Sunday, October 7, 2018

Aquaman - extended trailer breakdown

By s. Sunday, October 7, 2018 ,

This week WB marketing department has blessed us with the 5-minute long sneak peek/trailer for Aquaman. This footage was shown exclusively to the audience at Comic Con this year. I guess WB is really trying everything to win the war that is gonna break in the box office - Aquaman premiers the same week as Bumblebee and Mary Poppins Returns. Also it's curious that lately, other than Fantastic Beasts, WB's releases were only getting one main trailer and few short ones, which were all stuffed in front of other films - A Star is Born's 4 short trailers were all put in front of The Nun. If this is the technique designed not to spoil much than it certainly doesn't apply to this extended video as after months of pointlessly refusing to confirm if Arthur's classic outfit will show up, we now actually got to see it at the end of this video. My bet is that we are getting one more trailer that will be attached to Fantastic Beasts and WB will send absolutely everyone to promote the film. So here we go, let's take a look at the new footage we get to see:

(click the images for high res versions)

New shot of pregnant Atlanna and Thomas. Look, there's a dog there!

Atlanna saying goodbye to Arthur and leaving to protect him and his father.

Thomas telling Arthur his mother always knew he was special.

New images of Arthur lifting the submarine. Mera telling Arthur he is the bridge between the land and the sea.

Arthur and Mera travelling through Sahara.

Arthur and Mera arriving into the temple.

Mera trying to start the device to no success. Arthur remarks how this place was collecting dust since before Sahara was a desert which makes Mera realize they need water to start it.

Mera using her powers, I love how her eyes are glowing when she does this!

Arthur had another idea.

Hologram of king Atlan talking about the powerful trident that gives the power to control the sees. If one wants to find it, one must travel to the hidden sea.

Images from the past featuring king Atlan. The second one is really reminding me of the scene on Aragorn's court in Return of the King.

Arthur amidst the attack on his home land.

Mera promptly destroying the device and Arthur saying that they should have written down what was said. Mera asking him if he memorized it.

Orm talking to Nerus (Mera's father) about his plan to attack. Nerus looks like a goddamn Carrot Top.

Black Manta meeting his goons.

Manta attacking Mera and Arthur in Italy.

Impressive tracking shot of Mera escaping Manta's goons.

Mera crashing into the vineyard where she will once again show off her powers.

Another lovely shot of Mera.

Mera, Arthur and Thomas watching the destruction.

Billions will die, unless you help us! - Mera begs Arthur for help.

Arthur kicking some fool through the shipwreck's wall.

Queen Atlanna defending Arthur and Thomas in their home. This is the single most impressive moment of the trailer. The camera work here is so awesome!

Stunning shot of Atlanna.

New shot of Trench and Arthur and Mera trying to escape them.

New shot of Orm fighting Arthur.

The main hall of Atlantis - Arthur being brought before Vulko, Orm and Mera. He appears to be shirtless so YEY.

This is a giant crab and this is the extent of my knowledge about it.

- What could be greater than a King? 
- A hero.

This trailer was met with a really good reaction out there so I'm very happy. I think they should have just given us a shorter trailer which didn't show so damn much but the good news is that every single sequence they highlighted has so much more to it. You think Arthur just shows up with the Trident and his new outfit that highlights his abs in the end? Oh, he has more with him. So much more.


  1. I like this trailer a lot. Though seeing Nerus made me annoyed all over again that they gave Mera this godawful Ariel wig. The one she had in Justice League looked so much better.

    I'm here for Nicole Kidman kicking ass.

    1. Yeah why change that wig? I don't like that either

  2. not gonna watch the trailer, but the scenes you picked look amazing. very excited!

    1. Yeah they are really putting whatever they can in that marketing :P

  3. Okay, consider me excited for this one now!