Monday, January 16, 2012

The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards

By s. Monday, January 16, 2012 ,
- I never thought I'll say it but I'm completely furious George Clooney won over Michael Fassbender. On the bright side he spent half of his speech talking about Fassy's penis going as far as to suggest he should play golf with it. Thanks to that all over Internet people are discussing the Fassdong. I'm sure Fassbender can have any woman he wants tonight. Or any other night, for that matter. Clooney, watch out!
- On the related note everyone has commented on Fassbender's physique - Mia Wasikowska said the horse he rode on got erection whenever Fassy sat on it, the reviews went as far as to say it's the wonder of the World. When I finally see "Shame" I'm gonna have a stroke or something.
- First shock - Meryl Streep won best actress over Davis. It was hilarious - she was so surprised I thought she will fell off her chair.
- Michelle Williams gave a lovely speech, but she had a terrible dress. Nevermind that - she is so adorable, she kept talking about her daugther and despite tearing up didn't break down on stage.
- Second shock - Spencer won over Chastain in Supporting Actress category.
- Christopher Plummer won for "Beginners" and is pretty much a lock now. So much for our Alan making it.
- When "The Artist" won for best comedy they brought a dog from a movie - adorable Jack Russel on stage. It was beyond cute.
- Robert Downey Jr presented "The Artist" and said something about love conquering all. I melted.
- Another surprise was Scorsese winning for director. Angelina Jolie handed the award - she had a lovely dress, but she still looks like she didn't eat in months.
- Modern Family won for best TV show comedy and Sofia Vergara was hilarious on stage - and on the red carpet - she kept running around kissing all of her co-stars
- Jessica Lange won for American Horror Story!!!
- Madonna showed up so of course they gave her an award. Lame.
- Ricky Gervais was less insulting than last year - the celebrities were in much better spirit too - especially Colin Firth who shook his hand. Natalie Portman on the other hand, just walk right passed him.
- Man, Kate Winslet gives the most boring and longest speeches. They really need to stop awarding her.
- They had pretty good presenters this year. Well, better than most of the Oscars shows I've seen.
- DiCaprio looked pissed. No wonder, they almost never give him anything.
- The show made it look as if "Bridesmaids" was all about women shitting themselves. It was presented by the lovely Emily Blunt - so good to see her.
- Zooey Deschanel brought her sister Emily with her. Taissa Farmiga was there - I wonder if the second of my favorite sister duos was there, because I haven't seen her sister Vera.
- Clooney kept running around the room, kissing everyone and shaking every one's hand. I'm surprised he sat down for his nominations.
- All in all, pretty interesting ceremony but seriously there was not enough Fassbender, the dresses were in most part horrid and the race seems pretty predictable right now.


  1. You wrote a shorter, much better post then I did! Nice wrap up, I agree with the fury over Fassbender, they hardly even showed him! God, I don't even know how to talk in English, I'm tired, 4 am here! Anyway, good night! Great job!

  2. It's 5:30 AM here and I have to be up for at least 12 hours :) Thank you! I loved your write up, mine is more of a rant ^^

  3. I agree. Madonna sucks. She's an aging hag who has outlived her time. I wouldn't worry if her song gets an Oscar nod because usually, Golden Globe winning songs don't get Oscar nods.

    I liked that joke Clooney gave about Michael Fassbender's... I've seen it. It's definitely impressive.

    That dog rules! Now I want The Artist to win Best Picture because of that dog. Well, I just hope The Tree of Life gets nominated for Best Picture.

  4. Madonna looked aboslutely horrible, it's pretty clear they gave her the award just because she bothered to show up.

    I heard legend about his equipement. Because of Clooney's comments I'm sure the ladies will hit the theatres this week :)

    I haven't seen "The Artist" yet but as I love dogs, I can't wait. Big year for Jack Russels - the one in "Beginners" was adorable as well.

  5. I wanted Ricky to be more outrageous. The Globes were a bit boring this year. Ahh well. Alan Rickman will have his year, I'm sure! And I love Plummer :) I thought it was hilarious when Streep forgot her glasses - all I saw was Clooney trying to ferry them up the stage, hahaha!
    I squeed when the Jack Russel Uggie was on stage. He was CUTE! I just wanted to see more of the dog. Great post!

  6. Great write-up of a seemingly boring awards show.

    Also, I must say how impressed I am with the design/look/layout/coding of your site. Of all the blogspot blogs I read, yours is by far my favorite to look at. Bra.Vo.

  7. i'm totally with you on clooney. so over him. fassbender can act circles around him

  8. Clooney was so meh in The Descendants. Have you seen it? That movie was a big 'meh' for me, though everyone else loves it. I'm so unpopular. But I hope there are more mentions of Fassy's manhood through the awards season...that will keep me going until I can see Shame in a thousand years time. I too will have a stroke or something.

    1. I'm going to see the Descendants tomorrow, although Clooney is the only reason I'm doing so - this is completely not my type of the movie. I'm sure he is good in his role, but he now has 3 Globes while Pitt has I think 0 - his performance in Moneyball was really amazing and it was much more difficult movie to pull something like this off than "The Desdendants" appears to be.

  9. Enjoyed the recap. I hadn't watched the Golden Globes in a few years, but I decided to check it out this year to see Gervais and since the awards seemed wide open. It wasn't that exciting, despite a few of the fun speeches that you mentioned. I didn't have a big problem with Clooney winning. The bigger surprise for me was that The Descendants won Best Drama, but that's what happens when they don't nominate some of the biggest films. I did really like The Descendants, but it didn't seem like a movie that would win Best Picture. Once again, it shows that I know little about how the awards are given out.

  10. The Globes were such a popularity contest this year! Completely with you, wins for Clooney and Streep were undeserved this year. I mean, I liked The Descendants well enough, but can't fathom where people are getting this "American Masterpiece" crap from. FASSBENDER AND SWINTON FTW!

    Dig the blog, just stumbled across it...