightmares:
  • Amy Adams presents actor in comedy to Matt Damon who gives a very nice speech
  • Kurt Russel and Kate Hudson present best animation to Inside Out
  • Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt present The Big Short and they bicker adorably on stage
  • JK Simmons and Patricia Arqutte present supporting actor to surprised Stallone who gives wonderful speech. The crowd went wild when he won
  • Mark Walhberg and Will Ferrel present best script to Aaron Sorkin for Steve Jobs
  • some kids present best actor in comedy to Gael Garcia Bernal
  • We see Kate and Leo chatting!
  • Helen Mirren and Gerard Butler present best foreign film to Son of Saul
  • Ken Jong and Kevin Hart present best actress in TV series to lady gaga. As she approaches DiCaprio does the funniest thing:
  • Gervais in the best moment of the night introduces Gibson. Insane things happen:
  • Gibson presents Mad Max
  • Krasinski and Olivia Wilde give best drama series to Mr Robot
  • Tom Hanks presents the special award to Denzel Washington. Hanks gives a speech that was a bit over the top
  • Katy Perry presents best song to that awful bond song
  • Chris Evans presents Spotlight
  • Gervais comes on stage and reads "this is the most well respected actor in the room. That's just madness!". And this is about Freeman.
  • Morgan Freeman presents director to Inarittu
  • Kate Bosworth and Sophia Bush present best actress in drama series to that Empire lady
  • Michael Keaton gives award to Lawrence for best actress in comedy. Harrison claps for her. Don't do that, sir.
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal presents Room
  • Tobey McGuire presents The Revenant
  • Jim Carrey presents best comedy to The Martian. Carrey was the best presenter, his entire monologue was pure gold.
  • Ricky starts announcing Redmayne and reads all of this as if he was a chick. Then Ricky goes 'it's a dude?!' and gives Redmayne a suspicious stare as he enters
  • Redmayne gives award for best actress to Brie Larson 
  • Moore comes on stage and LEO WINS! Biggest ovation of the night. Leo gives a great speech and gives a major shout out to Hardy, who as he says 'would never leave him to die in real life'. /li>
  • In an insanely rushed manner Ricky doesn't even appear on stage. Harrison comes in and in about 15 seconds time announces The Revenant won Best Drama. They had about 30 seconds to say thank yous. WHAT THE FUCK. You let Ridley Scott go on and on and this happens. How on Earth can you give a minute for the most important category? Ricky didn't even have a closing speech! Who planned this ceremony? Why did some TV people get minutes for their category but the last one was rushed?!
  • Let me make a point here - when Harrison fucking Ford is in the building you make a fuss. When he agrees to present something - you make a fuss. You do not tell him to GO, get on stage and don't make a fuss and just read the winner.
  • Ricky did however say as the credits were rolling - “From myself and Mel Gibson, shalom!”for a goodbye
  • That was an odd ceremony. The pacing was all fucked up, Gervais who was hilarious was criminally underused and the lack of love and some sort of funny Gervais intro for Ford is just a terrible thing. No love for Mad Max but Revenant got a huge boost and Leo is finally winning that Oscar next month, guys!


    1. YAY!!!! For Leo, Sly, Matt Damon, Oscar Isaac, and Brie!!!! BOO to J-Law who was rude to a reporter. What a bitch.

      1. That reporter moment was just terrible :/

    2. I'm sorry you didn't get to drink tonight!

      That ending was ridiculously rushed. They let Gaga ramble on forever "I'm seriously speechless, you guys" and Ricky isn't even in camera view?

      I was wondering what Gervais said to Gibson, that censor guy was all over the place tonight. I still have no idea what Gael said that they couldn't let us hear.

      I hate Jennifer Lawrence so much more after tonight. ugh.

      1. I'm sorry about that too :)

        That was ridiculous.

        I have no idea what half of those censored things were :) I wish they censored the entirety of Schumer and Lawrence because that was obscene in its stupidity

    3. I knew the HFP REALLY want the Jack & Rose reunion, ahah, but it's always fun to see Leo & Kate together at award shows. I'm still bummed Hardy wasn't nominated and that's perhaps why he wasn't there. Man I hope he'd be at the Oscar!! I posted my thoughts on GG as well. Happy for Isaac, Brie, Sly and Leo winning though, esp Sly who was so gracious. I also love what Leo said about Hardy!

      1. Oh that is why he wasn't there. To be honest I'm not sure he would attend even if he was nominated.

        Leo's thank you to Hardy was so great, loved that he mentioned him because Inarittu clearly is still mad :P

    4. We share a lot of the same thoughts. I was pretty lukewarm with Gervais. He had his funny moments but other times I just wanted him off the stage.

      1. I loved his moment but it was so clear he didn't take Gibson's jokes well :)

    5. O

      Gervais is a treasure. I don't get all the bitching and moaning. From what I've seen, he was as on point as you can get. Sad he wasn't used as much as he should have been, but NBC can suck it for not allowing me to stream it last night.


      1. He was in the show for what felt like 10 minutes. Very mediocre ceremony this year

    6. Lukewarm with Gervais is right...terribly underused. However, I have to say that I agree with the majority of the winners out there...with the exception of Gaga. She totally robbed Kiki. AND THAT PIC OF LEO AT THE BOTTOM *SAVES*

      1. Gaga won because they wanted her on that stage. At least it gave us this awesome Leo reaction :)

    7. 'JK Simmons and Patricia Arqutte present supporting actor to surprised Stallone who gives wonderful speech. The crowd went wild when he won'

      Easily my favorite moment of the night. I love Leo as much as anyone, Ford too, but Sly is my f--king hero. He was great in Creed. Brought me to tears, that f--ker.

      Oh, and thanks for that Leo/Gaga moment. That shit's GOLD.

      Jim Carrey was hysterical. That almost topped his Oscar intro years back. Or that weird thing at the MTV movie awards, like, a decade ago. (I'm so old)

      1. Carrey truly was funnier than all the other presenters combined though Pitt and Gosling were also fantastic

    8. I was very happy for Leo. I hope he wins the Oscar finally. Gervais was hilarious and brutal. I loved it. I wish he hosted every year. The pacing was terrible. They should have at least let Ricky close. That made no sense.

      1. Gervais really should host every year. I just hope Schumer and Lawrence won't ever host anything

    9. Nice recap. So glad Leo won! I know a lot people find him offensive, but I'd love to see Gervais back again. He was hilarious! LOL, I still like that Bond song. :P

      1. Gervais is so funny, it's such a shame how underused he was this year!