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15 things I cannot wait to see in the future seasons of Game of Thrones

By s. Tuesday, December 3, 2013 ,
It's been a while since I wrote about Game of Thrones and it feels like I'm dying - no pictures, no teasers, nothing from HBO - so here it goes. There are so many wonderful moments to wait for, not just in upcoming 4th season but in future seasons as well. I normally write only about the upcoming season, but since I spent many hours today reading about Northern Conspiracy (Jesus, I'm such a nerd) I'm gonna list most of my favorite moments I'm looking forward to. I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of great scenes but whatever, hopefully you'll have fun checking this one out.

This includes spoilers so it's only for those of you who either want to be spoiled or read the books.

Reek by Marc Fishman
15. Reek at Winterfell (season 4 + onward )
I'm no fan of Theon Geyjoy and I think he should be punished for his actions. But the punishment that comes to him is so horrible, you cringe when you read those chapters. In the books Theon was absent for quite a while until he was revealed as Reek. It worked better there than it did in the show - unless they plan on not showing him much, which seeing how he is a part of season 4 I don't think they are. Why it worked better? Because last we saw Theon, he was fine. And then suddenly he is grey haired, weak, skinny, mutilated prisoner who is missing his fingers and eats rats.
14. Tyrion and Jorah (season 4 + onward)
After Tyrion needs to flee he ends up on the other side of the World and his path crosses with now banished Jorah. The pairing of these two is great, even though there is quite a lot misery involved.
John Snow is stabbed / Knives in the Dark by Conor Campbell
13. Tywin's funeral (season 5)
It's going to fabulous. Pissed off Cersei, Tywin's body smelling terribly and Jaime cracking up about the fact Tywin appears to be smiling and looks ridiculous.
12.  Oberyn poisoned Tywin theory (season 4 + early season 5)
There are many things in the books I didn't get at first - I noticed them only after I read about them on the fan boards. And there are so many hints and winks that Oberyn, who had great knowledge of poisons, did in fact poison Tywin, assuring that no matter what, the one responsible for Elia's death will end up dead.
Oberyn vs Mountain by Conor Campbell
11. Only Cat (season 4 finale (?))
This is a fantastic scene that will be a great, great moment especially if it's used just before my number 1 on the list. In it, hopeful Lysa Arryn asks Peter if he loves her. He responds that his whole life he only loved one woman. She asks if he means her and he says no. "Only Cat" and he throws Lysa through the Moon Door to her death. Sansa sees the whole thing.
10. The stabbing of Jon Snow (season 5? season 6?)
In a moment that I cannot wait to see and book 5 cliffhanger Jon Snow is stabbed, Ides of March style. by his own men, who have tears in their eyes and say 'For the watch' as they do it.
9. Oberyn Martell vs The Mountain (season 4, episode 8?)
This will be the best trial by combat yet. Between Oberyn repeating "You raped her, you killed her, you murdered her children", the actual fight and Tyrion's reaction to the shocking outcome, this will be insane.
8. Cersei's insanity / Daenerys going mad (theory) (season 4 + onward)
Cersei is going mad, that is evident. With her drinking and paranoia things will keep getting worse and worse and she will reach new levels of cruelty and evil, probably ending up in her trying to use Wildfire in King's Landing much like Aerys did. But there is this theory I'm fond of with Daenerys going insane and becoming the ultimate villain. I always thougth she was touched by Targaryen madness.
Daenerys after flying on Drogon by Robin Chan
7.  Frey Pies / The North Remembers (season 5 + onward)
I'm really hoping none of this gets cut. And by that I mean - Wyman Manderly.  We did see his son during Red Wedding - there was a guy wearing Manderly insignia, unfortunately they didn't really focus on him. His father, Wyman is incredibly entertaining character. He is super fat and people underestimate him, but they really shouldn't., Wyman is clever, very clever in fact. He pretends to be loyal to Freys and Boltons and in reality he is fiercely loyal to the Starks. For Ramsey Bolton's wedding he brings 3 large pies - it is a popular belief that they were made out of 3 missing Freys. He also says my favorite words in books - "The North Remembers". The northerners remember it all. Ned, Lady Catelyn, Red Wedding, the Stark children - crippled, scared, lost. And the North will have its vengeance.
Cerssei's Walk / Atonement by Marc Simonetti
6. Red Wedding 2.0 (theory) (season 7?)
This is all speculation now, but things really do look this way - Lannister girl is marrying a Frey at Riverrun. Brotherhood Without the Banners infiltrated Riverrun. Lady Stoneheart is in their command and Jaime Lannister will probably fall in her trap. What if she uses him to slaughter the Wedding party? That would be quite the scene. Especially since there is a massive wolf pack in Riverlands...
5. Daenerys' flight on Drogon (season 6)
Sure we don't get to see Dany actually fly to Westeros any time soon but we do see her fly on her favorite dragon and that's pretty cool.
Purple Wedding by Conor Campbell
4. Cersei's Walk of Shame (season 6)
After Cersei gets into big trouble she is imprisoned. She wants to get out and she is given a choice - freedom, but only after she is being publicly humiliated. Cersei's whole body and beautiful blonde hair are shaved and she is forced to walk among the people of King's Landing naked and covered in shame.
Lady Stoneheart by Azad Injejikian
3. Purple Wedding (season 4, episode 2)
This is going to be so satisfying. Cersei's cries and Joffrey's coughs.
2. Crossbow and Chain (season 4, finale?)
By far my favorite chapter in the book. Surprising, shocking, entertaining, tense and beautifully played out. Tyrion will have his vengeance and this will probably be Dinklage's best scene yet.
1. Lady Stoneheart reveal (season 4, finale)
There are people out there who hate her. Who don't want her on the show. I certainly hope their fucking terrible taste won't substitute the show runners' - and George R.R. Martin's-  judgement. And why would it? I'm so sure that this year finale I'm going to get my wish. In June I was horrified and baffled when Mhysa, season 3 finale didn't end with Berric Dondarion stumbling upon Catelyn Stark's corpse and giving her the kiss of life. That would be such a powerful image - her opening her eyes - and they already had Berric in this season and there was all this talk about the resurrections. We don't actually 'see' the resurrection in the book so I'm guessing the epilogue of the third novel will be the final scene of the season. I hope so. It's the single best twist and reveal of the whole series. One of the Freys is captured by Brotherhood without Banners. He is charged with participating in Red Wedding. He says they have no witnesses. They do. A woman steps up and lowers her hood. It's Catelyn Stark - with pale skin bloated from water she was for 3 days in. With open wound in her neck. With half of her hair gone, whatever left being grey and brittle. With hateful eyes. The Hangwoman. Mother Merciless. She orders the Frey to hang and she won't stop there.



  1. Wait, Oberyn poisons Tywin? Spoiler: Tyrion does the deed to Tywin how does poisoning come into it?

    1. Why do you think his body was smelling so bad? Unusually bad for a corpse.

      The point is that Tywin would die anyways if Tyrion didn't kill him. He would die because Oberyn poisoned him.

  2. All I'm hoping for are more boobs and weiners.

    1. South Park sure promised that :P

    2. I read only about Daenerys going mad. The actress herself gives you a feeling that the character may not be always stable. With her powerful dragons, going mad will make me put GoT in the horror category. Seriously, it would be frightening to love and worship a character that happens to be the villain.

    3. It would be a very interesting turn of events for sure. I suspected Dany may be heading that way - how cold she was during Golden Crown moment, getting herself in incredibly dangerous situations, her impatience, the cruelty and violence she witnessed...it is bound to break her at some point.

  3. I missed that completely about Tywin...another reason to love Oberyn Martell. And if Lady Stoneheart is cut, my nerd rage will be epic. I want her to get her revenge on all who wronged her family.

    1. I really hope they won't do anything stupid. The epilogue scene is an amazing cliffhanger.

  4. Love this post! I'm basically just looking forward to everything. That's an interesting theory about Dany becoming the villain. I never thought of that, but like you, I tend to pick up things like that on fan boards. I actually cannot wait for Jon Snow to chop of Slynt's head, and for Stannis to give him the approving nod. I found that hilarious in the book.

    1. Thank you! I am so blind to all those hidden things when I read the books. Then I read them on boards and I'm like WOAH.

      That will be a great moment!

  5. Just finished season two!
    Really enjoying it so far, huge step up compared to season one.

    1. Glad you like it! Season 1 is my favorite, though, Catelyn has the most to do there and I like how characters weren't scattered all over the land yet.

  6. I hope the new season lives up to your expectations, Sati! So there was a Red wedding and now there'll be a Purple one? Btw, too bad they didn't hire Richard Armitage or there'll be 16 things to look forward to ;-)

    1. Yep, there was also a Green and Grey one :)

      I'm still hoping they will somehow get him on the show.

    2. I know! Especially since Richard's schedule seems to be wide open as he's only busy doing those Hobbit press stuff. I can't believe there's NO new casting news on him at all, not even for TV! I look at how gorgeous he is in all those press junkets and I just thought, how is this guy NOT busy?? [shrugs] Plus he's already moved to NYC which is much closer to Hollywood now. I sure hope he'd at least get some roles in US cable TV, though my wish is more MOVIE roles for him.

    3. I don't understand it. I really don't. This guy should be getting big roles in super high profile stuff by now.

  7. I have only read half of the first book, but HOLY CRAP, there's so much drama coming up. I really want to start watching the show now...

    1. Oh you need to see the show. It's the best! :)

  8. Great post! The theory about Tywin being poisoned sound very convincing, I haven't noticed it when I was reading the book.
    I just can't wait for Winds of Winter, why is it taking so long? Only season 4 of Game of Thrones will ease this waiting time.

    1. Thank you! it's such a great theory, I loved going back and checking it for myself.

      I cannot believe Martin is writing all those short stories instead of finally finishing the novels