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Secrets come to light in third trailer for Game of Thrones season 4 + screencaps breakdown

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With 27 days left, HBO has released another epic trailer, this one entitled Secrets - we have some new images here, but sadly no Brienne or Margaery. However we did get the first look at Roose Bolton, new look at Melisandre and plenty of Daenerys.

The show returns on April 6th with the premiere entitled Two Swords.

Deanerys and her army:
Sansa to Tyrion - Do you know what they did to my brother? And my mother?
Sansa: I lie awake all night, thinking about how they died
Very cool maneuver of including the primary villains during her voice over, with the first look at Roose Bolton, here meeting with Ramsay
Cersei and Oberyn. Cersei: What good is power if you cannot protect the ones you love?
Cersei looking at Jaime and Bronn practicing
Oberyn: We can avenge them
Jon Snow: All that time I was gone the world has fallen apart
Littlefinger: Always keep your foes confused - if they don't know who you are or what you want, they can't know what you plan to do next
A look at new Daario:
And another look at Arya and The Hound
Barristan: Sometimes it is better to answer injustice with mercy
Daenerys: I will answer injustice with justice
Most likely Arya during the inn scene:
New look at Melisandre:
Very impressive first look at Titan of Braavos:
Tormund to Ygritte: If that boy is still walking it's cause you let him go
Jorah: You're a Targaryen, you're the mother of dragons
Daenerys: I need to be more than that
Daenerys watching her dragons feed
Tyrion looking at Shae
Cersei: Who can we trust?
Tywin: Ourselves alone
We know what this scene is:
A look at one of Ramsay's companions:
Oberyn with..I want to say Ellaria?
A new look at Bran:
Cersei and Jaime:
Tyrion: We must't disappoint father


  1. Ah! I am finishing up the third book now - I just finished the chapter with Joffrey's wedding and holy shit, I don't think I need to say more.

    I was wondering though, how do you like the 4th & 5th books set up? I read that they overlap covering the same time but in different regions? Does it work well? There's no way I can get through the 4th & 5th books during this season so I feel like I will soon not be caught up in whatever takes place this season.

    1. I just hope the scene will be faithful to what happens in the books, it's such an intense moment.

      4+5 is really one book but the publisher made Martin split them - in the effect it's kinda weird - there is no Daenerys in book 4, there is a lot of her in book 5, some characters have chapters in's kinda a mess.

      I did like many chapters - Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei, the events in King's Landing are top notch, but regarding the Lannisters this season should only coven book 3. I think the only parts from book 4/5 we may have in season 4 are about Brienne and Daenerys.

    2. Yes, that scene was very well done because you can just feel the rising tension.

      Hm, okay. I guess when I finish up book 3 I will just keep going and see how I like it. Before knowing what it's like, I feel like they should have just kept it in order and cut the action in half, but maybe once I get into it I'll appreciate why they did that.

    3. That would be much better, actually. But what would make it good would be Martin thinking Daenerys storyline a little better - seriously it's just keeping her busy with nonsense until the dragons are really big, for pretty much the entire book.

  2. Sati-- Thanks for the screen caps. Some of this stuff flashes so quickly, you can hardly see it. Her dragons have gotten so big. Getting giddy about this.

    1. They are huge! HBO must have thrown money on the crew this season.

  3. WOW, the visuals of this show is just incredible. They REALLY spend money on this thing. Btw, that Oberyn guy is gorgeous, he had a supporting role in BBC Robin Hood and he managed to make me look away from even Guy of Gisborne aka Richard Armitage!! :D

    1. I think it has Rome kind of budget this season, HBO keeps increasing it each year :)

      Oh really? You eye cheated on Richard with Pedro?:D Oberyn is actually the sexiest character in the series so ladies will be happy this season :)

  4. These trailers have been so awesome. I can't wait for this season. (And your weekly recaps!)

    1. I better move my ass and finish re-reading Storm of Swords since I'm definitely gonna need to quote a bunch of stuff in recaps :)

  5. I should stop watching these trailers, I cannot wait 26 days. Good thing I can always rewatch season 3. In episode 8 of season 3, Cersei gets up at Tyrion's wedding with full glass of wine and after that we see her with Loras and her cup is empty. She told him off probably because she wanted to pour some more wine, and besides, being cruel to others must feel good to her :D .
    Thanks for the images, I don't recall seing 20% of the stuff because it takes me time to realise what I just saw, it looks so epic!

    1. I'm curious how are they going to show Cersei trying not to be married to Loras on the show, after all Tyrion already did his duty to the house...

      I'm sure there will be several more promos before the premiere :)

  6. So epic! Thanks for the screencaps! I have a feeling this season is gonna be really, really great. :D

  7. I know it's an edited trailer, but it looks like shit's going down in this series! Not long now!

    1. Shit is sure going down, in more ways than one :)