Friday, April 22, 2016

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Appreciation

By s. Friday, April 22, 2016
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
April 22, 1966 (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Oh that voice. Those dimples. That smile. That fierce masculinity.

Today we are celebrating the 50th birthday of beautiful Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is on his way to steal your girl ALL of Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln's fangirls on The Walking Dead.

He is probably most well known to movie fans for his excellent performance in Watchmen, but those of us who also keep up with popular stuff on TV known this guy for years - as charming Denny on Grey's Anatomy in the series' most beautiful romantic subplot (until Shonda Rhimes brought him back as a ghost and run this story to the ground), Winchesters' fearless dad on Supernatural, that one super hot appearance he had on Shameless and of course Alicia's new fling on The Good Wife where he serves as delicious eye candy. I swear I lost track how many times shirtless on that show.

 There aren't many actors for whom I would watch six seasons of a show (and as some of you are gonna jump in and say - not a very good show) but he is one of them. So here I am 4/6 in my marathon of the Walking Dead.

Because very soon his most famous role is gonna be on The Walking Dead where he appeared in finale of last season as the awesome villain Negan who is about to steal spotlight from everyone and everything in upcoming seasons. The casting calls for Negan's wives will have so many competing for the part.

It's been 10 years since he showed up on Grey's Anatomy and it's about time that the guy finally becomes popular and gets roles he deserves not mere cameos, short parts in penned movies or roles where he simply just is. This guy deserves so much better than that and as long as he is on The Walking Dead - and I hope it's gonna be a long time - I'm there too.
The Walking Dead
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The Losers
  •  He is of primarily Scottish heritage.
  • Lives on a farm and owns alpacas, llamas, cows and chickens.
  • Rescued a pit bull who he named Bisou when she was few weeks old. Bisou lived with him for long and happy 16 years. 
  • Owns a candy store with Paul Rudd.
  • Stated that many people who recognize him mistake him for Javier Bardem.
  •  Had a tattoo of a revolver made on his right arm during the shooting of The Salvation (2014).
  •  Did a painting and donated it to the Race for the Rescues' Walk of Paws celebrity art auction on October 29, 2006. The money raised at the event went to help shelter dogs and cats in and around Pasadena, California.
  •  His former manager (who happened to be a very good friend of his) dropped him because he just wasn't getting work just the day before he got his role on Supernatural (2005), claiming she couldn't resurrect his career.
  • Was a fan favorite to play Negan on The Walking Dead


    1. The man is underrated as I like what he does as he was one of the things in Watchmen that I really liked. He deserves more praise. Magic City had a lot of things that could've been good but some of the material didn't rise up to Morgan's brilliance nor the fact that the guys who played his sons just straight-up fucking sucked as actors.

    2. I'm looking forward to more of him as Negan. His first outing was promising, and hopefully Gimple won't run his character into the ground. lol

      Needs to be shirtless more though.

      1. He really does :) I'm hoping Gimple realizes the potential there :P

    3. I still can't believe he owns a candy shop, and out of all the people, with Paul Rudd! That is just excellent.

      And you know what, I had completely blacked out the Danny-ghost stuff! I literally didn't remember him being back, that's how bad that story lines was. I now wish I didn't remember that about that character, it was such a bad call for Rhonda.

      1. That was such a stupid storyline because they had Izzie chooses freaking Karev over Denny which just took the whole impact of their love stories. Ugh.

    4. Interesting to hear his manager/friend dropped him literally just before his first big break! Wonder how she felt after that and if they are still friends?