Thursday, December 5, 2013

American Horror Story: 3x07 The Dead / 3x08 The Sacred Taking

By s. Thursday, December 5, 2013
I'm not gonna write much about previous episode, The Dead, as it was weak and boring, to the point that I'm in no rush to rewatch it. Axeman/Fiona romance is a snoozefest so far and the only big development was Queenie jumping sides and bringing LaLaurie to Laveau. We also got awful and cringeworthy scenes from Madison who is now the most annoying person on the show.

She fucked Kyle. Zoe brings her back and that's how she repays her. Zoe, the second most annoying person on the show, doesn't mind so we have a threesome. I really hope Nan is the Supreme and she kills both of them. Instead of doing something useful one is walking around delivering just awful and stupid monologues and the other acts as if her shit didn't smell.
This week we got much better episode - the things are moving kinda slow and there is still bunch of crap I don't care about (Kyle, Luke, Hank) but slowly, very slowly we are coming to what I hope will be a very exciting and surprising conclusion.

We got Misty finding her way into the Academy, at last. Late at night Myrtle, looking hazed and confused, comes over to Misty's cabin saying some guy with shotgun stepped on her face. Clearly, that's not good. The two flee to see the witches at the Academy.
Misty asks Zoe for help and Cordelia touches her hand - she sees Misty burning and then she sees her healing. She offers her help and the protection of the Coven. Then Misty takes them to see Myrtle. Cordelia is very happy to see her as she didn't believe Myrtle was the one who threw the acid on her face.

Myrtle announces to everyone that Misty is the new Supreme given how strong and unique her powers are. Obviously that's a red herring for the audience. Anyways, the group led by Cordelia plans to trick Fiona into committing suicide. Oh my. What can possibly go wrong when the group consisting of crazies, oversexed idiots, blind woman and Nan plans to trick Fiona?
Meanwhile, Fiona is growing weaker because of cancer. We see her telling Cordelia that she is dying to which Delia tells her to die before Thanksgiving so they wouldn't need to try her stuffing. Fiona is breaking and her only joy is her romance with the Axeman. She is still set on killing the new Supreme, though.

The witches are conducting a ritual called Sacred Taking. We see a cool little flashback to Salem times when the ritual was performed. It gives Coven strength by manifesting the new Supreme clearly and it protects the group. But it requires the old Supreme to take her own life.
The group decides to let Fiona believe Madison is the Supreme and that she resurrected herself and Myrtle. First Madison enters and Fiona is given a choice - burn at stake tomorrow, for killing Madison, or take the pills now and die. Madison leaves and Fiona begins packing, as she wants to run away with the Axeman.

Then Myrtle continues the charade, walking in the room and reminding Fiona she can't run - she has to die and the only thing left to decide is how she is going to go. Fiona starts reminiscing about some guy she was with at Woodstock and then tells Myrtle to look after Cordelia.
She takes the pills and falls asleep. Enter deus ex machina, or ghost out of Crazy Tea Party, Spalding. Even though Spalding is a ghost he can apparently interact with whomever the fuck he wants and even pick up things and spoon feed the medicine to people. Wow, there's nothing like free spirits without any ghost rules when you are in desperate need for plot device.

Spalding is outraged that Fiona allowed herself to get tricked like that. He gives her something to puke out the pills she took and she says that she will avenge him and herself. I'm really not sure if she will, considering the later developments.
While the witches are talking and anticipating Fiona's death, she walks in the living room to Cordelia's horror. Meanwhile, Misty manages to flee to the house next door. Ah, yes, the house next door. Where the crazy Catholic lady and her son Luke, whom Nan is infatuated with, live.

We got some really boring and intentionally disturbing - though I was so bored it didn't work - scenes with these two this week. First crazy mama gives her son detergent enema because he is unclean. Then she locks him in the closet. Nan finds him there.
While the mother is calling the cops on Nan, someone shoots her twice and then shoots Luke. The mom is dead, Luke is then taken to the hospital. The shooter? Hank. Now we know Hank was assigned to kill witches. One thought, plausible one, is that he is simply this dumb and shoots a woman twice and a guy in the head because 1. he confused the houses 2. he has really shitty aim.

More disturbing thought, though, is that Luke and his mom are witches. And knowing Murphy Luke may actually be the Supreme, just to shock the audience, except from the look on the boards today most people expect it as possibility now. The only thing worse than Zoe as Supreme would be Luke as Supreme, so let's hope it's not going to happen.
Anyways after Fiona gets there she tell Misty to bring back the mother. Meanwhile Delia finds a silver bullet outside. The mention of silver bullet makes her and Fiona nervous so I'm guessing this is some serious stuff. Apparently it's an attribute of a witch hunter. The two share a moment and Fiona is impressed with her daughter's abilities. You know, in trying to kill her own mother.

In the least interesting storyline ever Zoe wants Kyle to learn to speak and read so she leaves him with some teaching games or whatever. Then he tells her hr loves her, Madison sees that and cries. Cared no one, ever. In voodoo storyline Queenie ripped some dude's heart because Marie is making a dark potion. Zoe and Madison want to talk to her and Queenie tells them that she is the part of the voodoo group now and that New Orleans isn't big enough for both of them.
Then she feeds LaLaurie, now in the cage at Marie's place. Marie yells at her and tells LaLaurie she will punish her. LaLaurie laughs because she cannot die - Marie cuts off her hand. Then she also cuts off her head and sends it in a box to Fiona. Yep, it's a payback for Minotaur's head being sent to Marie. But 1. Why would Marie deprive herself of the joy to torture Delphine daily 2. Why would she think this is a payback since Fiona doesn't care about Delphine?

Anyways, next episode is called The Head and apparently Queenie will do something with it. I don't even wanna guess what this will be. Next episode is also winter cliffhanger and show is going to be on brief hiatus. We are going to find out who threw the acid on Cordelia's face and we will find out more about Hank.



  1. I really liked Madison's monologue and I still prefer her to Zoe. Zoe's just weird. I don't get her character motivations at all.

    I LOVED the head :P

    I have this feeling that this season is going to go nowhere by the time it ends. No one seems to care about servants, people keep coming back from the dead, and who the fuck is the villain anyway? Let's hope I'm wrong.

    1. Well they will have some big developments in last few episodes, so hopefully it ends on the high note :)

  2. I care about Zoe and Kyle!

  3. Well, at least after Fiona threw up the pills and came back, I enjoyed her character for the rest of the episode as she reminded me of Constanse from season 1, a character not to be forgotten.
    And if Hank is smart, then he would shoot some random people next to the witch house so he may give Cordelia a clue that she is in danger, although I doubt that Murphy's characters are that smart.

    1. Oh yeah, you're right! I loved Constance.

      Yep, I doubt that too :P

  4. The mother/daughter bonding at the end sort of warmed my heart! Seriously, those two together and working together could be just the thing to give the coven back the power it needs.

    Poor Evan Peters, he's not had the best to do this season, right?

    1. Unfortunately Murphy said their understanding is temporary :/

      Well, hopefully he is having fun with threesome scenes :)

  5. Ryan Murphy must have mommy issues, b/c the women in this show "be crazy."

  6. I was wondering where Queenie's allegiances lie after American Horror Story , the latest episode has cleared up my confusions.

    1. Yeah I think she is in voodoo clan for good.