Monday, April 11, 2016

Some cool stuff I noticed in new Suicide Squad trailer

By s. Monday, April 11, 2016 ,

Two good things came out of MTV Movie Awards last night - Charlize Theron was awarded the trophy for Best Actress for her work as Furiosa in Fury Road (if we lived in the better world she would have also got Academy Award for that one) and new Suicide Squad trailer premiered, loaded with yet again great song choices and awesome footage.

Here are some things that I noticed and some of my speculation based on new and previously released footage:

Harley and the gang getting chips that will explode if they do something the government doesn't want them to do.

Harley chasing, I'm assuming, The Joker on her bike after he brainwashed her in Arkham, which leads to....

Harley jumping or being thrown into acid and Joker jumping after her

that shot of Harley falling....

is followed by that shot of Batman jumping. Now that is clearly not from the same sequence. But later on in the trailer there is this:

a shot of the car that Joker and Harley are escaping in from Batman. Clearly the car falls into water and Batman follows it which leads to:

Batman rescuing Harley and carrying her to Batmobile!

As for Harley falling:

clearly something or someone rescues her.

I'm assuming that this is the same moment - Harley gets taken by Batman and before or after he has a showdown with the Joker

Harley's mallet is in. So great!

He has a stuffed unicorn!

Joker threatening the character played by Common. Whatever goes down here is probably not good for that guy, seeing how this is followed by the shot of Joker laughing and surrounded by guns from trailer 2

Some signs of flirtation between Harley and Deathshot

BONUS: Look how many mini umbrellas Harley put in the drink!

It is impressive how much footage was shown and how difficult it is to stitch the whole story together at the moment. Hell, we don't even know who the villain is! My guess would be that the villain is some space goo in which case the entire weight of success of the movie lies in how fun and how funny it will be.

So far it looks like Deadpool to me - half of jokes land, half don't. Harley is overused when it comes to dialogue, there should be more done with her expressions and physical comedy, though the little girl pout moment at 1:02. was very good, very Harley. The marketing sure uses Robbie's sex appeal a lot - first having her bend over in previous trailer, now showing her change which is a smart move, marketing wise. So many guys are gonna go see this in 3D and one cannot really blame them.

And we still only got a little bit of the Joker, hopefully the film hiding more than those scenes we can guess he has in the film (Joker and Harley car chase/escaping from Batman, Joker and Common scene/Harley dancing with a chain, Joker torturing Harley in Arkham, Joker transforming Harley - there was also photo of Joker and Harleen suggesting we will see her treating him). As for rumoured reshoots there is so much misinformation but it seems the initial info that they are doing those because the last trailer had all the jokes could not be less true - plenty of new funny bits in this new trailer. Also David Ayer tweeted this so this is very reassuring.


  1. The trailers keep showing more great scenes. I hope Ayer is correct about the reshoots. Anytime I hear a film doing reshoots I worry. Perhaps BvS was abysmal the WB decided to offer reshoots just in case? I really wish WB would wake up and hire new screenwriters and get rid of Zack Synder for the JL movie. Thank goodness Synder isn't directing the WW film.

    Harley has always been a fun character. The bend over scene was cute and cheeky--which is true to Harlequinn, but I hope they don't go overboard into "objectify" territory. I really want to see fully fleshed out character development for Harley-- and not "Black Widow Syndrome."

    From what I've seen it looks like Harley has a lot of dialogue, so that's a good sign. Like you, I would like to see more of Harley's physical comedy. The mallet is another good sign!

    Overall, I will be seeing this film mainly for Robbie and Leto. Can't wait. I actually think Leto's Joker and Robbie's Harley are so strong they could carry their own film.

    1. I read today they are planning to control Snyder more, but that's like planning on controlling a diabetic in a candy shop. one way or another Snyder will find a way to fuck up.

      I really think there is gonna be enough development with her being a therapist - there is definitely at least one scene with that - and then she gets captured by the Joker and I think using electro shocks he brainwashes her. So it won't be as profound as in Mad Love where he did in mind game kind of way but hopefully they will still show Harley's naive and trusting nature

      Oh absolutely. They are definitely the biggest attractions but hopefully the rest of the characters will be interesting too

  2. Great recaps here--a lot that I actually missed because of how fast everything was happening. This is either going to be really good (like Deadpool) or really bad (BvS). I'm thinking the former, because of the actors involved and what I've seen so far in the trailers. Fingers crossed.

    1. Indeed fingers crossed! We need it to be good to get more Harley and Poison Ivy at last!

  3. I like that they used Ballroom Blitz in this trailer. Harley still looks to be the best part. And playing up Robbie's sex appeal is smart marketing. So many teen boys will flock to this now. lol

    1. Oh definitely, especially that it's in 3D :D

  4. Margot Robbie as Harley.....mmmmm *hearts fluttering* The usage of "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet.... I fucking love that song.

    1. It's awesome! They use the best tracks in those trailers

  5. Well done, as always.

    I don't know how the world is feeling about this one, but I'm totally psyched for it (though a little concerning, perhaps?). I have no real prior knowledge to any of these characters, but what I'm seeing looks badass.

    And speaking of ass...Robbie's seems to be a supporting character in this film.

    So, yeah. Totally sold. Opening night. (no kid this time)

    1. I actually think this is not gonna be as scarring as BvS, except for whatever Leto is gonna do :)

  6. I'm liking this the more I see of it. You're right about Harley, a lot of her character is how she moves and pouts and whatnot.

    I am also very interested to see if Will Smith will be able to stand up next to Margot and Leto. They are still hiding the Joker in the trailers.... good idea, that one hook has guaranteed that I'll be seeing this.

    And I'm also with you on how they showed the content... you really pieced it together really well, but even still we don't really know what is happening yet. Its refreshing when most people seem to complain of trailers ruining movies at the mo

    1. Yeah it's so cleverly edited, even though they showed a whole bunch of footage I bet the film still has a lot of surprises in it