Wednesday, March 19, 2014

War is not over in the awesome 4th trailer for Game of Thrones 4 + screencaps breakdown + new featurette

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Tonight was the premiere of the 4th season for the cast and the crew of the show. The event was broadcasted live and hosted by True Blood's Steve Nevlin doing absolutely awful job,. However it was worth sitting through all the awkwardness to witness new, amazing trailer for season 4 with plenty of new footage.

New footage from Tyrion's trial:

some clever editing here:

Jaime: Arya Stark hasn't been seen since her father's death
Brienne: I will find her

Sooner or later Cersei always gets what she wants

The opening shot of the trailer with Cersei's joy to ashes line

New shot of Sansa looking unhappy, probably still in King's Landing:

Oberyn and Ellaria doing their favorite thing, looks like it's just before the trial by combat:

New shot of Cersei leaving her meeting with Tywin:

New footage from the Battle of the Wall

Ramsay: The Starks have always ruled the North if they're alive the country will rally to their side

New look at Bran and Jojen
This isn't the end - you need to make it

Stannis' ship heading to Braavos

Oberyn: Can I tell you a secret?

Jon: Mance has all he needs to crash us

Tyrion: Come for the last look?

New look at Theon:

Jaime: Why have the Gods make me love a hateful woman?!

There was also a new featurette released about the bastards of Westeros with some cool new footage:

Ellaria being introduced to the Lannisters:
First look at Roose's wife - Fat Walda Frey

As I predicted Oberyn/Ellaria make out session was for Tyrion's benefit:

Oberyn taking his pick in a brothel:


  1. Is that Indira Varma as Ellaria?

    1. Yep! Rome fans, me included, are super excited about her joining the show.

  2. Theon should have less fingers. :) I hope we get Roose's comments about being "quite fond of his fat little wife." That whole scene really shows how twisted Roose since he nonchalantly talks about Ramsay probably killing his kids. Poor Jaime. He just has so many feels.

    1. I think there will be lots of Roose scenes near the beginning and end of the season, it looks like he meets with Ramsay twice this year.

  3. Whoa, look at that big dragon next to Emilia Clarke, can she ride that thing like in Avatar?? :D

    Seriously the visuals of GoT are so gorgeous, your love for this show is contagious Sati, I just might have to catch up to this at some point... maybe ... considering how I feel about that Oberyn guy, tee hee

    1. She rides that dragon at the end of 5th book :) He'll get even bigger by then :)

      All I can say is - awesome and catch up soon! :)

  4. Great caps as always! I'm really excited to watch the new season, that new trailer looks awesome, and I was also a Rome fan, so it's nice to see Varma here.


    1. I love Rome, I really hope they get Polly Walker to appear on GoT :)