Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday TV Special: American Horror Story

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Plot: Cheating husband, resentful wife and their teenage daughter move to a new house. But the house has secrets - last owners died, there is a kinky latex suit in the attic, the neighbors are strange, the wallpaper covers creepy paintings and the basement...don't even get me started on the basement.
Structure: The story takes place in haunted house and in the beginning of each episode we see one of the horrible things that happened there. Then there is creepy opening sequence and after that - let the scary begin! 
Verdict: I'm so happy.Horror is my favorite genre and I love TV series - and apart from "Twin Peaks" which isn't even a horror series nothing on TV scared me. Until I saw first two episodes of American Horror Story. It's certainly the best new show and I haven't waited for next episode that badly since "Lost" was on air. Scary, edgy, unique and interesting "American Horror Story" is horror at its finest. I'm not often scared - but if I watch the show in full daylight and still have to switch off full screen and turn down the volume, then you know it's surious.

What makes it so great? The homages. In pilot alone we have nods to "Rosemary's Baby", "Amityville Horror", multiple references to "The Shining" - including the best one - the maid who is young and hot in father of the family eyes, but old in the eyes of everyone else, "Kill Bill", "The kingdom", "Vertigo", "Nightmare on Elm Street"...the second episode's first 5 minutes combine Zodiac-style killings with "Psycho" music.
"Carrie" refrence in episode 2.
Who you may recognize: The cast includes Frances Conroy from "Six Feet Under" as the older version of the maid, Jessica Lange and Vera Farmiga's younger sister - Taissa. The show also features Denis O'Hare, none other than Russel Edginton from "True Blood".
Who's behind it? The show is made by Ryan Murphy, the author of first season of "Glee" and delightfully twisted series "Nip/Tuck"
Who will like it? Every single horror fan out there can't miss this one.But beware - only those with strong nerves can watch this show.
When and where? FX every Thursday night

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