Monday, February 13, 2012

And the BAFTA goes to...

By s. Monday, February 13, 2012 , ,
 - Oh God. Oh my God!!! Jean won! He won! If he loses in two weeks I'm not going to believe it. But if he wins I may just start jumping up in the air and continue to do so until I faint. Fassbender didn't win, but Dujardin winning BAFTA increases his chances to win Oscar and if Clooney wins for "The Descendants" it is going to be awful. Out of all the movies he was nominated for, this performance is the least deserving.
- Dujardin thanked his fellow nominees. The Fass looked pissed but then remembered to smile. Brad Pitt looked genuinely happy. I'm shocked Dujardin won in Britain, I was sure Oldman will win. I'm so happy he didn't. Not for this performance, not now. Jean yet again proven to be completely adorable. But Uggie wasn't there :(
- Stephen Fry is such an awesome host - at the beginning of the ceremony he asked Brad Pitt to blow a kiss for television audience. Then he said his heart just flattered. As later on Penelope Cruz appeared on stage Fry announced her by saying that a leisure activity is named after her name. The camera guy showed Paul Bettany laughing and hiding his face in his hands.
- Christina Hendricks was there to present an award - what a gorgeous woman she is.
- Billy Bob Thorton presented the award for the best contribution in British cinema to John Hurt in a hilarious way - he said that they got a guy who can only see 4 feet in front of him and with IQ lower than 50 to present an award. Then he made a mistake in the word "recipient" and added "I told you so".
- When "The Artist" won for best movie they showed Viola Davis clapping and her husband staring at her in angry way. It was so funny.
- When Meryl Streep won for Best Actress while she was walking up the stairs she lost her shoe. She then staggered to the podium as Colin Firth rushed to retrieve the shoe and put it on her foot. Seriously, first the glasses on Globes, now the shoe on BAFTAS. What will she lose during Oscars? I almost want her to win just to find out.
- "The Artist" cleaned up and won in so many categories - I predict it will get at least 8 Oscars. I just hope year later people won't hate it as they seem to hate "A King's Speech" now, which truly baffles me.
- BAFTA always has such cool montages - the compliation of clips from movies from last year and great presentations for movies nominated for best pciture. They didn't disappoint - I also loved Stephen Fry's introductions for each of the movies.
- Octavia Spencer won for best supporting actress and again talked about history and racism and intolerance...I'm so grateful Davis didn't win so I didn't have to listen to it again.
- "Shame" got nothing on its own turf. Damn it.
- Brad Pitt is so lovely, he seemed like such a nice guy, especially on red carpet where he kept signing autographs and talking to the press. He presented best director to Michel Hazanavicius who thanked him for prounouncing his name correctly.
- 2 more weeks to Oscars. And I still can't decide who is winning Best Actress.


  1. I starting to get on the Artist hate wagon, it's getting on my nerves! Sorry!

    I do agree with you on the Best Actress, it might be between Viola and Meryl, so at least we have one award to look forward to!

    Great write-up!

    1. Thanks!
      It's typical feverish behaviour that happens to people when something gets awards. I suspect in a decade or so it will be healed :) Although it took 14 years or so for some people to acknowledge that Titanic is a good movie.

  2. heheh Great Gif!!

    My wife is a little in love with Dujardin, she fell for him in The Artist and he became a firm favourite in the OSS117 films. He is SOOOOO smooth, and SOOOOO French. I wanna have his accent

    Great post matey

    1. Thanks!
      Oh, I'm not even a little in love= I'm a lost cause, currently trying to watch everything he ever appeared in :)

  3. Shame got some love at the Irish film and TV awards. While not on the level of BAFTA, it is alright with me. As long as we know it is good :)