Sunday, January 15, 2012

30 reasons why I love "Moneyball" and why you should see it now.

By s. Sunday, January 15, 2012 ,

1. Brad Pitt's beautiful, subtle and delicate performance. The best work of his career.
2. The story which has a happy, but at the same time realistic ending.
3. The fact the film is based on true events.
4. That I know shit about baseball and I loved the film.
5. It is my most rewatched movie from 2011 - I've seen 3 times.
6. That it is long, yet I hadn't even notice when it was already 2 hours in
7. It has Philip Seymour Hoffman who only needs few scenes to establish a strong character
8. It has lovely Jonah Hill who can do so much more than just comedy
9. The "he hit home run and didn't even know it" moment
10. The fact that Brad Pitt couldn't stop laughing during shooting that scene
11. Mycheal Danna's amazing score.
12. The piece "It's a process" which I literally can't stop listening to.
13. The scene where Beane tries to recruit Hattie and his coworker who comes with him can't pretend he is on board leading to hilarious comments - "It's not that hard, Scott. Tell him, Wash." "It's incredibly hard.".
14. That Hattie is Andy from "Parks and Recreation".
15. That it's even a better movie the second and the third time around..
16. The fist-victory gesture Peter copies off Billy
17. Spike Jonze's cameo
18. The scene where Beane and Peter trade players
19. The ending
20. The scenes where Beane lies on the grass on the playing field, trying to think.
21. "You think losing is fun?"
22. The fact that Pitt looks like Redford here and is one of those few actors who actually age gracefully.
23. The slow motion shots of the ball flying through the air.
24. The scene where Hattie hits the ball and Beane turns around, in shock and disbelief.
25. Brad Pitt's face in the scene where Billy's daughter sings for him
26. The moment where the coach finally listens to Billy and puts Hattie in the game.
27. "There's bottom, then there's 50 feet of crap and then - there is us".
28. The little gestures of victory Billy does whenever something goes right
29. The amount of irony in the last 5 minutes of he film..
30. Last but not least - beautiful cinematography, which makes the movie gorgeous to look at.


      1. I'm trying to get my dad to see the film since he is a sports fan. I think this is a really good movie.

        1. If he is a sports fan, he will love it. I know nothing about sports and I loved it, so I'm sure it must be even better for someone who actually undesrtands the game :)

      2. Thirty great reasons indeed. Moneyball was one of my favorite movies from last year, and it is a must see for baseball fans especially.

      3. I guess why I like the film is that it is a story about someone who believes in something when the rest of the world thinks your nuts. I can relate.