Monday, October 31, 2011

Scene of the Week: Halloween Edition - Mulholland Drive

By s. Monday, October 31, 2011 , , ,
Mulholland Drive
directed by David Lynch

The scene: In a sequence that is bound to make you jump and turn your blood into ice cold liquid, two men are talking in Winkies restaurant. One of them tells another that he had a dream last night where he was sitting in this restaurant, talking to the man he is talking now and then they walked out and behind the restaurant there was a man with the scariest face one can imagine. The other man convinces him that he should face his fears, get out of the restaurant and see for himself there is no one hiding behind the building. The two men walk out of the Winkies and slowly walk towards the place the man saw the scary face in his nightmare. They walk closer and closer, step by step, and suddenly for just a short moment horrifying person peaks in from behind the wall. The man who had a dream collapses and presumably - dies.


  1. This scene frightened the hell out of me, I almost cried watching it.

  2. That was great. I had forgotten about that scene. Not gruesome scary but still subtly horrifying nonetheless.