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100 film facts about me

By s. Thursday, June 14, 2012 ,
Inspired by Stevee, Tyler, Lesya and asrap virtuoso here is my list of 100 film fact about me, random trivia, pretty much everything that comes to my mind related to movies and my love for them.

1. My nickname is a short version of Satine from Moulin Rouge. On account of me being so tiny. The nickname was taken not because I'm in the same profession as her but because it was a movie that made me go to cinema a lot. And Nicole Kidman used to be my favorite actress.
2. I always laugh when Bruce Willis yells about his clock and the kangaroo in Pulp Fiction
3. I will watch anything with Jean Dujardin, Michael Fassbender and Robert Downey Jr in it.
4. I roll my eyes when people say Aliens is a better movie than Alien.
5. I always watch Casino when I'm drunk.
6. If I could look like any actress I'd chose to look like Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic
7. My favorite female characters of all time are Lisbeth Salander, Marla Singer and Lisa Rowe.
8. I do not like Inception...
9. ...and Kick Ass...
10. ...and Antichrist.
11. I despise Lars Von Trier ever since I heard about donkey incident in Manderlay, though I admit Melancholia is a good movie.
12. 90% of music I listen to comes from movies.
13. I saw all of Michael Sheen's movies.
14. And actually tweeted with him. Great guy.
15. I once was few feet away from Woody Allen.
16. If I ever wanted a sequel for something it would be Black Swan part 2, focused on Beth McIntyre.
17. Walter Sobchak and Malcolm Tucker are characters I consider to be funniest.
18. I love it when films have dogs in them.
19. I don't hate Twilight.
20. I do hate Taylor Lautner.
21. I'm in love with Charlize Theron 
22. Especially in the scene from The Life and Death of Peter Sellers when she posses for pictures with the accompaniment of Marvin Gaye's I Heard It Through the Grapevine
23. Which incidentally is the song that played in one of my favorite moments - Jean Dujardin's striptease in Un Gars, Une Fille
24. I won awards for my reviews for Brokeback Mountain and Sweeney Todd.
25. The only films I shot feature my friends and my dog.
26. When I saw Love Actually in theatre I cried for 70% of that movie.
27. I wept for entire ending of Braveheart and during the end credits.
28. Snatch is the funniest movie I ever seen.
29. My favorite track from the movie is Lose Yourself from Black Swan.
30. One of my favorite endings - Take Shelter.
31. I don't mind spoilers.
32. The most shocking twist in the film for me was in Fight Club.
33. I can't look at the last shot of Norman Bates in Psycho. It's too scary.
34. For the same reason I always fast forward Mulholland Drive's Winkies scene.
35. It's especially odd since according to imdb the genre I saw most films from is horror.
36. I do love horrors, but I do get scared, even at cliche jump scares.
37. I think Christina Hendricks is the most beautiful actress working today.
38. I know all Friends episodes by heart.
39. I love whenever films feature fashion from the 60's.
40. And witches.
41. And club scenes.
42. And the piers near the cold sea, where you can almost sense the cool breeze through the frames.
43. If I could live in movie universe it would be Vanilla Sky, where you can live forever, dreaming.
44. I had to drink 3 coffees to get through Tree of Life.
45. As much as it was boring those shots are some of the most gorgeous things I've seen:
46. While waiting for Black Swan I saw internatioonal trailer for it about 100 times.
47. The only scripts I read prior to watching the movie are Black Swan and Shame.
48. For some reason I always think about Repulsion when I'm on the beach. Probably because last summer I saw a lot of black and white movies and Repulsion was the best of them.
49. Since I live near the beach I love seeing sand in films. Not the Sun. I do not like the Sun.
50. I hope to see the day that Goth kids from South Park get their own show.
51. Each year, no matter what, I watch Academy Award nominations live.
52. When Titanic was in theatres and I was 8 I had a T shirt with Dicaprio and Winslet.
53. I have bunch of little movie posters on my door.
54. I hate it when there are scenes in the trailers we don't get to see in actual movie.
55. I saw Se7en for the first time when I was 11, while eating strawberries.
56. I have been compulsively watching films ever since I was 12.
57. When it's Christmas and I don't watch Home Alone I feel odd.
58. My favorite movie trailers are those for Black Swan, Prometheus and Vanilla Sky.
59. Depressing films have cleansing effect on me.
60. Whenever people say they give 10/10 to Inception I feel sad.
61. Paying to see Avatar in the cinema was a big waste of money.
62. I could be left on a desert island with Casino DVD and DVD player and I'd survive.
63. I like Casino more than Goodfellas.
64. Leonardo DiCaprio makes me laugh, though I consider him to be a good actor.
65. I love Revolutionary Road and I don't get the hate for it.
66. The most repulsive scenes I saw in the movies always deal with someone being forced to swallow something gross.Like in Captivity. Awful movie by the way.
67. I had a dream once I was with Harvey Dent in the car and we were driving through the filed to escape from Batman.
68. Every Halloween I watch Practical Magic.
69. Every Midsummer (Litha) I watch it too.
70. There are not enough films based on Celtic legends and mythology. Which is why I cannot freaking wait for Brave. I'd love to lok like princess Merida even if I had to be a cartoon.
71. Also there are not enough films about sirens.
72. I never leave to go to bathroom when I'm in the cinema. It's a game - seeing if I burst and die.
 73. Malcom punching Glenn in second season of The Thick of It marks the time in my life I laughed the hardest. I can't stop laughing just by thinking about this scene.
74. Kick Ass is the worst film I ever seen. Not just because it is stupid and boring. It's reprehensible.
75. Leslie Manville's character in Another Year makes me so sad, because there are so many people just like her out there.
76. Texas's video for In Demand is my favorite music video featuring an actor. Guess why.
77. Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal of Catwoman will never be matched.
78. I love That 70's Show apart from the last season. I love it even more because Amy Adams guest starred in it.
79. I could watch Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander for eternity, even if she was just walking around.
80. Charlize Theron's work in Monster in the best female performance I've seen.
81. I never looked away while watching the movie.
82. The rape scene in Irreversible is the most shocking thing I saw in the film.
83. I don't watch animated films in cinema.
84. I adore ending of Strange Days.
85. I love watching films about toxic relationships.
86. Streetcar Named Desire is the loudest film I've seen. 
87. Except for the opening titles for The Girl with the dragon Tattoo
88. After watching American Horror Story I can't go into my basement anymore. 
89. I love films about vampires. 
90. I adore it whenever Radiohead songs play in the movies. 
91. I usually dislike remakes but I would love to see remake of Thirst with Fassbender as vampire priest. 
92. My favorite movie poster is the one for Black Swan with Natalie Portman's face with Black Swan make up and red eyes.
93. Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter are my favorite actresses.
94. Frida always fills me up with joy.
95. The sequence with Pris hiding in Blade Runner is one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen in the movie.
96.  The ending for Carrie made me jump.
97.  So did the scene in Alien where Dallas is looking for the creature.
98  I always have to write everything in the review. I never make them shorter, I can't. It's a compulsion to write every single thought I have about the movie.
99. I hate it when people mention plot holes in the movie they saw but they don't give examples for those plot holes.
100. Jean Dujardin holding Uggie on stage when The Artist won Best Picture is my favorite moment from any awards show.


  1. Wait you were a few feet away from Woody Allen *flails her hands around and dies* :O

    I would love to look like Nicole Kidman from Practical Magic AND Merida. God I am going to watch that film for her hair alone.

    How awesome that your name is short of Satine!

    #77- I salute you for that. Absolutely agree.

    Raging Bull is the loudest film I have seen.

    Great list!!

    1. I realise now that your name is short for Satine. Sorry :P

    2. Her hair is incredible! I love redheads.

      Oh yeah, Raging Bull was really loud, that yelling just pierced into my brain.

      I think Allen was looking around the locations for Match Point at the time, it was so odd, he was just walking right there, I felt like in some surreal dream ^^

  2. Really enjoyed your list, Sati. I'm not sure I'll be compelled to make one as well, but this was good.

    I would only consider crying when the guy from Walking Dead holds the signs up for Keira Knightly in Love Actually.

    And it doesn't feel like Christmas without Grinch cartoon and Muppets Christmas Carol for me.

    1. Oh that is the most romantic scene I've seen. But I also wept when she found the video with only her in it, when little boy kissed the girl on the airport, etc. pretty much the whole thing :)

  3. Awesome! I hope more bloggers do this, I love reading 'em. You do love animated gifs don't you Sati? He..he.. no complaints, those are fun! :)

    I agree that there are not enough films based on Celtic legends and mythology. I'd love to see a reboot of Highlander but I wish they'd get a Scottish actor for a change! Can't wait for BRAVE either!

    1. I love gifs, they make the posts so much fun!

      Those myths are so great and have so many wonderful stories, I really don't get why we don't see more of that on screen.

  4. I thought that there might be some connection to Satine but wasn't sure.

    I didn't know about the donkey in Manderlay. It makes me so sad. Now no respect to Trier no matter how good or brilliant are the films he makes.

    #44 -- lol, and understandable. I tell the next story everywhere, so I apologize if I've already told you it. When I went to see The Tree of Life in the theater, a granny from back rows fell asleep and snored. No kidding.

    #72 -- haha, ditto.

    #99 -- it often seems that those plotholes people mention are those things that they simply did not understand. Like in Inception. I know that you don't like it, but it's still a good example because Nolan thought it all up in detail and he probably has an explanation to every wordless plothole critics point at.

    #100 -- Great shot of Uggie and Dujardin! I haven't seen it.

    Love the entire post!

    1. Von Trier definetly has so many issues, he really should keep this stuff away from film set.

      Yeah, Tree of Life really almost put me into sleep. It was just a collection of very beautiful images.

      I actually didn't see any plot holes in Inception, the script there was good it's just it was quite uneven, especially since 3rd act dragged so much. I agree it is just two words people write when they really want to complain.

      Thank you!

  5. Some of these kinda depress me coz I really like Inception (and I get a LOT of shit for that these days), but who cares.

    Anyway, good picks. Glad you despise Lars von Trier, too. He really annoys the heck out of me.

    And YES, Christina Hendricks is the most beautiful actress working today. She's absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to see a prequel of Drive with her in it.

    1. Don't worry I'll get so much shit when my Prometheus review will appear on the blog ^^

      Von Trier is just deranged. Not even with his comments in Cannes but in genreal stuff he says is just repulsive.

      Prequel to drive with her would be awesome! Her character was really fascinating.

  6. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I had kind of wondered what your name meant. As you would expect I share your opinion on some and don't on others. I probably agree strongest on Tree of Life and disagree strongest on Kickass. It would be a boring world if everyone always agreed with everyone else, though.

    1. Absolutely, the difference of opinions makes the blogosphere so much fun!

  7. Nice list! I am right there with you on #30 -- I still can't stop thinking about that ending.

    1. It was fantastic, for me definetly the most memorable part of the movie. Brilliant scene.

  8. Another great list. Number 59 is definitely true for me as well.

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad, usually people think I'm weird because I watch so many depressing films.

  9. 43. If I could live in movie universe it would be Vanilla Sky, where you can live forever, dreaming.
    44. I had to drink 3 coffees to get through Tree of Life.

    Hahaha! I agree with 43, and 44 is just hilarious, I really hated The Tree of Life.

    I actually agree with most of your points, and 100 is just amazing. I really hope the rumours of Dujardin joining Scorsese's new film are true!

    1. Me too, I hope he makes more American films after that.

      Glad you agree about Tree of Life I will never understand what the fuss is all about.

  10. At first glance, I thought that was a picture of Nicole Kidman from Bewitched, haha...

    The ending of Braveheart almost made me wept too...

    1. Oh Bewitched is so bad :) But Kidman was actually fun in it.

  11. Did ya hear? Jean Dujardin will be in a Marty Scorsese w/ Leo!

    Read here.

  12. Great post to read! There's Amy Adams in That '70s Show??? How can I missed that? Did she appeared in the last season?
    I too love Practical Magic. I picked the movie as a tribute for me and my sister, since it such a sweet story about sisters. Totally agree with being Kidman there, her hair was excellent in it.
    And I too didn't like Kick Ass and want to see all Fassbender movies :D

    1. No, Amy was in one of the earlier seasons I think it was the episode where Jackie wanted to host a fancy party in her house and Kelso ruined it. Amy played the popular chick who made out with Hyde in secret.

      Oh it's a beautiful story when it comes to relationship between sisters.

      Fass movies are not always good but they are always worth seeing just for him! :)

  13. I too love movies about vampires, although i feel recently the supernatural genre has been in a creative rut. And for me Lars Von Trier is one of those directors who's personality i find repellant but who makes good movies imo. And i liked Kick-Ass, but i'm not going to pester you about that

    1. It feels like right now thanks to Twilight there is love triangle in every single movie. But thanks to that franchise I hope maybe someone will make more films based on Anne Rice's novels.

      Also I don't think True Blood would do so well without all the teens that watch it thanks to Twilight craze.

  14. Oh goodness and I forgot to comment on how you like Radiohead songs in movies. Same! I actually told my friends that the soundtracks for my movies will be entirely comprised of Radiohead songs.

    1. Radiohead just can't do wrong. Their music is perfect for films. I always remember when it is in the movies, it really fits every possible scene and adds depth to it.

  15. Great list, must have taken a while to write it. Don't know if I'd be able to do it. I once did a 50 things I love and 50 things I don't like about movies and that was hard.

    Agree with you on Alien being the better film!

    Although Black Swan is my all time favorite movie I wouldn't want to see a second part.

    Make sure you pay a visit to my blog next week Friday, you'll love the post I'll put up then (looking at one specific actress) ;)

    I can't stand spoilers myself.

    Never understand either why scenes in trailers are not in the movies, somehow I always feel cheated by not seeing "the whole movie"

    Really need to rewatch Casino then, because I would probably pick Goodfellas first, but haven't seen Casino for ages.

    The most shocking thing I've seen is probably Oldboy

    1. Black Swan is my fav movie too, but Beth is such a fascinating character. I feel like the movie with her as protagonist would play a lot like Suspiria, since I always suspected she is just an older version of Nina and had same issues when she was young.

      I'll definetly check out your new post, love the "Faces of..." series!

      Exactly, I feel cheated too with the trailer thing, it's very frustrating.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I love her work in this movie. It is my favorite of Pfeiffer's performances - she totally understood her character and made her into this fascinating, dangerous and at times vulnerable woman. Such an iconic work.

  17. WOW you are very clever. I could not even think of 10-20!!

    I too was totally shocked about fight club, I went in completely blind!! Brilliant work matey

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you would think of 100 or even more!

      Fight Club just made my jaw drop.

  18. A very long and well structured list. I may try this out some day, but I do not think it would be interesting to anyone haha. Good work!

    1. It would be, those lists are really fun to read!

      Thank you!

  19. I didn't know the reason behind your nick name, cool!

    Fassbinder, tick, Prometheus, tick, Black Swan, tick, and...Jean Dujardin?...yep ( :

    You think Streetcar Named Desire was loud? Try John Cassavetes directed movies...that takes some beating for shouting and yelling

    1. I really need to watch more of his movies, I do not mind films being loud by the way - Streetcar just stuck with me because they yell in every single scene :)

  20. Excellent post. Some brief comments:

    4. Yup.
    5. Holy fucking shit me too!
    12. Same
    14. Apparently he quit Twitter because of something someone said to him on there. If you look at his last tweet…
    31. Really?!
    54. Uh oh…
    59. YES!
    86. Interesting…
    90. Ohh good news.

    1. I really can't wait to see Earrings, the fact that Radiohead's song will play there makes me even more excited :)

  21. This is so incredible!!! Too many things I want to comment on. Such as:

    5/62/63 - I should really watch Casino sometime soon...embarassing of me.
    8/60 - I'm not going to tell you what grade I gave Inception.
    9/74 - ...Or Kick-Ass!
    44/45 - Exact same sentiments. Boring but beautiful at times.
    50. Wouldn't this be awesome!!
    78. One of my all time fave shows. And I love Amy Adams too!

    1. So great to see another fan of that 70's show, people hate on Ashton Kutched but I really think Kelso is one of the funniest characters in TV history.

  22. LOVED this! So many I 100% agree with. Love redheads, love Marla Singer, love the twist in Fight Club, Theron in Monster is the greatest, Irreversible is hideous!

    You might roll your eyes but Aliens and Goodfellas for the win!

    1. They aren't bad :) But for me Alien and Casino are classic, if Alien wasn't that scary I'd watch it as often as I watch Casino.

  23. Great post Sati. I love to learn more about my favorite bloggers through these! :) So many mentions of Black Swan! And Jean Dujardin. I have you figured out ;)

    1. Black Swan, Jean Dujardin. 4 words that always make my heart beat faster :)

  24. 3. Imagine a film with all three of them. Just sayin'

    Love that you love Love Actually!

    Glad for the Practical Magic luv too!

    And Strange Days … heck yes!!!!

    1. Oh God, I can;t even imagine it because I'd have a stroke instantly :)

  25. Ok... I do give Inception a 10/10 and I love Kick Ass... that doesn't make us mortal enemies does it!?

    Totally and utterly love this post. Especially with all the gifs too! This post is a little work of art! Well done!

    1. No, of course not :) I'm just baffled when people rate those that high, but I'm sure people feel the same when I tell them I gave Prometheus 9,5.

      Thank you, glad you liked it!

  26. 1. So that's where Sati comes from...interesting!
    6. That GIF of Nicole Kidman is adorable.
    8.The Horror....I kid, I understand :)
    30 I liked the ending, too
    42. Carey Mulligan looks so lovely in that frame
    44. I struggled with it, too
    55. Same
    65. Revolutionary Road is brilliant, Kate Winslet was just amazing in it
    68. Is Practical Magic the one with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as witches? I used to watch that movie a lot when I was younger, I loved it
    72. Me, either
    92. What is it with you and Black Swan? why do you like it so much?:)

    1. Oh there are many reasons - I love films about obsessions and mental illness and this one has numerous similarities to my life - I also work myself to death to succeed in what I do and I also would love to be a different person sometimes, much like Nina I'm too controled, always in my head, wondering and worrying. Plus I love creative body horror and this movie has ingenious moments of it and the music by Clint mansell is just perfect mixture of beautiful and creepy. Plus there are so many dreamy sequences - like the one with Nina and Lily in the cab, just perfect movie for me, something that deeply moves me and I can relate to each time I see it.

  27. #10 - I hate Von Trier too!
    #42 - Love Pier scenes too (and I love Never Let Me Go. Very underrated)
    P.S, I love that you used GIFs. That looks great.

    1. Thanks! Never Let me Go is such a gorgeous film, it's nearly perfect. And it had so many great actors and beautiful performances.

  28. Great post! Thanks for admitting to crying in Love Actually. :-) I always get choked up during Hugh Grant's speech, at the beginning, while panning over scenes at Heathrow Airport.

    1. It's such a lovely beginning, isn't it? So true too. All around a lovely movie.