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Saturday TV Special: American Horror Story 2x02 Tricks or Treats

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This week's episode changed the game a little bit - we didn't get aliens - we did however get an exorcism scene. We also discovered Sister Jude's secret, met a new doctor who seems to be a worthy opponent for sister Jude, got a quick glimpse at Bloody Face in the 60's and were shown a scene that is hopefully a red herring. Let's get specific:

Young boy is brought to the asylum - he is slaughtering farm animals and speaking unknown language. His freaked out parents (his mom played by Robin Weigart from Deadwood, which makes her 4th Deadwood actor to have a part on the show) talk to Sister Jude who clashes with  the new doctor (Zachary Quino) over the course of treatment. He wants to medicate the boy, she wants to perform an exorcism. A priest is called to the asylum and during the exorcism three things happen - the boy reveals that he knows sister Jude's secret - she used to be a drunk floozy who run over a young girl one night when she was drunk, the boy dies after the exorcism and the demon that was possessing him now found a new innocent Sister Mary Eunice.
In a weekly interview for EW Ryan Murphy revealed that it's not just any demon - it's Satan himself possessing the nun. We caught a little glimpse of possessed Mary when doctor Arden came to see her. She is more confident, sinister and I'm sure she will start to manipulate people in the asylum soon. There  is this theory floating around that she will have sex with 60's Bloody Face which will end in the birth of the new one, the one that attacked the newlyweds in season's premiere.

Are there two Bloody Faces? Well, they have completely different eyes in 60's and 2012. But who knows. Maybe Bloody Face is Grace? Maybe it's mysterious Pepper who has a good reason to wear a mask? Maybe it's one of Dr Arden's experiments? I'm thinking whoever Bloody Face in 2012 will end up being he may be payed by Dylan McDermott, who has piercing blue eyes and Ryan Murphy says that he will play a villain. We will find out about Bloody Face's real identity, or at least one of them in episode 5.
I don't know why Murphy is yet again insisting on revealing the secret so soon. Last year's reveal concerning Rubber Man was disastrous - not only it was predictable, it also rendered him useless for the rest of the season. I'm really hoping that the whole scene with Dr Arden is red herring. This episode we found out he enjoys hiring whores and making them dress as nuns - to be more particular he likes to make them look like Sister Mary Eunice, whom he feeds candy apple in one particularly bizarre scene this episode.

The whore found some pictures in a secret box - depicting tided up girls and then some bloody mess, I still don't know what it was exactly, but I'm sure it wasn't anything good. Ryan Murphy says that those pics are important, but I'm hoping all they mean is that Arden and Monsignor (rumoured to be a sex addict) have an understating facilitating their addictions and maybe when things go a little bit too kinky Arden experiments on the remains.
Lana had a lot to do this episode - her and Grace were planning an escape but Grace wanted Kit to join which didn't sit well with Lana, as she believes Kit is Bloody Face. So in the middle of escape she yelled for help which gained her Sister Jude's sympathy and Grace's hatred. Lana's girlfriend may have found her demise this episode - in the prologue she was attacked by Bloody Face. This leads me to believe that Bloody Face is someone who wants to protect the asylum - seeing how Lana's girlfriend is the only one who could get her out of there. Also - if you think you can stop a serial killer from murdering you by telling him you are a school teacher and that kids "won't understand"...think again.

The episode had some weak points, mostly Chloe Sevigny's Shelley. She does seem fairly pointless right now. Ryan Murphy announced that in next episode something very shocking will happen to her, which leads me to believe Arden will do something to her. Also - do we really need Kit's ass every single episode? The ending wasn't nearly as powerful as I'm sure Murphy thinks it was. Still, Suspiria and Exorcist refrences were so much fun and James Cromwell is slowly stealing the spotlight from Jessica Lange with every single episode.

American Horror Story: Asylum (2012, 60 min)
2x02 Tricks or Treats
Plot: An Exorcist is summoned to Briarcliff to help save a troubled farm boy. Sister Jude’s darkest secret is revealed.
Creators: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk
Stars: Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, James Cromwell, Sarah Paulson, Clea Duvall, Zachary Quinto, Lizzie Brochere and Lily Rabe



  1. I really really loved this episode. I just liked how much was going on in it and I thought it was shot and edited really well.

    I kind of love Grace already- "Judas bitch". Also Sister Eunice cuz she is creepyyy.

    Kit's ass :P

    I'm so glad Adam Levine got a gruesome death. Yaayyy!

    Haven't really given Bloody Face that much thought. Will take it as it comes along.

    1. Yeah me too! It was better made than the premiere.

      I'm not sure if he is dead yet...maybe he will just lie on the floor for the whole season :)

  2. Just finished watching the episode and well.. it was okay I guess. But is it just me or does Murphy like to put a lot of information in one single episode? I feel like sometimes we get too much of the stories and some things could go on longer as mysteries.
    New things from episode two: new doctor, exorcism is possible, devil inside a nun, nun's dirty past, doctor's dirty-little-kink, Lana's escape plan and the sex-addicts not so interesting past. Really? Some shows spend much more time on telling these things but Murphy piles everything into one episode.
    Not that I'm complaining, I like the variety in terms of having something I love at least in each episode because I have such a huge choice of different and new story lines.

    1. He does like to do that and just throw in new mysteries and new storylines...that's what eventually kills his show, so I'm hoping he has some good ideas with this season, in the long run.

      My problem is that he reveals things too quickly, but hopefully some mysteries in this season will have good pay off in the finale.

  3. Still haven't given this show a look, but I finally started Luther. Though I've only watched the first episode, I love it so far. Can't wait to see how series 1 unfolds.

    Also, is it strange that I expected Elba to have a deeper voice?

    1. I'm so glad you love it! It's such an intense show.

      It's a bit weird because he has much deeper voice when he talks with American accent. I saw The Wire first and then Luther and I didn't even know he was British so it took a bit of time for me to get used to his usual voice :)