Sunday, February 17, 2019

60 best shots of 2018

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Here we are with my last smaller list celebrating the movies of 2018. The final list will be published next Sunday and I can promise you it will be way more fun than the Oscars ceremony. But for now let's take a look at the most breathtaking images in film in 2018.

note1: That Vox Lux shot is sadly only from the trailer as I haven't had the chance to see the film yet.
note2: No, I have not seen Roma and no matter how much money Cuaron and Netflix throws to market it, they won't force me to watch something I find utterly unappealing.

60. The Artist, At Eternity's Gate
59. Happiness, Paddington 2

58. The Wedding, Crazy Rich Asians

57. Grief, First Man

56. Avenged, Revenge

55. The Reason, You Were Never Really Here 
54. The Girl, Mandy

53. Vengeance, Assassination Nation
52. Lolas, Cam

51. The Toll, A Private War
50. Hate, Blackkklansman 49. The Moon, First Man
48. Erin, Destroyer

47. Cradle of mistrust, Mary Queen of Scots

46. Searching, Suspiria
45. Him, Bad Times at the El Royale
44. Sisters in crime, Thoroughbreds 43. The Loop of Misery, The Favourite
42. Imagination, Mary Queen of Scots

41. Danger, Assassination Nation
40. Mother, Destroyer

39. Gone, Avengers: Infinity War
38. Upside down, Aquaman
37. Hard stare returns, Paddington 2

36. She's here, Suspiria
35. The Wedding, A Star is Born
34. Fight, A Quiet Place

33. Love, If Beale Street Could Talk
32. The Queen's jealousy, Mary Queen of Scots

31. Jackson, A Star is Born

30. Floating, First Reformed
29. The Dance, A Quiet Place
28. Alice, Widows
27. He's gone, A Star is Born

26. Always remember us that way, A Star is Born
25. Madness, Mandy 24. Ally on stage, A Star is Born
23. The Kiss, Aquaman

22. The Bear, Annihilation
21. Emily's entrance, A Simple Favor
20. Will He?, First Reformed 19. Love, A Star is Born

18. Ally, A Star is Born
17. The One True King, Aquaman

16. Amazing Emily, A Simple Favor
15. Dark Star, Vox Lux
14. Abigail, The Favourite

13. Bobby, A Star is Born
12. Shallow, A Star is Born
11. The Bliss, First Reformed 10. La vie on Rose, A Star is Born
9. Mera's power, Aquaman
8. The Dance, Burning
7. Begin Again, Widows
6. The Double, Annihilation 
5. I wanna catch on fire, A Star is Born
4. The Nooses, A Star is Born 3. For Jackson, A Star is Born
2. Atlantis, Aquaman 1. The Trench, Aquaman


  1. Great picks!

    Ahh the bear in Annihilation! Such an amazingly creepy shot.

    I think Thorgasm in Infinity War should've been here...for reasons.

    1. Which one is Thorgasm? :D Him and that star? :D

  2. I'm not a fan of DC movies but for Wonder Woman, but I really feel like I need to watch Aquaman...

  3. Awesome list! I was totally trying to keep it together for Crazy Rich Asians. The wedding was gorgeous.

    Wasn't a huge fan of Mandy, but loved Andrea. That performance was insane.

    I can't remember if The Loop of Misery is what that act is called in The Favourite. If not, fantastic picks for all the scenes.

    Aquaman looks AMAZING.

    *sobs over A Star Is Born* BRADLEY WAS ROBBED. I just had to say that for the millionth time. lol

    1. No, I came up with titles for each image myself :)

      I cannot wait for you to see Aquaman!

  4. Great list. I am not surprised by the amount of ASIB and Aquaman shots :) but I am surprised you put the dancing scene from Burning so high up, considering you didn't like it (and I definitely agree with it, I loved that scene)

    1. I hated the movie but I was trying to be objective, that was a really stunning shot

  5. I vote you as next years Oscars host!
    I'm in love with this post, it's beautiful <3

    1. Oh God can you imagine the amount of verbal sexual harassment that I would direct at the actors? SWAT would have to take me down

  6. Annihilation had some great shots. The double was amazing and there was one scene with Oscar at the end particularly where I remember thinking, yeah, I wouldn't care what you were either ;)

    Great list all around. Just makes me realize how much I still need to see!

    1. All of those are pretty great movies...except for Burning :)

  7. Brilliant list! A million yeses to the Annihilation shots. The 'bear' was pure terror, and the scene with the doppelgängers was so beautifully filmed. Oh, and have you mentioned A Star is Born? 😋

  8. Truly excellent post. I love everything from ASIB...I almost forgot how powerful some of those scenes really were. And Annihilation...the bear scene still haunts me.

    1. Thank you! That bear scene was so well done. Shame that since the movie was in spring those geriatric fucks in AMPAS forgot about it

  9. Every time I see posts like this I think I should do one myself but I do not have the resources or the patience to actually cap the shots lol.

    I think that last shot of The Favourite is PROBABLY my favorite shot of the year? Which is totally cheating since it's a composite of (at least) three shots, but whatever. Also love the shot of Natalie and the burning trees in Annihilation, the shot of Neil's mirrored helmet on the moon in First Man (the one you picked), and the shot you picked from Burning. There are some great shots in Roma's second half, too.

    My favorite bit of the Trench scene in Aquaman is when they're in the water and you can see the beasties around the red light of the flare... it's like a freaking painting.


    1. The whole Trench scene was so incredible! It was like a mini horror masterpiece in an adventure movie

      That was good stuff :D

  10. Great post! So much gold here. I loved so many of these shots and sequences; makes me want to watch a lot of these movies again.

    1. I cannot wait for Aquaman to drop on itunes in 2 weeks' time. I'll see nothing else but this for a while

  11. awesome list! loved the creativity in the names you gave the scenes. personally, I'm still so behind on 2018 movies, thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Thank you! Yeah it was really fun to come up with this!

  12. Sati, I love this list. It's just gorgeous. I haven't seen most of these films, but your list makes me look forward to watching them. I hope you're doing well.