Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday TV Special: The Walking Dead

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Plot: :The series follows the group of people who managed to survive the apocalypse - nobody knows what happened for sure, but the fact is that now most of the population turned into zombies. The bites kill you...but you don't stay dead for long.
Structure: Each episode follows the story of the survivors who try to stay alive in the World that's filled with zombies. The series follows the events of graphic novel it is based on.
Verdict: The first episode of the show was great and it had one of the most amazing zombie attacks I've seen, where the main hero rides on the horse through seemingly deserted streets and suddenly swarm of undead attack. But then it went downhill - the series focuses too much on boring exchanges between characters and lacks scares and thrills the subject matter requires. But I'm hoping with time it will pick up the pace. 
What makes it so great? It's worth watching for the terrific zombie make up alone.
Who you may recognize: Andrew Lincoln - the guy who held "to me you are perfect" card for Keira Knightley in "Love Actually", Sarah Wayne Callies from "Prison Break", Laurie Holden from "The Mist" and "Silent Hill" and Norman Reedus from "The Boondock Saints".
Who's behind it? The first season was overseen by Frank Darabont, the director of "The Green Mile" and "The Shawshank Redemption"
Who will like it? Fans of zombie movies, survival horror and apocalypse setting
When and where? AMC, Sundays. Season 1 - DVD
Zombie attack in the first episode of the series.

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