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Game of Thrones 4x05 First of His Name

By s. Monday, May 5, 2014 ,

Mid-season, Game of Thrones has thrown a very interesting episode our way - First of his Name. Last year, at this point we got terrific Kissed by Fire - it looks like this year a truly strong episode will arrive next week. But First of His Name, while containing some truly worrying decisions from the showrunnes also brought with it a whole lot of clever hints, awesome action and tons of crazy from Lysa Arryn.

Before I get to the content of the ep, how freaking lazy are the opening credits this year? Dreadfort is there all the time, and where was Eyrie? I'm disappointed with the lack of work they put in there this year.

The episode opens with the coronation of Tommen. Margaery is there, smiling like an idiot at her future husband, until Cersei appears in front of the Throne to block her view.
Then a completely puzzling and confusing scene happens with Cersei actually 1. telling Margaery things Joffey did shocked her 2. asking Margaery if she wants to be the Queen 3. telling her she will need help with Tommen. What the fuck was that?

I'm not sure if the writers wanted to make this scene (and the scene with Oberyn) play like a trick with Cersei being nice because Margaery's father is one of Tyrion's judges and Oberyn is another - if they did, they failed to telegraph it in any way. We had hysterical feminists yelling about the portrayal of Cersei in past 2 eps- the real issue is showing Cersei as a victim in any way and trying to elicit sympathy from the audience - this is most evident in this recent episode.
The show has done a lot of harm to this character. Cersei, pure evil in the books, is constantly whitewashed on the show. While I did appreciate it in the past, they are really ruining the character - one of the show's worst villains is constantly being portrayed as hopeless pawn, victim of tragedy and caring and loving mother. One scene like that a season would be sufficient. 3 scenes like that in one episode? Do writers realize there are, no doubt, people out there actually thinking Cersei is a better person than Stannis thanks to the way they wrote the show? This is catastrofuck and a huge failure on writers' part.

Cersei would have never said those things to Margaery. No matter what. Cersei does not want Margaery anywhere near her son - Tommen is a sweet boy, so she doesn't really need help. It's not in her interest to have Margaery anywhere near him, nor does she need any help with the trial - everyone thinks Tyrion is guilty. That whole scene, as gorgeously framed as it was, was retarded. Unless there is some pay off to her scenes in next ep, I sincerely hope they'll have Cersei on the right track soon.
And what is up with Marge? Calling Cersei 'sister'? Margaery was never cocky. This is even more glaring than Cersei's misrepresentation. Natalie Dormer's lazy and uninspired work (she plays the part as if she was in The Tudors again) this season isn't helping anything.

Across the Narrow Sea, Dany finally changed her dress and she is having her council meeting. Turns out Daario stole some ships, Dany looks like she is about to climax, possible invasion on King's Landing is discussed etc. After all of that Dany asks everyone to leave but Jorah. Jorah informs her that the cities she took and abolished slavery in, have now returned to their past ways. Daenerys decides to stay in Meereen and learn how to rule.
I was glad that was all we saw of her this week. While the time that was saved was used on spectacularly fucking up Cersei's character at least we didn't witness the writers trying to make Dany's current storyline interesting - it cannot be done. We got a cute moment when Jorah smiled. No Stannis this week - I take what I can get.

Littlefinger and Sansa arrive to the Vale and are at the gates of the Eyrie, my favorite castle in the series. Littlefinger introduces Sansa as Alayne, his niece to the guards. That was a nice little nod to book readers - in the books Sansa pretends to be Alayne Stone, Littlefinger's bastard daughter. She dyes her hair dark to disguise her auburn hair, something that could easily unmask her as Sansa - her hair are exactly like her mother's and her features are very much like those of house Tully.
The two walk into the great hall of Eyrie - dearly missed by the audiences aunt Lysa and her son Robin are there, sitting on the Weirwood throne. I'm so glad there was no breastfeeding this time.

Robin runs to Petyr, calls him his uncle and hugs him. Petyr gives him a toy. Aunt Lysa then comes over to Sansa, telling her she knows who she is - she embraces her and Sansa is clearly happy she's finally with her family. Sophie Turner's acting have been improving season to season and she is absolutely lovely this year. She looked incredibly beautiful in this episode as well.
Lysa and Sansa talk briefly - Lysa tells her that they must keep Sansa's identity a secret, considering how the Lannisters are looking for her. Lysa calls Tyrion a 'troll' and expresses her disgust that Sansa was forced to marry him.

Robin mentions how he almost made him fly and throws the toy Littlefinger gave him through the Moon Door. The fact that at that moment the camera cut to worried looking Sansa was a brilliant touch.
Robin takes Sansa to her room and what proceeds was both funny and disappointing. Lysa talks to Petyr and an atomic bomb is dropped on non book readers - only they probably didn't recognize the impact of what Lysa was saying. Lysa reveals to the audience (while a new, terrific track from Ramin Djawadi plays in the background) that Littlefinger gave her the poison and she poisoned Jon Arryn. She also wrote everything Littlefinger wanted her to write in her letter to Cat.

The poisoning of Jon Arryn started an avalanche of events which led to bloodshed, war, tragedy. Lysa and Littlefinger were behind all of it. That reveal, I felt, sadly lacked the impact it had in the books - in the book it is connected to the absolutely phenomenal moment we'll see in finale and as much as I understand it's logistically better to have it now than in packed finale the lack of the regard for the show's first season - with avoiding giving the answer to identity of the person behind Bran's assassination attempt and by not giving the proper build up to Lysa's words now - is quite shocking.
Anyways, the scene was still good and we found out a lot from it - we know that Littlefinger already slept with Lysa, years ago. We see how hot she is for him - I shouldn't judge, but seriously? - we also see through Aidan Gillen's hilarious expressions that Littlefinger absolutely doesn't return Lysa's feelings.

Later we get a hilarious moment with Lysa yelling like crazy during her wedding night and we see Sansa with annoyed look on her face, lying in her bed, unable to sleep because of the noise.
Next we get another scene with Cersei this week - in it she talks about the impending marriages to Tywin - turns out that Margaery and Tommen will marry soon and then Cersei will marry Loras. This is all gonna be interesting to see on the show, seeing how they will choose to show both of these story arcs.

Iron Bank of Braavos is mentioned again. I think at that point the only stronger way they could indicate to the audience that this is important is if they wrote the words Iron Bank of Braavos on the hammer and send an intern to every fan's house to personally beat them with it. I'm not really complaining though, it's good when things are hyped when the pay off is grand, however what we should be constantly reminded of is what a fucking disaster wildings successfully breaching the wall would be.
Anyways, we got another thing that was not in the books this week - turns out the Lannisters are broke. Wait, what? I understand they are only throwing more shit at Lannisters because after 3 seasons of reign they finally start to fail, hard, but this makes very little sense, especially for future story lines.

Anyways, the Bank is further discussed and here's the thing - everyone keep saying how important paying the Bank is, can't they make it clear why it's important? Also by making Lannisters broke they will turn Cersei's actions into 'I can't pay, I'm broke' instead of  'I can't pay because fuck you' later on. More whitewashing. And for what?
We then get a scene of Arya reciting her kill list, when poor Hound just wants to sleep. She includes Beric and Thoros on her list. I cheered. Book readers know why. Non book readers - well, you should cheer too because for all of us it indicates (among other things) that Arya thinks of Gendry.

Then we get another scene at the Eyrie with aunt Lysa bringing Sansa lemon cakes. Holy hell the things that happened later were crazy. Lysa goes all batshit on Sansa suspecting her that Littlefinger loves her just like he loved Cat (funny thing is that as crazy as Lysa is, she is spot on here) though when I say "love" I mean "obsess over".
Sansa denies everything and her aunt finally gives up and holds her. She also tells her that soon Tyrion will be executed and Sansa will be free to marry Robin and become the lady of the Vale. I think in that moment Sansa realized that she traded one prison for another. Also as wacky as Lysa is, I enjoyed more diversity in her scenes than in season 1 - we got to see this pathetic, lovestruck woman, used by this sneaky man who doesn't care about her.

On the road we catch up with Brienne and Podrick. We find out two things - 1. Brienne intends to go to the Wall 2. Pod can't ride for shit (I could make a brothel joke, but hey, I'm not gonna). Brienne figures that Sansa went to the Wall to see Jon Snow. Brienne's plan is very smart - unfortunately she is under mistaken impression that Stark children do smart things. While the Wall is arguably the most dangerous place in Westeros right now (seeing how wildings and other things are about to attack it) Jon Snow would protect the children from everything.
Arya is practicing her water dancing with Needle. The Hound sees it and makes fan of her and Syrio, mocking the fact that someone as weak as Meryn Trant managed to slay him. Arya attempts to stab him and he punches her.

Meanwhile, in King's Landing, Oberyn is writing a poem for his daughter. Cersei comes over and they have a nice little scene, in which Cersei allows Oberyn to see how weak she is. Again, what am I missing here? Why are they doing this?
Other than that it was one of the better scenes this week, if not the best one. We find out Oberyn has 8 daughters - well, obviously. We finally get Myrcella mention - Cersei's daughter shipped off to Dorne in season 2. Oberyn promises Cersei that her daughter is happy in Dorne because they don't hurt little girls there. Cersei drops the best line of the episode 'everywhere in the world they hurt little girls' - a line with so much saddening truth and power behind it.

Cersei asks Oberyn to send a gift for Myrcella - a ship Cersei had made for her, as her little girl loves open water. She leaves, on the verge of tears and Oberyn looks almost filled with compassion. It was nice they showed him as a caring father in this scene and someone who really cares about innocent people.
Meanwhile, Pod attempts to cook a rabbit for Brienne. He forgot to skin it, though and the rabbit caught on fire. Brienne is stunned by Podick's lack of ability to do... anything, really, and they talk a little.

In that scene Podrick reveals to her that he killed a man to protect lord Tyrion. Moved by the boy's sense of loyalty to someone he served, Brienne asks Pod for some help with her armor. These two are so adorable together.
Close to 20 last minutes of the episode were devoted to the events at Craster's Keep. This season has this cinematic feel sometimes - big sequences go uninterrupted. We are getting a huge Blackwater style episode this year as well and I imagine the climactic event of episode 8 will also be one big unbroken sequence.

Locke figures out where Bran is and tells the Watchers not to go there, because of the hounds that are chained up. Meanwhile Karl is tormenting Meera and things are about to become really horrible again. Jojen keeps telling Karl that he has a gift - in a pretty badass line he tells him he saw his body in flames...with snow covering his bones.
As Karl is about to get all rapist/murderous, the Night's Watch attacks in a fucking beautiful take (the first gif of this post). Michelle Maclaren, the director of the episode said that this was the deepest mud she has ever seen but Kit Harington is so good with the sword, he didn't even need a double. I always make fun of Harington because of his innocent looks but the guy wields that sword like a badass motherfucker.

Anyways, the action was all very exciting - though I wish we saw it more clearly - the editing and shaking camera made it hard to see, but I suppose the gist of the scene was just to show off Snow's skills before the big battle episode.
Meanwhile at the cabin, Jojen tells some more mystical stuff to Bran and we see the tree behind him again. Locke comes by and he wants to take Bran. He even calls Hodor an idiot. Bran warges into Hodor and Hodor picks Locke up by his neck and then snaps it. Once Bran stops the warging Hodor is confused and horrified.

People keep talking about the rape scenes this season but for me Hodor was in two of the most disturbing moments - first when he was being mocked and attacked last week and now this. What Bran does is horrible - he invades this simple person's mind and now he made him kill. This is some really horrific shit. Not only is Bran's storyline boring, the abuse of Hodor is seriously hard to watch.
I do applaud the writers for including that moment - indicating how wrong it was. I am however appalled that they killed off Locke, probably my favorite minor character. There was so much potential there and seeing how he was invented by the writers they had such a freedom with him. And they kill him off? Noah Taylor was so amazing in the role, not to mention he is one of the most recognizable people in the cast, and they killed him off?

What will happen to the bear now?:(
Hodor sets Summer and Ghost free along with the Reeds. Bran can actually see Jon and Jojen reminds him that if Bran goes to Jon, he will never allow him to go further North (rightfully so, as this whole plan is idiotic). We see Jon frantically look around amidst the fight to find Bran and we see Bran decide he has to go. That was a beautiful and heartbreaking moment.

Jon walks like a badass into the cabin to fight with Karl. Karl has two knives and Jon has his sword Longclaw. The fight is really awesome and very well choreographed. As Jon is on the ground and is about to get killed some random Craster wife stabs Karl. As Karl is about to kill her Jon puts Longlaw through the back of his head, with the blade coming out of Karl's mouth. That was the disgusting thing we kept hearing about. And it was awesome!
Jon goes outside. We see Rast running away and passing Ghost's opened cage. Ghost attacks Rast. Then he comes to the cabin and we finally got a reunion between Jon and his beloved direwolf. Fuck you, I'm not crying.

Jon tells the women they can go with him to Castle Black but they don't want it. They only want the cabin to burn. The episode ends with the women and the watchers looking at Craster's Keep in flames.
As solid as the episode was, there are truly some weird things happening on the show - they have a revelation like that Jon Arryn thing and they took basically no advantage of it. On the other hand the invented raid on Craster's was such a wonderful sequence. It all makes me think of calm - or in case of show - confusion before the storm. Beginning the next episode the events that will come are so exciting not even people hell bent on screwing up could manage to do that. And I think that these last five episodes have done a great job at setting up the things to come.
Next episode entitled The Laws of Gods and Men brings with it one of my most anticipated sequences from the book - the trial of Tyrion Lannister. We also get to see Theon's sister Yara, Ramsay being under attack and most importantly (properly lit) Stannis being beautiful, sassy badass in Braavos. His scene with Mark Gatiss, who plays a representative of the Iron Bank, better be fucking awesome. Also - give him all the money and you know, bow, bitches.


  1. I think I like the more cocky Margery. Or maybe it's Dormer's portrayal of the cocky Margery that I like. She plays off of Lena really well. I don't have many complaints there.

    The fight at Craster's was brilliant. Really grateful we have the "proper" Jon back. Being more of a badass and less of a bore. When Bran warged into Hodor, I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat. I could see it coming, but still. Really nicely done there.

    1. I saw her do that before. The character is already similar to Anne Boleyn but it doesn't excuse her to just go and put in 0 effort. She can be really good, but I really didn't like her in that scene.

      Really good stuff with Craster's raid. Loving Jon this season, he really came into his own.

  2. I do love me some Sansa this season and for some reason, Arya's storyline is becoming less exciting... I miss Gendry.. Also, I loved this recap the most so far, it's probably because as the almost non book reader I have no idea about what these events mean and which exactly is made up and this episode having so much non bookish being clarified by you just brings a whole new dimension to the show. Woah, okay, that was a long sentence. :D

    1. Arya was never my fav. She's gonna have some fun scenes in future seasons but so far...I found her second scene this week, as cool as her movements with the sword were, to be a waste of time.Glad you liked it! I'm super confused this season, they invented a bunch of stuff but they'll eventually end up where the books are for really important scenes.

  3. A Small Council scene. At last. Since Stannis has left Dragonstone we might even get the: "This is Stannis Baratheon. The man will fight to the bitter end and then some" line from Tywin.

    1. I'm so psyched for Varys/Oberyn interactions. I love Small Council scenes.

      That would be so awesome! <3

  4. I love that Arya is still bitter about losing Gendry. I hope they reunite somewhere down the line.

    I did not like the way they portrayed Cersei in this episode at all. I miss stone cold bitch Cersei. I mean, look at some of the stuff she does in FfC, they should stick to that Cersei!

    I did love the Eyrie/Crasters scenes though. So much brilliance. Poor Sansa having to listen to that loud sex. :P

    I'm sorry that Locke is gone, I liked his death scene, but it does seem like a waste of Noah Taylor.

    1. Stark and Baratheon! There's gotta be a happy romance from them.

      I really hope they'll portray her properly soon.

      I was hoping he'd end up in Riverlands and Jaime would kill him or something. Jaime losing his hand was a big fucking deal, I feel they cheated him out of that kill.

  5. Love your write-up Sati, and I concur with you on so many points here! I'm frankly annoyed at what they're doing to Cersei's character because the 'poor helpless woman' routine takes the edge off the stuff she does later. I just want to see her represented as the HBIC she really is in the books. I wonder if they're going to turn it around into her being a master manipulator, and her begging for help is all an act. I hope so.

    Also the Hodor moment was horrifying. His face as he looked at his hands was devastating!

    Another horrifying moment - when Lysa switched from caring aunt to crazy psycho woman. Kate Dickie is amazing. So glad crazy Lysa is back even though the scenes with her and LF were so awkward!

    1. Thank you! I really hope so too, they are making her character way too human. Cersei's evil and narcissism is what makes her entertaining, not all that shit.

      It was so shocking! I hate when something traumatic happens to Hodor :/

      That was such a trippy scene. I loved it and can't wait to see more of her this season.

  6. WOOOW. Okaay, I totally didn't see that coming. I was 100% sure that Cersei poisoned John Aryn and started it all, especially after Tyrion's line 'Cersei in the only person I am absolutely sure has nothing to do with Joffrey's murder, which is unique as murders in King's Langing go'. Plus, John Aryn went to see Gendry. Yes? I am not sure, I've the impression that he also wanted to know if Joffrey was a bastard.
    I only read on Wekipedia that The Iron Bank of Braavos does in fact always have its due. So having it mentioned on the show is very important to me. Really, I already feel it is very important (hell, financial institutions got hundrets billions of government help and trillions of help/debt free money from central banks a few years ago because they would ship us all to an economic depression because those bastards were fucking greedy and took on too much risk!), so if it happens to be important later on, and I hear of it only 1 time before that, I will be a little disappointed.
    Perhaps Cersei wanted to make Oberyn compassionate of her, seeing how much she loves her children, probably making him want to take vengeance for her and his family in some way by killing Tyrion, which does fucking bother me because he is the only character along with Daenerys and Brienne I absolutely can't let go of (and Catelyn, she wasn't even close to being one of my favourites, but she did what she did to protect her children until the bitter end, and the Starks were the only ones to fight for justice and freedom from the Throne's tyrrany, so she and Rob felt very central, but the show has made clear the're absolutely dead by reminding it to us every once in a while).

    1. Jon Arryn knew about Cersei and Jaime - I think Stannis suspected something after he was killed, that there was foul play involved in his death, and that's why he took his family and got the hell away from King's Landing. Arryn knew of Robert's heirs not being his sons and he did see Gendry.

      As for the Bank, it indeed always have its due - if the ones who owe don't pay, the Bank supports those who do for the Iron Throne.

      I don't think Cersei got him on his side :) But I did enjoy their little talk. Oberyn is gonna have a blast during that trial, though :)

    2. Where the F has Varys been? I miss that sly dog. Guess they're keeping him up their sleeve for later.

      John has been so much better this season. I've barely cared about him in 3 seasons but like him much more in the books. This John feels more like how I think of him, especially leading into his next story arc & into ADWD stuff.

      Yeah, I got what they were trying to do with Cersei this episode as far as sucking up to the judges in the trial but it was stupid. Cersei is a manipulator, not a kiss ass. Especially when it comes to Marjorey. Also, they could have gone the same route as the books where she has it totally easy when it comes to making her case at the trial.

      Okay, you keep teasing the Iron Bank and I don't think I have gotten to what you are talking about in the books... at least I can't think of anything major (except when Cersei is like "fuck you" to them). I am about halfway through A Dance with Dragons now.

    3. I miss him too, but it looks like he has good scenes in next ep.

      I'm really happy with Jon's portrayal this year. They really stepped it up.

      I really don't understand what they were trying to accomplish here. Even if they wanted to get Cersei to influence the judges it would be in her character's nature to be mean and threatening not acting all defeated. And why butter up Tywin, he hated Tyrion all his life.

      They changed it/moved it sooner in the show. I keep teasing it because for non book readers it's a fog screen to make one of this season's surprises more surprising. Gatiss' character appears in ADWD, though in a pretty big way and it looks like it can have consequences in Winds of Winter.

    4. Ooo I am definitely excited for the second half of ADWD!

    5. It gets a bad rep, but it's really good!

  7. Sati, I love your recaps. I am sure I have said it before, but if I have not, allow me to say it now.
    I think, even though Cersei may have seemed out of character, the attempt was to show her buttering up three judges in Tyrion's trial: Mace via Margaery (yes, Joffrey was awful and I knew it and you want to be queen-cool), Oberyn appealing to his fatherly side via Myrcella and Tywin with "of course I will be a good girl and honor the Lannister name and do what you say. My brothers sure don't know how to do that..." She's going to attempt to placate them in order to see the trial her way. I do agree that the show has whitewashed the character though. Let's see if they are bold enough to take her where the books do or not. I have to agree with you about Natalie Dormer this season, as good as she was last season, she seems to phoning it in so far. Hopefully if we have more scenes of her and Cersei going to head to head, she will bring her A game.
    I really thought Locke and Jon had an interesting dynamic developing. Unlike Ramsey or Karl, Locke was an interesting bad guy to watch. Noah Taylor did fine work as Locke but I felt like there was more potential there. While killing off Locke is a moment of self preservation for Bran and I don't blame him for doing what he did, it definitely begs the question if it really is a good thing that he can warg into Hodor.
    I am still not very sold on Kit Harington yet this season. I think he does very well with action scenes and not as well with speaking scenes. I did like the reunion with Ghost and Jon. I do wish that the Craster's wife was the one who got the kill of Karl, but once Jojen made his prediction I knew it would be Jon. I also liked the end where Jon asks the ladies to go to Castle Black and honors & understands their decision not to.
    Emilia Clarke was not good this week. Though I am glad the show is showing the cracks in her leadership of Astapor and Yunkai, I was not sure if they would go there with her or not. I wonder if Jorah's source of Westeros news will be revealed.
    The Lysa/Sansa/Littlefinger scenes were my favorite this week. Sophie Turner is doing good work this season, probably my MVP at the half, so to speak. I did think the Lysa and Littlefinger reveal in Jon Arryn's death was rushed and not given the weight it deserved.
    I don't remember the Lannisters being broke in the books, so I am curious how the show will handle that.

    1. Thank you! :)

      I think it might have been too, but it wasn't showed enough as a ploy. The writers shouldn't leave something like this up for interpretation. Headey and Dormer both have issues - Lena because the material is so all over the place and Natalie because she just doesn't try to understand her character. I hope they'll write Cersei and Margaery better and more like in the books next season.

      I think Ramsay is interesting but yeah out of bad guys Locke was so much fun to watch! I was hoping for him to stick around a long time.

      I liked that Jon got to kill Karl, considering how much he loved commander Mormont.

      Yeah she was really..mediocre. I don't think she was awful, she was really bad in season 2, but the material is not really good for her this year. I'm sure it will be before the season is over.

  8. Great recap Sati. Yes, I agree. I thought the Jon Arryn revelation was much too early. The producers were right when they said that they were really going to depart from the books. If they continue to change the storyline, I hope they get Dany to westeros quicker than George Martin. I almost wish there weren't any Dany scenes right now.

    Admittedly, I was thankful to not see Lysa breastfeeding her 8 year old. Kate Dickie is an incredible actress. She does crazy so so well. My favorite part was the ending. Although you would think if Bran was able to see the future he would not want to go farther North and avoid his brother Jon?

    Kit Harrington is my 2nd favorite thing on the show right now--next to Stannis. Great fight scene.

    1. Thank you!

      Dany's story is in such disconnect to everything, but I do appreciate them trying and brining the subject of her every once in a while in KL.

      I think Bran's greenseer thing will pay off hugely, but he didn't know it at the time. The plan to go North if you are healthy and able would be risky, but a cripple, kids and Hodor going there is such a bad idea.

      Kit improved so much. Really wonderful work this year.

  9. Enjoyed reading your recap as always!

    It would have been interesting, at least for Bran's storyline, to keep Locke alive a bit longer and it would have been cool to see Locke in a follow up scene with Jamie.

    Sophie Turner''s performance is really good, I felt sorry for Sansa. She had one brief moment to let down her guard and eat lemoncakes and then Lysa goes crazy on her!

    Cersei did have the best line this episode, it's very powerful and it's still on my mind.

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah I think the lack of chance of Jaime/Locke confrontation hurts the most here :/

      Lysa had like 3 different personalities show up in that scene :)

  10. I kinda liked Cersei in this episode. I can never really trust her so all this sorry stuff kind of makes her more interesting.
    Khaleesi taking a moment to like calm her ovaries was hilarious.
    I really had no memory of who Jon Arynn was so yes, that revelation was a bit meh though I did love both the actors in the scene. And yes, Sophie Turner looked v. beautiful and tall in this episode.
    I'm kinda getting bored with Arya. Pod and Brienne > Arya and Hound
    Yeah I felt bad for Hodor but then HODOR!
    Jon was sort of badass in this episode and I liked his reunion with Ghost. They need to stop with this almost Stark children reunions though.

    I'm really excited for the next episode. I have missed Tyrion.

    1. Daenerys' expressions when she reacts to Daario are hysterical.

      Turner is a freaking giant :P

      Totally! Pod and Brienne are just more fun, because it's lighter stuff. Hound and Arya are like Doomsday 101.

      Those almost reunions are incredibly cruel.

      Tyrion has some of his best lines in the series next week! :)

  11. I was so disappointed by this episode -- I don't know what I was expecting, but I was seriously bored with it all aside from Sansa not being able to sleep because of the sexy times upstairs (that was harsh) and Jon Snow coming to save the day! That part was admittedly awesome.

    But I do think the next one will be awesome -- also, I'm happy for you because, well, Stannis. ;)

    1. Glad you liked Jon!

      Oh yeah I'm gonna be hyperventilating a lot this Sunday ^^

  12. A good episode. The scene with the Hound and Arya I liked for several reasons...her including his name on her list, his teaching her a couple lessons, her realization that he's was a decent character development scene that deserves perhaps a bit more laud than it gets.
    I understand the feelings about Hodor...and was shocked that Locke was killed...but what else were we to expect Bran to do?
    Cersei didn't come off as kind to me, nor did Margaery come off as being cocky. I saw Cersei up to her old tricks and not to be trusted (the whole "kisses of the enemy" thing) and Margaery playing the game and acting a bit naive and trusting/fake bonding.

    Looking forward to next week!

    1. The thing is that we already had a scene liked that between them - right before Tyrion's wedding - Cersei specifically threatened Margaery and Margaery seems to be forgetting just how dangerous Cersei is by taunting her with this 'sister/mother' bullshit again, just because her little visit to Tommen's room gave her a boost of confidence. She should be smarter than that. Tyrells can still be brought to the fold by Cersei marrying Loras so Margaery could be expandable.

  13. I practically don't need to watch episode after reading your recaps, you know! :)

    Correct me if I am wrong or if I am imagining stuff but doesn't Littlefinger get rid of Arryn for Lannisters, or Cersei specifically, after Jon Arryn finds out stuff about them? He just uses Lysa not to get his own hands dirty. That reveal didn't have any impact at all but I am glad Eyrie is getting its due though. There is so much in Book 3 that I often forget there is "something" happening there too? Do we go that far this season? End of Book 3?

    It was always established Cersei loved her children unequivocally. So I don't have problem with either of her scenes but I do have problem with humanizing, so to say, of Cersei in general. For next season to have its impact, she needs to be a cold hearted bitch and yes, if those scenes were meant to turn judges against Tyrion, they did a very poor job of conveying that.

    Karl's death was so badass! Even in the books, I usually find The Wall chapters boring but given it is to have a climatic episode this season, I think they are doing a good job of keeping The Wall things interesting.

    Can not wait for things to pick up. Please don't mess up, please!

    1. I don't think so - I think Cersei tried to have Arryn killed, Littlefinger had it done out of his own motives before she could do it herself. End of book 3 for sure, I imagine the last Eyrie scene from book 3 is penultimate moment of the finale.

      I think there is no balance to her scenes - there should be more scenes showing her as ruthless. The good in Cersei is such a small part and yet it's the dominating part this season. That's gonna have repercussions is s5 if they don't change that.

      The Wall is actually becoming interesting this year, as long as focus is off Sam.

  14. Call me weak but I almost cried during Jon and Ghost's reuinion! Damn you Kit Harrington, stop messing with my feelings, I was never a fan of Jon Snow and what's happening now?! :D

    A bit off topic but I keep wondering why Oberyn is called a Prince of Dorne, not Lord or something like that (I'm aware that he has older brother who is ruling Dorne)? Is Dorne part of Seven Kingdoms or not? Sati, do you know something about that?
    When I saw the scene with Oberyn writing I thought about last season's Tywin Lannister writing scenes and I thought maybe he's writing to Quentyn advising him to hurry up with packing that suitcase? ;)

    Finally - the Eyrie! I know a lot people dislike Sansa but I actually like her a lot and Sophie Turner is doing such a great job in portraying her.

    Must say I hate what they're doing with Cersei. And if they're going to keep her story like that the end of last book will almost make no sense.

    1. I did cry during that. It was so lovely :)

      Dorne is the part of Seven Kingdoms, but when it was forced to swear loyalty years back the Dornish were allowed to keep their law, traditions and titles. In Dorne they have different customs - for example according to Dornish law women can inherit, unlike in other kingdoms. Prince is the equivalent of the highest Lord - a title held by the members of the house ruling Dorne, in this case Martells.

      Haha, that would be brilliant! :D

      Sansa's in many great scenes this year, but I wonder what they'll do next year as the book material is not big for her so far.

      I hope she loses it and starts going mad and crazy during trial this episode.

    2. Thanks for clearing up that Martell deal, now I get it. :D

  15. Oberyn has 8 daughters?! Wow he's one busy man, ahah.

    Well I have nothing really to add, I still enjoy the soundtrack you've got on here though, and all your pretty pictures :D

    1. Robert Baratheon, the king in the beginning of the series, had 17 bastards, I think :) Birth control is a tricky art in Westeros.

  16. Decent episode.

    I really should have watched the first three seasons first as I couldn't even remember who Jon Arryn was! Oops! Loved the scene with Arya and I get seriously creeped out by Lysa and Robin!

    I find Bran's whole storyline very bizarre though, not really sure what to make of it to be honest.

    1. Damn, doesn't anyone watch that 'previously on' clip before the ep?:D

      Lysa and Robin are supercreepy. Eyrie is crazytown.

      I think they'll clear it up a bit in finale.

  17. Another great recap! And love that you always put the promo at the end. So excited for Dillane vs Gatiss!

    About the episode, I totally feel the same about Cersei. I just love her being evil. Anyway, the moment with Oberyn was great because of the two actors and loved the line about the little girls. And Headey looked as flawless as ever on the coronation. I also felt Dormer was a bit dull, not liking it. Missed season 3 Margaery.

    Loved that capture of Jorah and Dany, it was a really beautiful shot. And Eyrie is also my favorite castle. I was pretty shocked at Lysa's reveal. I actually had to rewind and listen to it again while my mind was exploding. And agree on Sophie Turner’s improvement, I’m loving her.

    When the Iron Bank was mentioned I remembered you talking about it in here!

    And LOL at this: "she is under mistaken impression that Stark children do smart things".

    1. Thank you! God I hope that scene is good!

      I really hope we'll see evil Cersei next episode, she looks so bitchy in that promo! But her and Pedro have such a good chemistry, that scene, regardless of Cersei characterization was indeed very well acted out.

      So glad the reveal had an impact for you! I thought it deserved a little better, but it was still a good scene.

  18. Great review once again Sati! I absolutely loved Sansa's scenes in this episode, hell this whole season so far. She's always had such a great story arch in her name and of course, as you pointed out, it doesn't hurt either that Sophie Turner's acting is developing so well. Yes, the whole depiction of Cercei thus far has been rather puzzling. Probably less so to me, than you, as I am yet to read the books. There's something of an inconsistency there - I've always loved how deliciously ruthless she's been. The writers have always been relentless. Do you remember that scene back in season 2, the Battle of the Blackwater? That was probably my favourite episode in terms of Cersei.
    Can't wait for tomorrow's episode!

    1. Thank you!

      Cersei has been amazing during Blackwater - she was both so cruel in scenes with Sansa and so loving in the ending scene with Tommen. It's a travesty that Lena didn't get award recognition for her work there. She was outstanding.

  19. Hmm, I thought the 'Lannisters being broke' scene was strange, too. Wonder where that's going.

    So Locke wasn't in the books? I guess that explains why they killed him off, but I agree that he was an interesting character. Really enjoyed Noah Taylor's performance, too.

    I'm digging Jon Snow the badass. Nice to see him reunite with his direwolf.

    1. There was this other guy Vargo Hoat, who chopped of Jaime's hand. He died early too - The Mountain starved him, chopped of pieces of him and fed it to him.