Friday, October 28, 2011

10 movie pets you'd love to adopt

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Name: Sonny
Breed: French bulldog
Movie: Due Date
Superpowers: Obedient, willing to smoke weed with you, manages to get out of horrible car crash alive, appreciates Pink Floyd, when standing on the edge of Grand Canyon is not tempted to jump.
Flaws: That is one horny dog.

Name: Daisy
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Movie: Snatch
Superpowers: Able to escape Bulletproof Tony, eats a squeaky toy so she distinguishes herself from others with a peculiar sound and has a treasure chest inside her stomach
Flaws: Sophisticated food needs - huge diamond, for example.
Name: Jonesy
Breed: I know absolutely nothing about cats
Movie: Alien
Superpowers: Manages to survive the monster attack when everyone around it are slaughtered, in fact it's the only thing that softens Alien's heart - at one point it actually stopped and looked at it and went away.
Flaws: The cat survived Alien. It has no flaws.

Name: Verdel
Breed: Brussels Griffin
Movie: As Good as it Gets
Superpowers: Manages to soften the hearts of everyone around him, including grumpy Jack Nicholson. Knows how to win affections - mimics what is important to the person that takes care of him. Plus he is so darn cute!
Flaws: If you can't find him, look in the trash chute.

Name: Puss in Boots
Breed: Again, no idea - Garfield's thinner Latino cousin?
Movie: Shrek movies starting with Shrek 2
Superpowers: Well, there are many - sword fighting, the accent, the bad boy charm and of course - the stare. If you learn how to do that stare you will get everything you want.
Flaws: Prone to overeating and there is a big chance he will hit on all the cats in your neighborhood.

Name: Walter
Breed: Pomeranian
Movie: To Die For
Superpowers: Fluffy and cute, doesn't fight when you try to put a hat on him in the winter, stands by you even as you plot to kill your spouse.
Flaws: It won't save you from being shot by David Cronenberg, but it will escape him.

Name: Gladstone
Breed: English Bulldog
Movie: Sherlock Holmes
Superpowers: The most obedient of them all, Gladstone doesn't mind when you experiment on him. He also appears super immune to any side effects.
Flaws: He is often unconscious


Name: Mojo
Breed: Chihuahua
Movie: Transformers films
Superpowers: Gigantic robots can fight around it and he manages to survive, more than that - he seems really laid back - all he wants is a bit of luxury, fancy collars and the attention of his owner. He ain't primitive like that robot who got turned on by Megan Fox. Oh no, he's above that.
Flaws: Often pees in all the wrong places.

Name: Bruiser
Breed: Chihuahua
Movie: Legally Blonde
Superpowers: Trendy as his owner, accompanies her everywhere and even helps her study from horrifyingly boring book she has to study for her law school.
Flaws: Has a bit of Romeo and Juliet syndrome - falls in love with a Rottweiler.

Name: Poochie
Breed: Terrier mix
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
Superpowers: Persistent as hell, teases prisoners with the keys he has in his mouth but never let's go of them and just as they are about to reach them, he escapes. Later becomes island king and escapes cannibals by using the sea turtles.
Flaws: Impossible to trick, even by Jack Sparrow.


  1. Aww, nice of you to link it because I see you have missed the oh so adorable Mask dog! ;)

    1. Ah, you're right! If I were to update the list than that one and Uggie would make it, 2 lovely Jack Russels :)

  2. Great list! I know I'm cheating, but Sirius from Harry Potter would be a great "dog" to have around... And I know this one would be a danger to my life, but I just love that three-headed dog Fluffy from H.P. and The Sorcerer's Stone. Hahah.

    1. Thanks! That's ture - he would be a great companion and a bodyguard in one :)

  3. Sonny in Due Date made me laugh soooo much. I love how he was supposedly a way of getting us to like ZG's character more ( ).