Monday, February 27, 2012

84th Academy Awards

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  • The editing award going to "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo" was a huge surprise, even the guys who got it were surprised. I loved their shout out to Rooney Mara.
  • Halfway through the show Hugo had 5 Oscars and the Artist had 2. I nearly had a nervous breakdown
  • Billy Crystal's opening bit was pretty disappointing, but it improved halfway through the show when he did a bit where he guesses what people in the audience are thinking. I love that they included Uggie.
  • Jean Dujardin was sitting in the front row so at least I had someone to look at through the entire evening. On the red carpet when he was doing the interview he kissed the interviewer's hand. She nearly fainted. I would have fainted.
  • RDJ and Gwyneth Paltrow presented best documentary and not even that frigid woman can take the hilarious out of Robert. 
  • Best Screenplay awards went to The Descendants and Midnight in Paris. First one was undeserved, but at least it wasn't Hugo. Second was not a surprise but I hoped for the Artist to win.
  • Angelina Jolie is still skinny as a skeleton
  • Emma Stone was quite embarrassing on stage. Though, most of the presenters were.
  • Octavia Spencer had nervous breakdown on stage when she won. At least she didn't talk about black people everywhere and how the movie is the voice of them, or some other sentimental stuff like that.
  • Spencer got standing ovation. Are you kidding me?
  • I loved Christopher Plummer's speech. Dignified, calm and respectful. I had no idea he is 82 years old, I though he was younger than that.
  • Harry Potter got nothing. Eh...
  • Scorsese drinking game was repeated. When Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne were on the stage somebody shouted "Scorsese" and they took bottles out of their dresses and had a drink. I wish I had booze during watching the ceremony - I'm exhausted. I smoke a cigarette every time Hugo wins and The Artist loses.
  • Michel Hazanavicius won for Best Director and thanked Uggie. Yey!
  • During the presentation for the director actors from their movies talked a bit about them. That included Dujardin and lovely Michael Sheen.
  • Freaking Oprah was there. She got standing ovation. What the hell was happening and why was it happening, I have no idea.
  • They stretched the ceremony any way they could - Crirque the Soleil was there, the choir singing during In Memoriam was there, even previously mentioned Oprah was there. 
  • When Natalie Portman was talking a bit about each of the Oscar nominees for Best Actor I noticed Berenice Bejo was translating to Jean what she was saying.
  • When she read "And the Oscar goes to Jean Dujardin" I started to cry and then I started to laugh - Dujardin's speech was so enthusiastic and joyful it was just a terrific Oscar moment. He started to run around the stage, sending kisses, thanking everyone, oh man I'm crying here, I can't remember last time I cried when someone won an Oscar.
  • Meryl Streep won her 3rd Oscar and I have no idea what she said or did because I was frantically drying my eyes from tears from the previous category. I have a test in 2 hours on my University. I won't write a goddamn thing and it's ok.
  • The Artist won Best Picture, Uggie was on stage - Jean held his Oscar in one hand and the leash the Uggie was on in the other. I love them both so much. 
  • All in all Hugo and The Artist both have 5 Oscars. One I disliked, the other I loved. But Jean and the movie winning make it my all time favorite ceremony that I have watched.


  1. How did you post this so fast? Haha. And I didn't notice that Bejo was translating Portman. That is so lovely!

  2. I was writing the post during commercials :) Yeah, I didn't take my eyes off Jean so I saw everything :D

  3. I thought the whole ceremony was alright. I liked Billy Crystal except for that awful appearance from Justin Bieber. I wish I had a hammer so I can his fucking brains out.

    My final Oscar predictions tally was 14/21 (I didn't count the shorts). I did OK though Hugo and Meryl ruined it for me.

    Don't ever have Michael Bay or Adam Sandler talk about artistry. They're nothing but a bunch of soulless whores.

    Rooney Mara looked amazing. Uggie rules!

    1. Oh yeah what the fuck was Sandler doing there talking on the video? I mean that guy just dominated Razzies the day before.
      I loved the way Rooney looked. Hugo ruined my predictions too :)

  4. HAHA I have no need to try and watch the ceremony now!! :-)

    I was tucked up in bed for the duration. I hate being in UK sometimes!

    Thanks for this matey

    1. I have been up for 24 hours now, but thanks to the adrenaline during last 20 minutes of the show I don't even need coffee :)

  5. Nice post, I wrote mine during commercials, as well!In the end, I am happy Dujardin won, and one of the reasons is because I knew you would be so excited- honestly, I did think of you when he won, because I knew you were a big fan :) and his speech was very nice and I loved the way he started screaming in French at the end!
    Overall, I liked the show, I thought it was fine!

    1. He actually dropped a F-bomb in there :D What I love the most was when he wandered of to the centre of the stage and started jumping around, it was just so random and happy ^^ Yeah, the show felt much less boring the previous ones :)

  6. Glad your man won - he did indeed deserve it, and his speech was frantically wonderful.

    Spencer's standing ovation was because of, well... you know.

    And, I suppose when you elect to nominate people who don't deserve to be nominated, performances like Streep's are bound to be awarded soon enough. Oh well, moving on.

    1. I was a bit surprised she won, I thought the Academy will make her wait a bit longer. Poor Davis, she must have been very disappointed, but if anyone deserved it out of the nominees it was Mara

    2. A Mara win would've been revelatory. Impossible, but revelatory.

  7. I agree on the standing O for Spencer. I was thinking "what the hell?" I was expecting the one for Plummer, because of his long body of work.

    I actually liked Emma Stone's skit quite a bit. At first I wondered why she was acting so silly, but then I realized it was just part of the joke.

    Oprah was there because she won the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. She, along with James Earl Jones and another man whose name escapes me, won the special Oscar awards. They've been moved to a separate ceremony, and the Oscars now just do a short bit on each, then have the audience give them an ovation.

    1. Ah, I never paid much attention to those special awards they give. They changed it so many times during last few years I can't keep track anymore.
      Yeah, it would seem Plummer should get standing ovation considering how he probably worked with most people there in the past.

  8. Like you I was really nervous when Hugo was winning all the awards during the beginning of the show. Once Hazanavicius won for directing, though, I knew that The Artist was going to walk away with it.

    By the way, hope you did well on your test!

    1. Thanks, I will find out tomorrow, luckily it's not from the difficult subject so at least I won't kill myself due to boredom of learning it again :) When Hugo had 2 oscars after 5 mins of the show I was just in the deepest pits of depression :P