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Game of Thrones 6x06 Blood of my Blood

By s. Monday, May 30, 2016 ,
This week has given us a truly wonderful episode with the best flow of the season - it felt like one long movie filled with rich sequences setting up what is hopefully going to be even better rest of the season. And one of the biggest highlights? No Lady Bolton this week.

We open with Meera dragging Bran away on the sled. Bran is still experiencing visions with a fuckload of stuff in them including Hardhome, Ned Stark beheading, Red Wedding (Lady Stoneheart hype #1), wildfire and the biggest of all - Jaime killing the Mad King. We also see a bloody hand and Ned asking where is his sister. As all of this is going on wights are surrounding Meera and Bran and they are both ready to die, but then a mysterious hooded man on a horse appears and takes down wights. Meera and Bran climb on his horse.
Meanwhile, Sam, Gilly and baby Sam arrive to Sam's home - Hornhill. In a lovely scene they are welcomed by Sam's mother and sister who are very nice and are very welcoming of Gilly and the baby.

Then we check in in King's Landing where High Sparrow continues his brainwashing of Tommen and then allows him to see Margaery who appears fully converted to new faith. Tommen is stunned, but he is also an idiot so he goes with it and is just happy Margaery is gonna be with him again.
Back in Honrhill, Gilly is wearing a dress Sam's sister gave her. They attend the dinner with Sam's entire family, which also includes Sam's awful brother and dad, who is a major douche. Sam's dad is mean to him and Gilly starts defending Sam telling them he is more of a fighter than they ever be. When she mentions Sam defended her on the way down to Castle Black, Sam's dad figures out Gilly is a wildling and since he hates them, he is even more unpleasant. Sam's mother takes Gilly away and tells Sam's dad that he dishonors himself.

Later Sam comes over to say goodbye to Gilly. Very soon he returns telling her they belong together. Sam then steals his father's Valyrian steel sword, Heartsbane and leaves along with Gilly and baby Sam.
In Braavos, Arya is watching the acting troupe's another play - this time depicting Purple Wedding and Tywin getting killed by Tyrion. Arya laughs with glee as she watches fake Joffrey die. I'm just glad we didn't get another dick shot there. Then she sneaks backstage and poisons the bottle of rum. On her way back she is caught by Lady Crane who thinks Arya is the actress-wannabe because she saw her in attendance many times. Lady Crane is very nice to Arya and Arya remarks how she should be more in despair and anger when she plays a mother who watches her son die (Lady Stoneheart hype #2).

Then the actress, encouraged by Arya, wants to make some changes in the play but is shot down by some asshole misogynist. As she is about to drink the run Arya knocks it from her hand telling her the young actresses wants her dead. Then we see Waif witnessed the whole thing.
Arya then goes to retrieve Needle. As this is happening Waif reports back to Jaqen who gives her go ahead on killing Arya but tells Waif not to make Arya suffer. You see the bitch smirk and you know she has the exact opposite in mind. Then we see Arya sitting somewhere in the dark, Needle in her hands. Waiting.

That was by far my favorite scene this week. Maisie Williams' acting and Ramin Djawadi's score were simply outstanding and the whole sequence, from the play to Arya sitting in the dark, was beautifully shot.

In King's Landing, Jaime is awaiting Tyrell army which is lead by Mace wearing the most ridiculous helmet ever. As High Sparrow, Margaery and Spoonella are standing on the steps, Jaime, being badass and Mace, being the opposite of badass, arrives with Tyrell army to stop Margaery's Walk of Shame. Jaime tells High Sparrow they are there to take Magaery and Loras. Olenna is also there fanning herself and trying to throw some shade. High Sparrow throws some shady manipulation "we cannot give them to you and you cannot take them" shit, which the masses of King's Landing eat up.
Then Jaime, in a moment so bad ass I almost shit myself RIDES THE HORSE UP THE STEPS. But still it accomplishes nothing because High Sparrow has an ace in his dirty sleeve. An that ace is that this fucking idiot Tommen has converted to the Faith joining the crown with the religious movement. Tommen and Margarey stand there like assholes, the masses are cheering and Jaime cannot believe he fathered so many morons.

Jaime is then sacked from Kingsguard by Tommen. Kevan stands there, next to the Throne, offering absolutely nothing. Jaime is even more furious. Olenna is so done with all of this she doesn't even ridicule Mace' helmet.
Then Walder fucking Frey is back. He appears to have a new bride, even younger than the last one. He is giving his sons - Lothar and Black Walder - a scolding because Blackfish, who as you probably remember survived Red Wedding because he was pissing outside, took Riverrun from the Freys. Lothar and Black Wander tell Walder they cannot take Riverrun back because they have too few men. Also the Brotherhood without Banners is allying common folk against them (Lady Stoneheart hype #3) Walder has a plan though - he tells them to show Blackfish the knives that killed Talisa and his "niece" (Lady Stoneheart hype #4). And then to show him his nephew - enter Edmure, looking like he also endured the bible class led by Spoonella.

Back in King's Landing Jaime is apparently gonna go to Riverlands (so much hype I lost track) to help the Freys take Riverrun. I'm not sure what the fuck is Jaime supposed to be leading since the Lannisters needed Mace, his Vegas helmet and army, to try and own the Sparrow, but OK. Supposedly Lannister army is stashed somewhere until the plot needs it to appear which is now. He is mad and wants to sneak in and kill High Sparrow, but Cersei who for some reason still hasn't go full psycho tells him to go to Riverlands. Then they make out and I can literally hear people watching get furious. Entire King's Landing knows Cersei is a whore but Jaime.

Also - what is up with Cersei? Her kids are dropping like flies, the last one just got brainwashed and she is just chillin'. Girl, seriously what is up?
Back in the North the mysterious man is revealed - it's freaking uncle Benjen. 5 years. 5 years we haven't seen the man and I am sitting here, on my ass, making hype gifs for forth fucking year and still no show for LSH. And it gets better - turns out that Benjen was stabbed by the Walker but then those creepy fucks Children stabbed him with dragonglass which brought him back.

So yeah that is OK but two resurrected Starks in one season is too many? So 5 years is cool but 3 seasons later is too much? NO EXCUSES NOW.

Benjen remarks how the last time he saw Bran he was climbing even though his mother (hyyyyypeeee) protested. He also tells him that he needs to be ready for The Night's King when he comes. How does Bran do that? Does he just start molesting random  trees to have visions and gain intel? We do not know.
And of course for the big finish we move to the conqueror - even though all she conquered reverted back to shit - Daenerys. Daenerys is having a chat with Daario and then her spider sense tells her to ride ahead. Everyone is impatient and Daario wants to go after her and then Drogon appears, back from what was probably a binge or something, carrying Daenerys on her back.

They land and Daenerys gives pretty rousing speech to Dothraki who are so psyched. Then Drogon roars and it ends.
Well let's sum - 4 hints of Stoneheart. Bringing literally everyone in. Having so much magic in this season, with all the time traveling and "oh the creepy elfs stabbed me with some dragonglass and I'm feeling awesome" I'm so done even trying to make sense of all of this.

She better be coming or there are shame bells in writers' future.

This week it is time for the Broken Man. Lady Bolton appears to be questioned for her treason (finally) while Jon and Davos stand there probably wondering while they brought her in in the first place, Jaime reaches Riverrun and faces Blackfish, The Freys arrive there too. And most importantly IAN FUCKING MCSHANE IS GONNA SHOW UP!!!!



  1. Fucking Jaime ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I didn't like this episode as much as the others this season because of the KL story, but everything else was great. I love that you talked about Arya's scene and the score because that was perfect.

    So much LSH hype. We better not be let down again.

    1. HYPEEEEE!! Seriously if they let us down this year, it's just gonna be a disaster

      I have no idea what the hell they are doing with everyone in KL in this episode, maybe Jaime improves once he leaves

  2. This LSH hype better be real, otherwise I will be furious. I mean, Davos' final line of the preview? That has to mean something, right?!

    I really liked this episode a lot, and my favourite part was definitely with Arya & Lady Crane. The score was excellent too, a lot better than last season IMO.

    1. YES! That line! They cannot bring every single person back and not her. That would be just too fucking awful

      Oh yeah the s5 score had the worst score

  3. Ooohh, "Lady Bolton", the shade of it all! There is so much LSH hype this season that I can't compute it. If they end up going nowhere with it, I will throw rocks. Bloody Dabid and Dan. I'm excited for Jaime and Brienne to catch up in the Riverlands though!

    1. I just can't with Sansa anymore. She is such a disaster.I really hope LSH is in because with everyone else coming back and them including Riverlands in the story not including her would be such an insult to the fans