Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday TV Special: Nip / Tuck

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Plot: Dr Sean McNamara and Dr Christian Troy run a private practice - they are plastic surgeons in Miami, filled with people who are obsessed with perfection and physical beauty. Sean has a family - wife Julia and two kids, he is organized, professional and cares for his family. Christian on the other hand is a playboy, who has been in love with Julia for many years.
Structure: Each episode has the title taken from the main patent's name in the episode we are watching. Patients stories usually wrap up during one episode, but there are also people we see more than once. In addition, each season has big story arc, the most impressive being in season 3, were serial rapist, The Carver, terrorizes Miami.
Verdict:I remember watching this show years ago and now that I'm rewatching it, it still remains one of the boldest, sickest and most disturbing series ever to air on television.
What makes it so great? The amount of debauchery is overwhelming, the performances are amazing, we get to see inside look behind close doors during plastic surgeries and the music selection is amazing.
Who you may recognize: The main characters are played by Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon - he was also in "Charmed". Julia is played by Joely Richardson, who among others starred in "Event Horizon". There are many recurring actors and awesome guests including Catherine Deneuve, Joan Rivers as herself, Rhona Mitra, Portia de Rossi, Bradley Cooper, Rose McGowan, Kate Mara, Famke Janssen and Vanessa Redgrave - Joely Richardson's mother in real life - playing her mother on the show.
Opening sequence
Who's behind it? Ryan Murphy, currently impressing us every Wednesday with "American Horror Story"
Who will like it? Fans of very twisted TV series and shocking plot twists.
When and where? All six seasons are available on DVD.

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