Sunday, February 5, 2012

Late thoughts on SAG Awards Ceremony

By Sati. Sunday, February 5, 2012 ,
Jean Dujardin and Natalie Portman
  •  Biggest highlight of the show was Jean Dujardin winning for Best Actor. He was so adorable on stage, he seems not to know English too well, so he read his speech, but it was one of the best speeches of the night. Clooney kept his poker face on but I'm sure he was disappointed. I hope Dujardin wins Oscar, he deserves it!
  • As much as I consider Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer's performances in "The Help" to be good, neither of them deserves all the praise that is given to them. When Davis won people actually gave her standing ovation. Are they kidding? Her performance in "Doubt" was far more deserving. On the plus side Jessica Chastain seems to be such a lovely person - she was genuinely happy when her costars won. But what makes those wins even worse than being undeserved is the speeches these women give, as if "The Help" were the most inspiring movie every made and as if somehow it was the voice of black people. Those speeches are so awful and filled with pathos I couldn't believe my ears. Same thing happened when "The Help" won for ensemble. Also - where is Bryce Dallas Howard? Out of all the women of the film she is one who gave one of the best performances there and she is being hideously under appreciated.
Jessica Chastain applauding Viola Davis
  • Davis calling Streep her idol was as nauseating as the rest of her speech.
  • Honestly if they won't give that Oscar to Mara maybe they should give it to Williams. She is perfectly lovely and graceful and I can't say it about most of the nominees.
  • The stars of "Bridesmaids" did cute drinking game where they took a shot whenever someone said "Scorsese". Steve Buscemi used it when he won. Tina Fey, the woman whom I consider to be quite unfunny of course took advantage of the one joke that was funny and which obviously she did not come up with.
  • When "Modern Family" ensemble won they brought the kids with them on stage. It was great.
  • Maggie Smith was nominated for best performance by actress in miniseries. They showed one of my favorites moments - "No, she is not entitled to have opinions. She will when she's married and her husband tells her what her opinions are!"
  • When Betty White won it was hilarious - she couldn't believe it and it took her few moments to actually stand up as if she was deciding whether or not to accept the award.
  • The funniest moment of the show happened when they showed Owen Wilson when "The Help" won for the best ensemble. He looked shocked - I have no idea whether he thought "Midnight in Paris" would win, but whatever he was thinking - the look on his face was just priceless.
Owen Wilson


  1. Great thoughts here. I too hope Dujardin wins over Clooney, would be a nice turn of events. Obviously I agree with everything you said about The Help and the speeches given by Davis and Spencer. Yuck.

  2. Good Anaylsis. On why Bryce Dallas Howard hasn't been at the awards ceremonies is because she just gave birth to her second child, either in December or January (I can't remember right of the top of my head)