Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday TV Special: Parks and Recreation

By s. Saturday, November 26, 2011 ,
Plot: The series follows the actions of employees of Parks and Recreation department in the small town of Pawnee. The protagonist is Leslie, who is fearless, joyful and lively - she is set on changing the huge pit into a park.
Structure: The show is made as mock documentary - we get to see characters talking and commenting on events straight to camera. The episodes each have other main arc, but they are parts of the whole.
Verdict: The show is, right after "The Big Bang Theory", the funniest comedy series on air right now. The characters are amazingly fun, but the clear winner is Ron Swanson, the boss, who has crazy ex wives, cares only about food and couldn't care less about his job - the less he does, the better and he actually hopes the government will be....privatized. I'm still laughing thinking of the moment when he had hernia and sneezed. Instead of going to the hospital he sat there and did nothing, much like every day. He actually chooses an assistant that is hostile, just not to deal with meetings and people. And whenever he absolutely has to do something work related, he looks mad, sad and bored - I do that too. God, I love this guy!
What makes it so great? The performances, hilarious situational humour and great lines.
Who you may recognize: Amy Poehler from Saturday Night Live, Rashida Jones from "The Office", Paul Shneider from "Bright star".
Who's behind it? Believe it or not, the makers of "The Office". Only "P&R" is actually funny, not annoying and it doesn't have Ed Helms.
Who will like it? Fans of insanely funny comedy shows.
When and where? Thursdays, NBC

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