Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday TV Special: Damages

By s. Saturday, November 12, 2011 ,
Plot: Bright and sharp law school graduate Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) becomes the protégée of the successful and hard-hitting high stakes litigator Patricia Hewes (Glenn Close). But nothing is what it seems.  
Structure: Every episode shows us glimpses of the future, specifically the events we will see in season's finale. We get to see more and more of what's about to come and those little scenes always provide shocking twists and plot revelations.
Verdict: Season 1 and 2 are truly amazing, season 3 is very good and after the producers were forced to change the channel the series airs, season 4 changed the show a bit - there is more mature content in it, but it doesn't feel like the same series anymore. Nonetheless, it's still worth watching.
What makes it so great? Fantastic performance by Glenn Close and incredible plot twists in meticulously planned stories. The opening sequence is pretty impressive as well.
Who you may recognize: Glenn Close, Rose Byrne from "Troy", "Insidious" and "Bridesmaids" - she is one of those actresses I can't stand, but she manages not to be completely annoying here - only once in a blue moon, sure, but still when it comes to her it's quite an accomplishment, Zelijko Ivanek from multiple TV series including "24" and "Heroes", Tate Donovan - you may recall him from 4th season of "Friends" where he was being pursued by Rachel - and in season 2 we get to see Marcia Gay Harden and John Hurt.
Who's behind it? The creators of "The Sopranos"
Who will like it? Fans of thrillers, dramas filled with legal cases, plot twists and great performances.
When and where? Four seasons are available on DVD, fifth one is currently in production.

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