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The secrets of "Prometheus"

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What happened to Elizabeth Shaw? Who is that in the wheelchair?
Recently released, in the form of heavily Alien inspired, teaser trailer for "Prometheus" is perhaps one of the most intriguing promos ever released. I have been watching it for some time now, on repeat, and it is driving me crazy. The whole cast and Ridley Scott have been teasing all of us cruelly for the last few months - apparently changing their minds whether it is a prequel of "Alien" or it is not. The teaser pretty much proves that in fact, "Prometheus" has very strong links to the iconic movie - here is a wonderful breakdown of the trailer, frame by frame.

What we know for sure is that Charlize Theron is playing a villain - how hot is that - and Noomi Rapace is the heroine of the story - Elizabeth Shaw, whom we see screaming in the trailer. Michael Fassbender stars as an android, who may or may not start becoming - literally - human in the progress of the story.
Charlize Theron, possibly doing push ups after sleeping during space travel?
The thing everyone wants to know is if Alien, in my opinion the scariest movie monster to ever appear on screen, will also appear in this movie. Having read most of the rumours I'm certain that we will see some variation of the creature. Well, we will certainly see the eggs, teaser shows them, but I think everyone wants to see Alien bouncing around. There were people in Alien costumes on the set. So, let's keep our fingers crossed. Although the realist in me thinks that what Scott said - about last 8 minutes of "Prometheus" being a link to "Alien" - will involve the eggs in the cave, that are found in the, chronologically, first film.

From what I gathered from the synopsis, that is flying around the Internet, it seems there may be some conflict on the ship and that the team will start fighting within the group. I think the synopsis is real, since it has strong ties to trailer images and Alien mythology, so to speak. In this case the monsters in this story will be mutated people.
There is a strong chance that there will be a freaky pregnancy in the film - the leaked early version of the trailer has footage of Shaw's belly rising, in the scene similar to Ripley's dream in "Aliens"- if it's the case - is the pregnancy by infected crew member? or by Alien? Is it a coincidence or an experiment?

Scott says there will be the scene showing the creation of Earth. From many rumours it seems that Earth may have been created by aliens or if you wish the Engineers. We may see them in the film.

Theron says about her character "she’s working with the company that’s sponsoring this whole thing and you can feel she definitely has an agenda, which we pick up in the third act.". That would tie in with the thing written in synopsis that may or may not be fake that she is more than she appears.
Scott has said that the title is reminiscent of the well known myth where Prometheus stole the fire from Gods, bringing their wrath on human race. I'm still puzzled by this, although the general consensus in speculations seems to be that it's Charlize Theron's character that will do something to bring doom on the ship.

Another thing - which appears to be most well known - is that the film will answer the mystery of Space Jockey. For those unfamiliar with the term - you know that scene in "Alien" where they see this huge throne-thing with dead, huge creature in it? Yeah, that's Space Jockey. They kinda dropped it and it's one of the hings that builds freaky climate of the original film, but now Scott decided to dig deeper on that idea. He definitely went ahead with it, as in one scene in the teaser we see Charlize Theron with Space Jockey's helmet, somewhat smaller, on the table.
Hopefully after "Aliens" which was James Cameron's abomination - he took World's greatest horror movie and turned it into action/adventure/family/drama/crap, "Alien 3" raped by the studio and "Alien Resurrection" which was just...too much of grotesque for any one's taste, when rightful master of the series - Ridley Scott - is in director's chair again, we will get the prequel worthy of original movie. The movie will be shown in 3D which I don't object to, either with PG-13 or R rating which I will object to. It is Alien prequel, or if you follow Scott's diversion technique "the movie set in Alien universe" - it has to be R rated.

Ridley Scott also said that the movie will have ties to the original films and not to the sequels. That makes me very happy. At this point all of these are speculations of course, but we finally have something to go on - the teaser is just fascinating and promises one of the best - if not the best - movies of 2012. We have six months to wait. Let's hope the film is worth it.


  1. Great write-up. This isn't my kind of flick at all, but this trailer, that cast... how can I resist?

    On a side note, I'd kill to know how you make your labels gadget at the top of your page look so cool. Mine is so dull and boring. Are you coding it yourself?

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