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Game of Thrones 4x04 Oathkeeper

By s. Monday, April 28, 2014 ,

Last night's episode of Game of Thrones was quite an event. It was a milestone - for the first time the show has surpassed the books in such a great and significant matter. It was also the first time I was completely in the dark as to what will happen - seeing how we never found out what happens to the babies when the White Walkers take them in the novels, what I experienced last night must be how non book readers feel whenever there is a gigantic plot twist - or something super creepy - unveiled on the show. How are you guys even alive?!

That ending was the scariest scene on the show so far. It was monumental - in terms of world building, creepiness and the execution. I'm not surprised - the episode was written by Bryan Cogman, one of he finest writers the show has and directed by Michelle MacLaren - while she did direct Bear and the Maiden Fair (but how awesome was its final scene, huh?), she also directed terrific Second Sons and many of Breaking Bad episodes. She directed the next episode too.
While I was watching that ending I wasn't thinking anything. I was too scared to think. But when the show was over I had two thoughts - 'What the fuck?!' and the thought that is with me at all times - "Where is Stannis to help us?!"

The episode opened with Missandai teaching Grey Worm how to read. The show is definitely making a point - literacy is important, eunuchs smugglers kids!. Missandai and Shireen would get on. Anyways, Grey Worm is very appreciative of his lessons and asks Missandai a little about her life. It was a nice, sweet moment. Daenerys and Barristan walk in and Dany tells Grey Worm that it's time.
Grey Worm sneaks to the city to talk to the slaves. He convinces them to fight and gives them weapons. In the next scene we see the words Kill the Masters written on the wall. One of the masters notices them and then sees Targaryen banner hanging from the harpy statue. Then slaves emerge and slaughter him.

Next we see Jesus Dany stepping on the collars of the now former slaves that are being thrown under her feet (a wonderful, wonderful shot). Everyone keeps shouting Mhysa, kids run next to her, you get the idea. Then Dany asks her advisers how many slaves were nailed to the posts on their way. Barristan reminds her it was 163. He urges her to have mercy but she says she will answer injustice with justice.
She orders the masters to be crucified. Now, for all of you shouting about the violence on the show - that sequence was incredibly toned down comparing to the books. In the book even Daenerys is repulsed when she witnesses her own orders being carried out. I don't think the point of the scene - that Dany was in the wrong doing that - was telegraphed well, especially considering the only thing she is missing on the show are angel wings.

The whole taking of Meereen was smaller in scale too, but I think these two toned down events can be blamed on time and budget constraints, considering that including the clear disapproval from Barristan, Bryan Cogman really did a lot in the scene at least hinting at what was in the book.
That said I just adored the shot of Daenerys overlooking Meereen. That was epic.

In King's Landing, Jaime is practicing with Bronn again. Bronn tells him how when Tyrion was a prisoner at the Eyrie he wanted Jaime to fight for him as his champion. Bronn and Jaime both agree that Tyrion didn't kill Joffrey. Bronn asks if Jaime is gonna fight for his brother now, but Jaime says nothing.
Jaime finally goes to visit Tyrion. They talk about Cersei and the trial. Tyrion asks Jaime to help him escape but Jaime says it's impossible. The scene was really great - Dinklage and Waldau have great chemistry together and it's definitely not the last time Jaime is going to visit Tyrion this season. The transition to the next scene was Tyrion saying 'Sansa is not a killer. At least not yet'. That is very, very interesting way to go to the next sequence...

On the creepy ship, Sansa and Littlefinger are having a little chat. Littlefinger gives her some of his wisdom (in a disappointingly shortened speech from the book, I'm hoping they will include more of this later this season) and reveals to Sansa that the poison that killed Joffrey was in the gem in the necklace Dontos gave her to wear.
I'm thrilled they finally revealed this because I was getting tired of tiptoeing around it when talking to non book readers. Sansa doesn't understand why Littlefinger did this seeing how he has lucrative alliance with the Lannisters. Litlefinger let's her know that it was a gesture for his new friends. And his new friendship is growing strong.

I really don't mind how strongly the whole intrigue was telegraphed here and in the following scene. Some non book readers have real issues with understanding things like this and distinguishing important from trivial, right from wrong, heroes and villains. And it's often (but not always!) the show's fault, depending on who wrote the episode. Cogman making an effort to make sure the audience understands the situation using the words 'grow strong' and Olenna toying with Margaery's necklace was truly brilliant writing.
Yes, Olenna. Olenna toyed with Sansa's necklace during the feast and then put the gem into Joffrey's chalice. She let's Margaery know she did that, because she didn't want her granddaughter married to a beast like Joffrey. She also tells her that she should start working on Tommen. Grandma Olenna tells Marg that she gave her virtue to her husband before they were married - she wanted him to propose to her and she was so good that indeed he did. She also tells Margaery she is even better than Olenna ever was.

Olenna also says she is leaving and I hope that's not the case. Diana Rigg is so wonderful in the role and I don't think it makes sense for her to leave Margaery alone with the Lannisters, considering how fucking useless Loras is. His biggest contribution this season was eyefucking Oberyn during the feast.
At the Wall, Jon is training new recruits. The boy whose parents got cannibalized by Thenns is there as is (ovation...drums!) my favorite - Locke. As you recall Locke is there to get information from Snow about his brothers' whereabouts, on Roose Bolton's orders. I was hoping Locke will be his usual witty, vicious, potty mouth self but his plan is apparently to befriend Jon. Jon, a naive sweet baby he is, falls right into the trap - apparently all you need to do to be his new friend is fight well and call Thorne a cunt. I'm shocked the time and space continuum didn't tear when these two shook hands.

In the meantime, Thorne and Slynt are talking. Slynt, who still wants nothing more than see Snow dead senses that's Thorne's dream too, seeing how the time for the election of new Lord Commander is approaching and unlike Thorne, Snow is very well liked. So why not send him to Craster's Keep to avenge Mormont and hopefully let him lose his life in the process?
Meanwhile in King's Landing, bitter, looking like shit Cersei is drinking. Jaime comes in and they talk a little. Cersei mentions nothing about that 'rape' scene many of you couldn't shut up about last week. She asks Jaime why Catelyn Stark released him. He tells her he swore he will return her daughters. Cersei isn't pleased with the news and Jaime asks 'shall I tell her to fuck off instead?'. Everyone loves Jaime again? Good.

Cersei tells him that Tyrion would kill all of them if he could. She also asks Jaime what he would do if she sent him after Sansa to bring her Sansa's head. She tells him she wants Tommen guarded by four of the Kingsguard. Cersei's paranoia is growing. Growing strong, indeed.
Apparently these four guards are no match for Margaery who sneaks into King's room to speak to Tommen. As ridiculous as that was - Margaery is smarter than that, the repercussions of her being caught would be very detrimental and Tyrells are not reckless - the scene played out quite lovely.

To the joy of book readers, including this one, we got to see Ser Pounce, Tommen's cat. In the book it is Margaery who gives him the cats, one of them being Ser Pounce. I don't mind that change as I think Margaery still won more of Tommen's favor petting that cat than Cersei's whole life of being a mother did.
Margaery mentions that when they marry she will be his forever (why the fuck does everyone talk to this kid about sex? Leave him alone!). She is however acting ladylike, as much as the circumstances, or as I mentioned, ridiculous predicament she got herself into permit, and kisses Tommen's forehead. She asks if she can visit again and he agrees. It's quite clear the girl's playfulness and lively nature worked and Tommen likes her already.

In the next scene, Jaime and Brienne talk about Sansa. Jaime gives Brienne his sword, reforged from Ned Stark's sword in the premiere episode. He tells Brienne to find Sansa, keep her safe and defend Ned Stark's daughter with his own sword. Jaime also gives astounded Brienne a beautiful armor. Brienne gives her word she'll find Sansa. For lady Catelyn. And for him. Fuck you, I'm not crying.
In transition so funny and brilliant it was even better than statue/Joffrey scene from the premiere, Jaime tells Brienne he has another gift for her and we cut to sweet, innocent Podrick. Jaime wants him to go with Brienne because Tyrion knows Pod is not safe in the capital. Pod calls Brienne 'ser' but quickly corrects his mistake.

Brienne doesn't wan a squire but Jaime tells her she needs to keep Pod safe, correctly assessing how a noble girl like Brienne wouldn't refuse protecting someone. He tells Brienne that the best swords have names and perhaps she should name the sword he gave her. She says - Oathkeeper. All right. I am crying.
Jaime, clearly moved, says goodbye to Brienne and her and Pod start riding away. Brienne looks at Jaime one more time as she rides and Jaime is looking at her as well. Can someone give me a tissue?

Back at the Wall, Jon and Sam are talking and it is revealed to us that Jon knows about Bran being alive - Sam told him that when Jon was recovering from the wounds he sustained when Ygritte shot him. Now, that is a big piece of information about which book readers are freaking out about - there is something that happens later and Jon knowing this takes a bit of the impact, for those who are panicking. I'm not panicking because what Jon does, no matter what he knows, is in perfect agreement with who he is.
Jon is trying to figure out where Bran could have gone and he thinks it may be Craster's Keep. Locke overhears that part of conversation. In the next scene Thorne tells Jon he may go to Craster's to punish mutineers but he will not command any men to go with him and he can only have volunteers. Jon gives quite a speech and in a truly wonderful scene his brothers stand one after another to go with him and bring justice for Commander Mormont. Locke joins their party too.

Meanwhile at Craster's we are forced to listen to psychotic ramblings of Karl (played by the geeky scientist from Pacific Rim, Burn Gornam), a leader of the renegade watchers. We also see incredibly toned down sequence that didn't even merit 'sexual violence' from HBO schedule with the mutineers raping Craster's wives. Yet many critics continue to whine about 'gratuitous violence against women on the show'. Fuck off and watch Teletubbies. If you don't have the stomach to watch the show - don't watch it and definitely don't offer your misguided opinion about it. Rapists take over a cabin with women in it. Did you grow up surrounded by little ponies and hopping cute rabbits that you think there won't be violence and rape?
As for the show depicting it - how else can they make the audience realize why Snow is leaving the Wall, soon to be under the attack of 100,000 wildings to deal with that situation? It's not just about justice (Mormont's skull is now used as a cup by Karl) - it's also to end what is happening there. It's to show us that most of the Watchers indeed are the filth of this realm - rapists and murderers. We heard of the Watch having people like that in their ranks for years and now it's the first time we are seeing evidence of that. I'm so sick and tired of hysterics about the violence. And what kind of a fucking person is more disturbed by 3 seconds of rape than the ending?! Yes sexual violence is real and White Walkers are not, but if 3 seconds of this makes you more disturbed than seeing several minutes of child in peril there is something seriously wrong with you.

Anyways, one of the women brings in a baby - Craster's last son. The women start chanting 'a gift for the Gods' with deranged looks on their faces. Karl asks what the hell is happening and a woman explains Craster sacrificed his sons to the Others. Karl sends Rast to do that and Rast leaves the child in the woods.
Rast is going back to the cabin and we see - and I gasped - that the mutineers captured Ghost, Jon Snow's wolf and they keep him in a cage.

Bran, Meera, Jojen and Hodor are nearby. They hear the baby crying and Bran, in a true Stark fashion, does something asinine. He warges Summer and right before she reaches Ghost, she falls into a trap. I find it slightly hysterical how we are getting all those warging scenes yet I'm 95% sure the one warging scene most book readers want to see this year (involving Nymeria, Arya's wolf) won't be on the show.
They go to rescue Summer and are - obviously - captured by mutineers. Here's another thing that was way more disturbing than your imagined gratuitous portrayal of sexual violence - seeing poor Hodor being mocked and beaten up. That was some tough shit to watch.

Karl is questioning Bran and instantly guesses that Bran is highborn. Bran doesn't want to tell him anything. Jojen suddenly gets one of his seizures and in spite of her begging, Meera is not allowed to help him. Bran tells them who he is so that Meera could help her brother. Bran is there. Ghost is there. And Jon Snow is arriving to Craster's next episode...
Now to that ending. I need to give you all a bit of a background here, so that non book readers could appreciate the significance of what was shown in that scene and the collective WTF shouts from us book readers that broke every single fanboard right after the episode ended.

In the third book, Bran tells the story of Night's King to Hodor, Jojen and Meera. The Night’s King was the 13th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch (and Mormont was the 997th one, so that tale is very, very old). The Night’s King was a respected leader until he fell in love with a woman with skin as white as the moon and eyes like blue stars whose skin was cold as ice. He made her his bride and took control of the Nightfort. He declared himself a king and her his queen. He was cruel and did terrible things, spreading terror throughout the North for 13 years and sacrificing people to The Others. It took the combined forces of the King of the North and the King Beyond the Wall to defeat him. His name was wiped from history, with only legends of his atrocities still remaining. (you should check out gorgeous Histories & Lore from DVD bonus features, this one mentions the Night King's and is narrated by Rose Leslie)
In the episode's shocking ending, we witness a Walker riding a dead horse, with Craster's baby in his arms. The walker rides on ice and snow, clearly going farther North than we see saw far, both in books and in the show. He approaches something looking like mini ice Stonehedge and leaves the child in the middle.

As the baby keeps crying we see 13 figures. One is moving towards the child and picks it up. Scary looking Walker with horns coming out of his head (perhaps a crown of sorts) touches the child, presses the nail against its cheek and the baby's eyes turn blue, just like the Walker's.
In the books the only thing we know is that the Walkers take the babies that Craster left for them (we saw Jon witnessing that in season 2). That's it. For the show to not only give us the answer as to what is done to them - they are being turned into Walkers - but also venture so far beyond the Wall and show us the ritual of sorts as well as that main Walker...that's jut so fucking cool. Miraculously we've got people who are even more annoying than 'so much rape' crowd - people who whine that now the show is spoiling the books. I can't even find the words to comment on that stupidity.

The things got even better as apparently that creepy Walker was listed as 'Night's King' in cast list. While some say Night's King was destroyed all that time ago, some wonder if he wasn't. Is the Walker we saw just some new king of the Others? Or is it the very same King? Is it The Great Other Melisandre always keeps going on and on about? Death and ice and darkness...Perhaps there was a reason for 13 Walkers being present, making us think of that 13th commander, those 13 years...
Either way that was one chilling ending. It was surreal and beautifully shot. The effects were incredible too - kudos to that baby, he didn't look that scared and yet the actor in that scary make up was holding him. When they showed the main Walker's face I nearly shat myself. And that's just one of the several impressive make up/CGI creatures we will see this season.

That ending also hit me hard and surprised me this much because with the amount of insane plot twists (several of which to take place in finale episode, one by one, until your head starts spinning) it didn't even cross my mind these sneaky sons of bitches will write an entirely new one mid-season. I bow to you, good people.

The episode was very good, even with that disappointing beginning. I like however that with all the Princess Di Daenerys rescuing people shit the focus is being taken away from her - Jon shined again this week and he is a proper hero. The presence of Locke in his storyline makes things even more interesting. The Wall scenes were my favorite this week. Apart from the scene with Jon and Sam. There's something abut Sam that just bores me so much. Just seeing him in the frame accomplishes that.

Oberyn wasn't present in this episode. As much as I enjoy him, shockingly I didn't even notice he was gone until I rewatched the ep. I sure as hell noticed Stannis wasn't on my screen, though - as I was not breathing heavily and staring at my screen lovingly at any point during this episode. And he is not in the promo for next week's ep. Why are you doing this to me HBO?
In the next episode First of His Name a new King is crowned, Daenerys plans an invasion on King's Landing, Jon Snow reaches Craster's Keep and kooky aunt Lysa (splendid Kate Dickie) makes her return. I did mention the buzz about the disgusting scene last week that I thought would be in episode 4, but apparently it's gonna be in this one. As funny as it would be if that turned out to be Lysa/Littlefinger sex scene, my vote is still for Craster's raid.



  1. That episode was truly intense.

    I actually loved that the show gave us a TWOW spoiler, we're waiting for this book far too long (or at least I just hope it's a book spoiler but I think we can assume it is giving that D&D have GRRM on speed dial). I understand that show doesn't have to follow exactly the plotlines just as they were in the books but I just really, really hope this is not going turn into another True Blood disaster.

    I am missing one quite crucial thing in the North storyline at this moment - it's Coldhands, I keep wondering about his appearance, it's kind of now or never in my opinion.

    This episode was filled with such epic scenes like the shots of Dany on Meereen walls with Targaryen banner hanging above her or the freaking ending scene! And there is still so much to come. :D

    1. Oh yeah definitely, I don't think they would show a scene like that without Martin being somehow involved in the writing process. I don't think it's possible for GoT to reach the bottomless pit of shit TB is in :)

      Coldhands won't be on the show :/ The actor who played Sam spilled the beans few weeks back.

      I'm having heart palpitations thinking of episodes 8-10 :)

    2. Oh no! Coldhands new just broke my heart... ;/ but I'm glad it's clear now.

      And I forgot to mention one more thing who is this guy who plays Jon Snow and what have he done with Kit Harrington we used to know?

    3. Yeah I was kinda hoping he'll be on the show, however with Jon dealing with the mutineers it makes for thrilling TV, I think. He has connection to Bran and he is a Watcher so it's much more personal.

      Kit so goddamn good this season!

  2. Jesus-Dany. LOL

    I always bitch about rape, but it's just because I'm a wuss. I expect it in a show like this. I thought the shocking scene WAS the rape of Craster's wives/daughters. Now I wonder what it will be? Hopefully Ghost ripping someone's throat out, then pissing on it. Or Hodor thwacking someone with his giant dong. Littlefinger/Lysa sex scene would be hilarious though.

    I kind of had to laugh at the tease of Dany's plans to raid KL. Like that's happening any time soon.

    I'm a little nervous about The Vale story now, I think we're going to get 'Only Cat' a lot earlier than I expected. I was hoping that was a finale moment. I suppose they could still stretch The Vale story a bit.

    That transition to Pod was brilliant. I wonder if we'll get more Pod: Sex God on the road. Like, Brienne overhears him at the Inn pleasuring all the ladies.

    1. I think it's Ghost killing someone. But the scene is said to be disturbing - Ghost killing the bad guys is not disturbing, so I'm still not sure. Littlefinger Lysa scene are gonna be hilarious. So much crazy at the Eyrie :)

      Jorah is like 'girl said whaaat?' in that promo ^^

      I think it's still in finale, it would be a missed opportunity not to have it as penultimate moment this season.

      That would be so funny! I cannot wait to see the two of them on the road. They made Pod so sweet on the show it will make the final moment of the season, if they involved in it, a real intense scene.

  3. Awesome review as always. If only I could send what you have to say to everyone complaining (but really, I have the feeling that people are watching stuff just to complain that is not perfect enough for them).
    I rewatched the final scene like 4 times already and I also counted 13 shadows. But the rest 12 seemed like they were just as superior as the thing that turned the baby into a white walker. What do you think?
    And I couldn't stop laughing when Tomen said that Joffrey would skin his cat and put pieces of it (or something like that) into his breakfast so he wouldn't know he was eating it. Ahh, even dead, he is still exciting (hell, he was the most unpredictable character of them all along with Littlefinger). And I should really cut down on sugar as I forecast 1 thing concerning Tywin, Tyrion as one of them loves whores and the other one wants them hanging dead. Whatever happens, I will be wathing.

    1. Thank you! I think people these days just love being outraged and claim things aren't politically correct. It's a fantasy series based on medieval times. To apply modern standards to it is silly.

      I'm honestly so confused about that ending. I think perhaps they are all commanders or something? And only they can turn the babies?

      That line about Joff was a good addition. I also really liked Tommen being freaked out by that boar with an arrow in it.

      Tyrion/Tywin thing will be interesting this season, to say the least :)

  4. I laughed heartily at your line: "They hear the baby crying and Bran, in a true Stark fashion, does something asinine." So true... anytime they do something noble it's completely idiotic, but I suppose that's the way of the Starks. I am really enjoying this invented Craster's storyline. It's like the writers were thinking "we have to come up with a way for people to care about the North storylines... and delay the Wildlings attack".

    I was dying inside at the Brienne/Jaime scenes. They really are one of the pairings I care about the most... and mostly just out of the respect & friendship. Though, couldn't he just give her a little goodbye kiss or something at least?

    Last thing - I am surprised that the Jorah thing before they invade Mireen is being avoided for now. I guess it makes a difference since we've known it's Barriston the whole time, but do you think they are still going to bring that up?

    1. I think that's exactly what they were thinking :) I'm loving this, builds up Jon as a proper, noble hero before the battle. And Locke/Jon thing is so brilliant.

      That was such an emotional scene. Even with Bronn and Pod adding so much humor to it I still teared up. Beautiful acting there too.

      I kinda think that will be closer to the end of the season. They are most definitely doing that, though, I saw a glimpse of a scene with Jorah standing in front of Dany and it sure looked like that moment.

  5. OMG Littlefinger-Lysa sex scene- I think I just vomited a little in my mouth.

    The ending was obviously v. cool although to me, the White Walkers are among the least interesting things in the show. Them and Bran and Sam.

    I was so worried for Hodor. Is it weird that I won't mind half of Westeros dying as long as nothing happens to Hodor and Bronn and now Pod? They are totes among my favs.

    Speaking of, aww Brienne and Jaime. I wish they had kissed :/

    1. I don't think that's happening on the show, but maybe Sansa hears her aunt's ecstatic screams or something, that was hilarious in the book.

      I'm pretty sure Hodor is indestructible :) Not even Martin would harm him.

  6. Every time I saw Locke, I kept saying, "Jon, you and them curls are in danger, girl. RUN!" The guy that plays Locke is so good. I have a feeling that Jon and Bran won't run into each other, as I think it would not make sense for Jon to let him go further north-I really think Jon would push hard for Bran to go with him. Locke being with Jon also convinces me that Jon and Bran will not run into each other.
    I am sad there will be no Coldhands on the show :( Dany's storyline bores me in the show as it does in the books. I liked the scene with Jaime and Tyrion in the cell, Dinklage is having a good season (even if the accent still drives me nuts). I am glad the show is addressing the White Walkers more than the books have done. Now, let's see where they go with it.
    But the most shocking scenes to me were TWO DIREWOLVES having significant screen time since season 1. I actually had my husband put the TV on pause so I could register my shock. I highly doubt we get the Nymeria scene either.

    1. Noah Taylor is awesome. They replaced lame Vargo Hoat from book with him, such a great decision. I think just like last season they will be at the same place and miss each other by few steps. Perhaps Jon will warg Ghost? That would be cool. There must be a reason for Ghost being there.

      I'm really loving Tyrion scenes, can't wait for his trial. That will be a dynamite of a sequence.

      I'm so glad they are finally showing direwolves and warging. Very cool of them, seeing how season 3 was practically completely lacking them.

    2. I hope the show impresses upon the fact that the other Stark kids can warg. They hinted at it with Arya in season 1. It's been hinted about Robb in seasons 2 and 3 (especially with some of the mannerisms Madden used). Why Jon's warging ability is in deep cover in the show, I have no idea. I have a feeling though, the show will have it be limited to Bran. I love the direwolves...even moreso than the dragons.

    3. I think they'll limit it to Bran too, especially if Martin told them that warging only matters when it comes to Bran. I love them too! I'm glad they are finally being featured and I really hope Ghost and Jon are reunited soon.

  7. Aww, loved Jamie and Brienne's farewell. Can't wait to see what adventures the new duo of Pod and Brienne get up to, with so much going on right now I don't know how much we'll be seeing of them the rest of this season.

    I'm also liking changes from the book this episode involving Bran at Craster's Keep. Even if Bran and Jon might not reunite, I hope Summer and Ghost cross paths. Poor Hodor!

    1. I'm sure they will be in at least two more scenes this season :)

      I'm so worried for the wolves and Hodor. And the Reeds! Bran is boring but Reeds are cool.

  8. Oy, that baby pic is terrifying! Well, I wish I could add to the discussion here but as you know I can't. I do enjoy your GoT score every time I visit though, it's such a beautiful yet haunting soundtrack, glad you have 'em up here, Sati!

    1. Even I was scared and I'm rarely scared :) I figured the tracks would go with GoT header nicely, Ramin Djawadi's work on the show is just so wonderful.

    2. Oh right I forgot it's Ramin Djawadi! Well I LOVE his work in Pacific Rim, boy that's sooo different from GoT but both are excellent, I wonder what else he's worked on, I'm definitely a fan now :D

    3. He is so versatile - each family in GoT has different theme and they are all so poignant and memorable. Really excellent work, each year before the finale they release new soundtrack for recent season and his work this year is already very impressive.

  9. It's awesome you now get to feel how us non-book readers do for once! Ha!

    Really good episode. Loving the stuff with Jon and really not fussed about Dany, which was the opposite last season! It feels like they're dragging Dany's stuff out, it all feels very similar. Also loved the scene with Jaime and Brienne, the way she did the whole chin wobble thing when she was about to cry was great!

    1. I don't like the feeling, it feels like it can kill me :) Watching the show is already so much excitement as it is :)

      Yep, I kept warning people last year s3 is peak for Dany for a while. Jaime and Brienne scenes were really incredibly moving :(

  10. Admittedly, I'm starting to find Dany a bit tiresome (or at least her storyline). Jamie and Brienne's farewell was my favorite part. Thanks for giving a blow by blow account. I couldn't watch the last scene, which apparently was the best scene. I couldn't watch a baby in distress. It reminds me too much of my own baby.

    1. It was so distressing. I can barely take it when it comes to child or an animal in peril in movies/TV.

  11. Oh my gaaaad, amazing recap Sati! And beautiful picture choices. I don't think I've mentioned this before but I love your summary image at the end of these recaps. If Nymeria doesn't pop up in the show at some point I will be so sad. Then again there were two direwolves in the same place this episode so maybe that's the quota for the whole season. Also I'm glad I wasn't the only person shedding a tear during Brienne's goodbye!

    1. Thank you! I figured these recaps need summaries, I think I'll use them for round-up after the season is over.

      I hope she shows up in future seasons but I won't miss her big ASOS moment, as it would take the surprise from epilogue scene.

      I pretty much sob whenever Jaime and Brienne are in one scene :)

  12. Sati such a good review. Forgive me for not posting my comments I've issues with signing in on BlogSpot, a few times I wrote up big responses and they didn't take. :( This time around I am copying it and making sure I save it. Thank you for all the background that is in the books... girl you got my back... I really like reading that info. The walker scene was so creepy, but good. Loved your comment that Dany looked like Jesus, so true! Are they doing that on purpose, I wonder? Diana Rigg was so damn good, even though she doesn't always have a lot of lines she conveys so much emotion. I agree with you on Brienne and Jamie... aww the way they talk to each other is so sweet. :) Since the show hasn't given us a lot of info on Stannis, I personally don't feel as attached to him, but I have seen you mention him on your blog, so it makes me wonder what is coming up with him. Why are you a Stannis fan? Do tell!

    1. Thank you! It's actually happening for blogger folk like me over at wordpress :) I always copy the comment before sending it, just in case :)

      They are definitely doing that on purpose with Dany - the showrunners love her so much and she is basically a poster girl for the show. With her and Tyrion they are're conveniently omitting all their flaws that were mentioned in the books.

      It's the opposite with Stannis - the showrunners don't understand his character. I always liked his scenes because of Stephen Dillane whom I adore, but as for character I only started to really enjoy him around the end of book 3 and beyond. I can't really go into detail but I can say that he does a lot of good in the future and has big respect for the Starks.

  13. As usual, a great recap. I am curious about the White Walkers and glad we are seeing them early on in the season. In some seasons it has seemed that they were more of an afterthought, so it's nice to see them here. Can't wait for more!

    1. Thank you! In the books they are kind of this everpresent threat - we know they are lurking somewhere, ready to hit, but Martin doesn't write about them a lot - they are very mysterious. I'm glad the show is reminding the audience once a while they are out there.

  14. I've been reading your blog for a while and I absolutely adore your bi-weekly GOT posts! I've gotten into the habit of watching an episode and then referring to your post. I found Oathkeeper to be a particularly strong episode. It's been a while seen we've seen a White Walker and I hope it doesn't stop here. Man those graphics had me. A very epic episode indeed. Also, I am rather envious of your blog as a whole, the aesthetic is just so original and you're a damn good writer Sati.

    1. Thank you so much! This is very kind of you, the design of the blog takes a lot of time since I make most of images myself but it's worth it :)

  15. "People who whine that now the show is spoiling the books."

    Ha, why am I not surprised about this? It seems everyone has to complain about something or other about every episode. I think it's great that the show is starting to deviate more -- it keeps things new and exciting for everyone, not just non-book readers.

    Also, I'm going to have to rewatch the Purple Wedding. I totally missed Olenna toying with Sansa's necklace. Very sneaky.

    Fun recap as always, Sati!

    1. Also it gives the book readers something to do while Martin takes his sweet time finishing the books :)

      Thank you!

  16. I've finally watched the episodes and loved them. I realized Michelle MacLaren was directing them, she's done a really good job in these two. The gif you've done for the entry is perfect. That shot of Daenerys at the top of Meereen was amazingly beautiful. Though “Jesus Dany”, me not liking that much. I’m a bit tired of her "sanctification".

    Great capture of the necklace moment, I loved how revealing it was. My favorite moments of the episode were Jaime vs. Tyrion - so funny when he said that they could be the kingslayer brothers -, Jaime and Brienne's goodbye, during which I also needed a tissue, and the Wall parts. Snow keeps getting better, and I loved the ending. I also saw the mini ice Stonehedge, so cool. And maybe it's just because of my recent obsession with Tom Hiddleston, that made me rewatched Thor last week, but the way the baby gets frozen being touched by the "Walker King" reminded me of Loki and the frost giants.

    Great recap as always, and applause for this: "Fuck off and watch Teletubbies." Well said.

    1. Yeah they are really whitewashing her so bad...I mean she crucified all those men and except for slight disapproval from Barristan they didn't even indicate how wrong it was. Meanwhile when Stannis does something wrong, they are doing the best in getting the non book readers to dislike him.

      Haha yeah I thought of that too!

      I hate all that outrage about violence - it's based on medieval times, for God's sakes.

  17. Nice site you have here and great idea to loop the soundtrack. I run a GOT related blog if any are interested